Chapter 49

Jasper's POV

"Clara will be down in a few minutes Mom, she was wondering if you wouldn't mind making her some bacon sandwiches before we leave. As astonishing as it sounds, she claims to need more food." I said with heavy sarcasm.

Esme smiled happily, "Of course, the poor dear, I'll make her something. Hmm...maybe some eggs and fruit salad on the side to balance it out as well…" she muttered to herself as she headed for the kitchen. Bacon sandwiches it seemed weren't going to be enough to appease my over protective mother, a balanced breakfast of highest standard was about to be whipped up I was sure.

I turned to see Carlisle sitting in an armchair, his legs crossed and posture casual as he appeared to read a book. To any outside observer he was human. His mannerisms and the way he carried himself simply masked his vampire nature better than any other I had have seen. I envied my father his control sometimes, the ease with which he could appear oh so human. Yet, I knew the hard work Carlisle had put into remaining human, the courage and self-sacrifice it had taken. I was proud to have him consider me his son, his kindness far exceeded anything I deserved after what I the acts I have committed in this life.

"How does she look this morning?" Carlisle asked as he dropped his book into his lap and his eyes met mine. His voice and gaze shifting to what I categorised as his professional doctor persona.

"Well, if you mean; does she still look pregnant? Then no. Her weight has shot up again and she looks healthier. When she moves I can tell she is stiff and feeling weak still, but she is masking it well." I assessed as I moved to take a seat on the sofa adjacent to him.

"To be expected. I honestly am still amazed at the rapid progress she has made so far. Her recovery and the speed at which she is metabolising food is truly fascinating. How her human guise has adapted to meet the energy requirements of her immortality is simply a miracle of evolution, or the deft hand of a creator I can but call an artist. Do you really think she is ready to be making this journey she is so intent upon?" Carlisle asked. His continued awe and curiosity at Clara's abilities providing me with a constant source of amusement.

I sighed deeply as I thought upon Clara's recovery. Hesitantly I tried to articulate my thoughts, "Honestly? I think she is too stubborn to wait any longer before she leaves. Whatever this journey is, it's important to her. From what we have both see, I think it is a safe bet to assume that if Clara considers something important to her, there is very little anything or anyone can do to stop her. Bella is living proof of that."

Carlisle's eyebrows bunched together, a rare scowl forming on his patient angelic face. "Yes, that is true but I am still worried. No matter how she tries to cover it, she is still weak. I…" Carlisle sighed in defeat and met my eyes, "I am worried for her." He stated plainly, his voice thick with emotion.

I smiled sympathetically and grasped my father's shoulder in a reassuring gesture, "Dad, she is still a Banshee. Besides, I am going with her, and I promise, I won't let anything happen to my newest sister. I may not play nursemaid as well as Rosalie or doting mother like Esme but I will look after her." I stated with all the conviction in my heart.

Carlisle's frame seemed to droop a little and his hand covered mine tenderly. "Thank you son. I can think of no better protector for her. Forgive the worrying of an old man. The last few years have been tough on our family and I can't seem to help but worry these days."

My father's voice was tender and quavered a little with the tiredness of three centuries. "Well isn't that the job of a father: to worry." I chided light heartedly.

Carlisle was prevented from offering any reply as a white blur raced into the room and bowled into me, knocking me flat onto the couch. I smiled involuntarily. No matter how quick that blur was, I could always recognize my wife. Her arms wound around my neck in a rare overt display of affection as she plopped herself on my knees.

"I'm going to miss you Jasper Whitlock," She said mournfully.

My own heart ached at the thought of the two week separation, but I had to be strong for Alice.

"Well, Mrs. Whitlock, it's only for two weeks and I promise that wherever we go, I will bring you back something pretty. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am sure when I return you will have thought of some, elaborate and brilliant way to show me just that." I whispered, my tone becoming deeper and I underlined the intent with a burst of lust to Alice.

Carlisle watching us chuckled good naturedly. Alice constricted her arms a little before releasing me and standing up.

She stared deeply into my eyes and pouted for a moment. Before I could offer any more reassurance, her body stiffened and her gaze became unfocused.

Alice's emotion's spiked and a heavy wave of excitement, lust and arousal rolled off my wife.

As her gaze returned to normal, a darkly seductive and mischievous grin overtook her face. "Oh Major, you have no idea what I have planned for your return." Alice's voice was pure sex, dark, thick and raspy. I swallowed involuntarily as I watched her eye me like the most delicious prey.

Then like a cloud being blown away by the wind it vanished and Alice bounced on the spot, returning to her normal energetic self, "But until then I had better bring down your luggage. I see you will be leaving in a little under an hour." And with that declaration my wife disappeared back up the stairs in a blur.

I sagged back into the sofa and rubbed my eyes. "That woman will be the death of me." I muttered in faux sorrow as my mind whirled on what exactly Alice could have foreseen, what could she possibly plan for my return? My body was already heating just thinking about it.

Carlisle chuckled at me and a gravelly voice from the stairs behind me called, "Well, if you got to die Jazz, I can think of no better way than as the result of the machinations of that stunning little woman. If you're afraid, I'm sure I could handle Alice in your stead." Clara mocked with dark delight, a smug grin on her face as she made her way carefully down the stairs.

I growled half-heartedly at Clara, and Alice's falsetto voice rang down the stairs, "In your dreams Clara."

Clara only smiled wider, "Oh Ali, my dreams are never so vanilla as to only you by your lonesome. Why in my dreams…" she declared impishly before being cut off.

"Perv! I don't want to know." Alice indignantly, but with an underlying laugh hollered back.

"Please don't talk about my wife like that." I sighed tiredly.

