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Derouiche 3

Love is Fire

Chapter seven

One month…

Two months…

Three months…

Bonnie's POV

Jason had been to visit me at home nearly everyday. It helped to heal my old wounds, but, I would never recover fully. There would always be a gaping hole in my heart which Damon had ripped out the day he left me and never looked back. I still wondered about him almost all of the time, but, as time passed my memories were beginning to fade and I hated myself for it; I would spend hours at a time concentrating, just trying to remember how his touch, his body, his lips felt against mine.

I instinctively ran my hands across my swollen stomach every time I thought about him. I may not have Damon, but I still have a part of him growing inside me every day. That was the only thing that was pulling me through this. It was the only real thing I had left of him.

It was only a few months ago that I was in the hospital. It was awful. I remember those terrible pains that soared throughout my body, it took over me, leaving me unconscious. I remember waking up to my parents at my bedside, they looked sick with worry. My insides twisted with the guilt I felt for having to put them through this. My mother held onto my hand, squeezing gently every few minutes, as if to comfort me, it was her way of telling me that everything was going to be all right.

The door opened and my Doctor walked in.

"Hi Bonnie, how are you doing today? Feeling better?" he said in a cheery voice as he walked up to my bedside.

"A little better, thank you" I said.

"I need to have a private chat with you, if that's ok? Would Mom and Dad mind stepping out for a couple of minutes?"

"Why? Why do we have to leave the room? I want to know what's going on? I'm worried sick" My Mom almost squealed, with almost a slight wobble to her voice.

"It's confidential information which I can only discuss with Bonnie, if she does wish to share the information with you later on then that is up to her. However, it's my duty to keep her information confidential Ms Bennet" The Doctor said calmly to my mother

My dad understood so he took hold of mom's hand and led her out of the room, closing the door shut behind us.

I had to admit I was a little worried about what he had to say. I've watched so many movies before, and in every one of them when the doctor has something to say, it's never anything good. I looked up at him, my eyes glassy and my hand tightly gripping onto the cotton hospital sheets covering my body.

"As you know, last night you lost a lot of blood which caused you to go into shock. We weren't sure as to the reason behind this bleeding so we ran a few tests and appears that you're a few weeks pregnant"

"W-what? Pregnant?" I was speechless; I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I didn't know how to feel.

"Yes, Bonnie. Now we thought that you may have had a miscarriage due to the amount of vaginal blood lost yesterday. However, we've had a nurse in to take a scan and unbelievably she was able to confirm that the status of your pregnancy was still a positive one. It's incredible that you did not lose the baby. It's little fighter." He smiled at me.

"Ok" was all that could escape me, though I had a million questions that I wanted to ask him but I just couldn't get a word out so he smiled at me and left.

I didn't understand. How was this even possible? I didn't think that Damon could even get me pregnant. It felt like a knife to my heart every time I thought of him. He's gone Bonnie- I had to keep telling myself. I'm a strong and independent witch who doesn't need Damon or anybody- maybe if I keep telling myself this the old me would come back. I can't feel sorry for myself forever.


"Come in" I shouted. My parents walked in. Shit – I thought to myself. How was I going to tell them that I was pregnant…? Pregnant with a man who left me without a second thought. It had to be done. I could feel my old strength returning. I shifted myself upwards into a sitting position and faced my parents head on.

"Mom… Dad… I have to tell you something…"

Damon's POV

She hates me. I know it. How could she not hate me? She thinks I just left her out of choice. Little does she know that I wasn't in control at the time. It was Jason who had me under his control. He stole my memories… I didn't even know. She would never believe me now.

That son of a bitch was with her everyday, I had no chance of getting to her in order to try and explain everything.

It was killing me! I wanted to be by her side, holding her tight in my arms. I'd been lying low for a couple of months now. I hadn't approached Stefan or Elena as I couldn't risk that bastard finding out I was here.

I needed to think of a plan, some way to get to Bonnie whilst he was away.

I'll wait until I get my chance and then I'll pounce. That son of a bitch won't know what hit him.

Nobody messes with Damon Salvatore.

Bonnie's POV

I opened my eyes slowly to another day, inhaling the smell of the freshly cleaned crisp sheets. Thank God for my mom. I pushed aside the sheets, got up and pulled out the largest woolly jumper I had in my wardrobe. It hid my little bump perfectly. I didn't want anybody to know until the time was right and my parents respected my decision. I knew I'd have to tell my friends soon, I mean I can't keep it hidden for much longer.

