Episode Two:

Odamon Temple

Digital world

Odamon is current looking into a pool of liquid when Trickmon entered the room he is followed by TK and Kari are now wearing black version of their clothes they are soon joined by Patamon and Gatamon

"Are you ready to help me conquer the Digital world my Servants" ask Odamon

"yes master we ready and willing to serve you master" says Kari

"I trust you have mastered the technique I taught you well" ask Odamon

"Yes master we have mastered it fully and are ready to destroy your enemies" says TK

"Excellent my loyal servants show me you have mastered this new ability" says Odamon

"You ready Gatamon" ask Kari

"Yes" says Gatamon as Kari held up her new black Digivice and it began to glow as did she and Kari

"Gatamon Bio matrix digivole to Dark-Ophanimon Angel of Darkness" says Gatamon as she and Kari merged and become one creature a tall angelic figure which has Kari face and she had black armour and black demonic angle wings

"You up for it pal" says TK

"Yeah master" says Patamon as he watches as TK hold his black Digivice and it begins to glow as it did when Kari did it

Patamon Bio matrix digivole to Dark-Seraphimon Angel of Despair" says Patamon as he and TK merged and become one he become one Angelic figure and had black armour like Ophanimon and he had black demonic wings

"Most excellent" says Odamon

"Glad you like it master we are ready to conquer the digital world for you master" says Dark-Seraphimon with TK voice

"Our friends won't know what hit them" says Dark-Ophanimon speaking with Kari voice and then both Dark Ophanimon and Dark Seraphimon knelt down and their masters feet

"So master who do you want us to destroy first our brothers or digidestine with DigiEggs" ask Dark Seraphimon

"That will be completely up to you" says Odamon

"Then lets destroy those fools with the DigiEggs and our DNA partners then we shall attack our brothers" says Dark Ophanimon and then Dark Ophanimon and Dark Seraphimon separated back to their original forms of Kari and Gatamon and TK and Patamon and they leave the temple and they soon arrived in a large forest area of the Digital world

"I have a perfect idea on how to lore Davis and the others my worthless brother must have told them I have disappeared" says Kari as she types an e-mail to Davis which read

To Davis

Davis you where right about TK he's flipped out and is holding me hostage in the Digital World please hurry up and rescue before he turns me evil we and Gatamon need your help please hurry and save me

Love Kari XXX.

She first shows the message to TK and he quickly read the message and a smile appeared on his face as he read the message

"Yeah that should bring Davis to the Digital World anything to try and win your heart" he says and then hands the D-terminal back to Kari and she clicks on send and the message is sent

"Please my heart only belongs to you TK and soon Davis and the Digidestine It'll be fun to see the look on Davis face when I defect him he and Ken shall be our first to be destroyed" says Kari with an evil tone in her voice

"How long do you think it will take Davis and the other to arrive in the Digital World" ask Gatamon

"not long knowing Davis he always rush head first into battle and not think his actions through you should be our teams leader you much better always looking out for little old me and do anything to protect me as my darling brother ask you to" says Kari and she and TK passionately kissed each for a few minutes before they broke apart TK and Patamon headed into the bushes leave Gatamon and Kari alone

After a while

Davis, Yolei, Ken and Cody arrive with their Digimon partners Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon and Wormmon and starts heading through the forest

"Come on we have find Kari she need saving from that evil TG I knew she would need me to save her" says TK

"Yeah it'll be easy to beat that little batgit who stole Gatamon from me" say Veemon as he got into a fighting stance

The group of Digidestine found Kari and Gatamon in a clearing Kari was holding her left ankle they run over to her

"Are you Ok Kari where TK" ask Yolei as she helps Kari to stand

"I don't know we he turn evil he tried to turn me evil we ran anyway we need to get out of here before he finds us I won't join his quest to conquer the digital world" says Kari as she looks at Gatamon using Veemon as support to stand

"Something not right about this way would TK turn evil" thought Cody himself

"It not far to the Digiport we came through to get to you" says Davis looks at Kari being supporting by Yolei to stand on her injured ankle

Just then TK came out of the bushes with Patamon on his head and Davis and Ken block his path while Yolei, Cody , Kari escape with Hawkmon, Veemon, Gatamon and Armadillomon

"You're not getting Kari to make her evil like you have become" says Davis

"Don't make me laugh Davis she is already evil" says TK

"Your lye TS Kari would never become evil like you have you and Kari ask me to protect her from you" says Davis

"No we our master has opened our eyes to the power of the Darkness and we enjoy more than being bearers of Hope and Light I'm the bearer of Despair now and Kari is the bearer of Darkness" says TK

"Then the email Kari was a trap to gets us here" says Ken

"You're a genius of course our master want you here so we can destroy you" says TK

"Davis go and warn Yolei and Cody they are in danger I'll handle TK and Patamon" says Ken and with this Davis rush in the direction Yolei and Cody had gone.

"This is going to be fun" says TK and Patamon flies off TK head and lands in front of TK and looks at Ken aims his Digivice

"You ready for this Wormmon" says Ken

"Yeah Ken" says Wormmon

"Wormmon digivole to Stingmon" says Wormmon and the transformation situation Stingmon had replaced Wormmon

TK shrugged it off and aims his Digidevice which was black and aims it towards Patamon and it glows bring dark energy

"Patamon Bio Matrix Digivole to Dark Seraphimon" says Patamon as he and TK began merging after the transformation sequence only Patamon mega forms was left both Dark Seraphimon and Stingmon began battling


Davis runs as fast as he can to catch up with the other to fine them heading towards the Digiport

"I guess my boyfriend told you we have joined the forces of darkness to help them conquer the Digital World" says Kari and smack Yolei in the face and sends her flying Kari looks at Gatamon

"LIGHTING PAW" says Gatamon and Veemon is sent flying into a tree and Davis rushes over to him and helps him get to his feet

"Why are you doing this you're the bearer of the light" says Yolei

"Simple my old self was a weakling my new master has eliminated all traces of my Light trace and I have pledge my loyalty to him "says Kari as she removes her Digidevice and aims it at Gatamon

"Ready to destroy them my partner" she ask

"Yeah I am" says Gatamon as pure dark energy consume her and Kari

"Gatamon Bio matrix digivole to Dark Ophanimon angel of Darkness" says Gatamon as she and Kari begin to merge after the transformation only Dark Ophanimon was remaining.

"DARK JAVELIN" says Dark Ophanimon and launches an attack at her friends the Digimon dodges out of the way of the attack.

"Knock some sense into her Veemon" says Davis

"You got it Davish" says Veemon

"Veemon Digivole to ExVeemon" says Veemon after the transformation sequence ExVeemon had replaced Veemon location

"V-LASER" says ExVeemon and fire a beam of energy towards Dark Ophanimon but she simple blocked the attack and they hear Kari laughing evilly

"DARK PULSE" says Dark Ophanimon and charged a ball of energy in her left hand before firing at ExVeemon and it sends him flying before changing back into his Rookie level

"Veemon are you ok" ask Davis

"Ouch what was that ran me over Davish" ask Veemon as he struggled to his feet and got in a fighting stance

"You can't beat me in this form I'm a mega level Digimon you can't even with Imperialdramon I will simple destroy you all" says Dark Ophanimon and continued laughing

"Do something you guys" says Davis

"Hawkmon you up" says Yolei

"Hawkmon digivole to Arkelomon" says Hawkmon after the transformation sequence Arkelomon was in its place

"I'm a mega Digimon" says Dark Ophanimon

"DARK PULSE BOMBARDEMENT" says Dark Ophanimon and unleashed a bombardment of dark energy balls and Arkelomon and is sent flying and dedigivoled to Hawkmon

"Digi Armour Energize" says Cody

"Armadillomon Armour Digivole Digmon the drill of Knowledge" says Armadillomon after the Transformation sequence Digmon had replaced Armadillomon

"GOLD RUSH" says Digmon and unleashed an attack at Dark Ophanimon but she simple blocks it and they miss her

"You're not getting this I can't be beaten in this form" says Dark Ophanimon and launched an attack Digmon after the dust settles Dark Ophanimon stands over the fallen Digimon who has changed back to Armadillomon

Dark Seraphimon comes over carrying Ken and Wormmon and tossed them to the ground Ken get back on his feet as did Wormmon

Dark Seraphimon and Dark Ophanimon walks towards each other and hold hands as they look at Davis and Ken standing side by Side

"ready Ken" ask Davis

"yeah" says Ken

"Wormmon Digivole to Stingmon" says Wormmon

"Veemon Digivole to ExVeemon" says Veemon

"Exveemon, Stingmon DNA Digivole to Paladimon" says the two champion Digimon together after a the transformation sequence Paladimon

"Paladimon mega digivole to Impirdramon" says Paladimon after a transformation sequence there mega form stood in his place

"Impirdramon change to Fighting stance" says Impirdramon as it changed to it fighting stance prepared to battle the new there former friends.

End of chapter