I was worried. I've been thinking about my pregnancy since the day I first found out. I'd never heard of anybody becoming pregnant with a vampire before… I really don't know what's going to happen. I've always thought it was never possible. This is what kept me up at night... the fear of the unexpected. I couldn't talk to anybody about it. I wish Damon were here. I wish he were here so badly! My eyes began to well up and a tight lump had formed in my throat.

Stop it Bonnie. You don't need him. You've gotten this far on your own. You can do it. I repeated in my head until the tears dried up and the lump went away.

Besides Jason's taking you out on a trip today. I smiled to myself. He's been so amazing for the last few months; texting, calling and visiting me almost every day. We were texting last night and he told me he had a surprise trip planned for us today! I'm so excited!

As soon as I'd grabbed my jacket and put on my shoes the doorbell rang. I quickly hurried to open the door.

"Jason!" I beamed

"Hey, Bon! You ready for our surprise trip?" He asked as he took hold of my hand and walked me to his car.

It always felt a little strange when he took hold of my hand… I felt like I was cheating on Damon.

Don't be so silly Bonnie! Damon decided to leave you a long time ago… you can date whoever the hell you like now.


Damon's POV

I was crouched high up on one of the trees outside of Bonnie's house. I saw him talking to Bonnie and her face lighting up as he grabbed her hand. It felt like somebody had just stabbed me through the heart. It hurt. It really hurt.

I growled under my breath. I couldn't contain the rage I felt when I saw that filthy man's hands all over my woman. They got into his car and drove off.

I didn't know whether to follow them or to just leave her to enjoy herself.

She was clearly happy. Who am I to ruin that?

Bonnie's POV

"Tell me where we're going then?" I smiled, tilting my head as I asked.

"It's a surprise!" He said as he drove quickly up the main road.

It wasn't long before we took a right into a forest; he carried on driving deeper into the forest and then pulled up next to a large tree.

There was nobody around. I didn't feel very comfortable being here with just him.

"Come on, get out" He ordered.

I think that he somehow caught hold of my thoughts and that's why he began to smile at me reassuringly.

I got out of the car slowly and that's when I spotted a beautiful picnic laid out on top of a red and white chequered blanket. I could see pretty little woven baskets full of fruits, jams, cheese and even cake!

"Oh, Jason!" I squealed, as I jumped to hug him.

He began to squeeze me tightly but then let go as my bulging stomach, hidden beneath my jumper, made contact with him.

He slowly looked up at me with his electric blue eyes, like thunder.

Shit! SHIT! I thought to myself.

He began to throw his hands on my stomach feeling his way around my bulge.

"What the hell is this?!" He shouted at me.

"Come on! TELL ME! What the hell is this?!" He snarled loudly.

"Oh my God… stop it Jason. Stop shouting at me!" I trembled. He was really scaring me.

"You're pregnant aren't you? Thought you could hide it from me did you?"

"Pregnant with that dirty bastard Salvatore" He sneered at me, slowly pushing me towards the tree.

"Jason, stop it! You're scaring me!" I began to shiver and I could feel the tears coming.

"You… stupid ….. little….bitch" Every word felt like a dagger. He pushed me right up against the tree and began pressing his body close up to mine.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I kicked and hit at him using all of my force. I tried to zone in on my powers and it was no good. I hadn't practiced in months. SHIT!

"Stop it Bonnie! You can't get away from me! Just relax and I'll make it less painful" He mocked me.

In a flash he'd grabbed hold of my thrashing arms in an iron tight lock above my head. His other hand hammered its way across my body. He unzipped my jacket. He began to lift up my shirt.

"GET OFF ME! PLEASE JASON! STOP IT!" I cried in sheer desperation.

"STOP IT OR I'LL HURT YOU! YOU BASTARD!" I screamed at him. He laughed in my face.

I used all my force to knee him right were it would hurt.

"UGHH!" He groaned as I felt my knee connect to his body. He stopped laughing.

"YOU LITTLE SLUT! I'm going to make you suffer for that!" He slapped me hard and I could feel the force of his wrath as my head snapped to the side hitting the tree he was griping me to. My eyes watered from the pain. My head began to spin. My whole body felt weak. I could feel a little wet patch forming on my head.

His disgusting hands were still worming his way up my top. His body pressed even harder against mine.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE! SOMEBODY" I screamed hopelessly, tears streaming down my face.

I felt like everything was swirling around. My vision was blurred. My eyes wouldn't focus. I could feel his hot breath across my face as he slobbered over my face forcing his lips onto mine.

I thrashed. I tried to kick. I tried to scream. I couldn't. I had no energy left in me.

Nobody could hear my screams.

There was no hope left for me.

"Yes. Yes. YES. This won't take long now Bonnie…. Be a good girl…" He whispered into my ear.

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Derouiche 3