Clara glided into the sitting room but the action was lacking some of her usual grace and effortlessness. Not to mention Clara usually strode powerfully into rooms rather than gliding like a perfect lady.

"I was only messing with you Jazz. I'll tease to rile ya, but I'd never really think about your wife like that. Hell, Izzy used to tell me that I was blind to any woman with a wedding ring on." Clara shrugged easily, belying the seriousness of her words.

Clara dismissed me from her field of vision as she sat down and looked across at Carlisle as his sharp gaze assessed her.

I tried to see what he saw as concern and curiosity began to surface in his emotions.

Clara's boyfriend fit jeans hung loose and low on her hips, trailing the hems onto the ground. Her waist and thighs still narrower than they should be. The hoody she wore was loose and seemed to smother shoulders that had not yet regained their full width and musculature. At her throat I could see she was wearing a body armour undershirt. The collar not lying flat to her throat, making me wonder how many extra layers she was wearing underneath it to try and bulk up her appearance. Her cheeks had some colour and her skin was looking more natural but still lacked the vibrancy of true health. Her eyes at least held chips of jade in their depths, their startling green returned to their normal colour.

"You look better. How do you feel?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm fine." Clare said shortly.

Carlisle simply raised an eyebrow and set his face into harder lines, fully prepared it seemed to drag answers out one slow question at a time of need be.

Clara sighed in exasperation and threw her hands up in the air.

"Fine. I'm tired, bloody starving hungry, I feel cold and am wearing like 7 layers of shirts, a pair of leggings under these jeans and 3 pairs of socks. My body is still using so much energy to rebuild that it has decided my body temperature is no longer a priority and it shouldn't bother regulating it. I feel weaker, lighter and my back fucking hurts." Clara snapped.

Silence reined for a second before Clara took a deep calming breath before speaking in a more civilised and reasonable tone, "However I do feel fine. I don't feel my best, but even below optimum as I am right now I am stronger and better than human normal, so please, stop worrying and giving me those concerned eyes. So long as I keep sleeping and eating I will be fine. I'll give you my word in blood and honour if you need it."

"That won't be necessary." Came Esme's unusually cool voice.

"You say you will be fine and so we believe you. We understand how important this journey is to you Clara, it's just that we worry about you. I will turn the heating up and make sure that Alice has packed you appropriate clothing to keep you warm. Now come along, I made you breakfast." Esme said, her voice gradually returning to its normal warmth as she spoke.

Clara nodded and rose to follow my mother.

While she ate I sought out my wife for a private goodbye. We were not a demonstrative couple by our very nature. Unlike Emmet and Rosalie, or more recently Edward and Bella. That in no way diminishes the passion of our mating. Emmet once asked why Alice and I so rarely told each other 'I love you.' I told him that to someone capable of feeling her love and sending mine directly to her and a wife able to see us together in the future eternally…what is the point in mere words or even actions? Simply holding Alice's hand while we push our emotions at each other with my empathic gift creates a bubble, a world all to ourselves of bliss and perfect unity so pleasant and private that no other couple on earth could ever understand it. I often think that it is why other couples seek to consume each other in public displays of affection, they are striving for the unity that my gift grants us so easily.

It is perhaps forty five minutes later that Alice, tightly curled around me on my lap, playing with my short blond curls, shifts and stands, breaking the moment of perfection. "Come," she says, "It's time for you to go."

I feel her love and the tinge of sadness at my leaving and in response I send back my reluctance to leave and all my love for her. Alice shoots me a small smile. Together we make our way downstairs to the sitting room where all our family have now gathered, including a still sleepy Izzy.

"I put your cases in the car." Emmet says to me. The oddly solemn atmosphere making my goofy brother uncomfortable.

"Right then, take care of stretch over there Jazz," Emmet bellows as he gives me a brotherly slap on the back with his immense strength, and shooting Clara a wink and offering her a jovial fist bump which she begrudgingly returns with an indulgent smile.

Clara smiles and steps forward to embrace Rose who returns the hug with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. Her lips graze Clara's ear and move in a whisper too quiet for me to hear. Clara smiles reassuringly as she releases her. "No stress sista, I'll be fine. You just make sure to find a real wreck of a car for us to work on in Alaska or else I'll be bored out of my skull when I get back," Clara says with what I can tell is false cheer by the small jolt of hesitancy and nerves that leak through her shields.

In one of her motions that are too quick to follow Clara tosses a set of keys to Rose who struggles to catch them even with Vampire reflexes. "And I trust you to sell my garage to someone decent if you can find a buyer while I'm away, and to pack up my half of the apartment without letting your pervy husband steal too many of my more personal toys." Clara says with a mischievous grin and a salacious wink. Emmet guffaws loudly and pouts while Rose smiles, the gesture of trust not lost on her.

It is the brief burst of jealousy and anger from the silent Izzy that catches me unawares and by the glance to his mate by Edward he has caught the feeling from my thoughts too.

"I'll have a new Alaskan wardrobe waiting for you when you get back and your suitcase has a nice mix of things no matter where you end up. Come back soon." Alice offered in a subdued tone from my side.

Clara nodded solemnly.

Esme bustled forward to engulf Clara in a maternal hug. Her eyes gleaming with the venom that so long ago stole away her tears.

"Now you be careful, make sure you eat enough and if you need anything at all you don't hesitate to ring us okay? We are all here for you and I want you to stay in touch, no making me worry with long silences!" Esme babbled in her motherly tone and where Clara would have sassed anyone else who dared to speak to her as though she were the 16 year old child she embodied, her shoulders actually relaxed and she replied with utmost sincerity, "I promise Esme."

Esme turned that maternal look upon me and I could feel the rest of the families amusement and indulgent soft love.

"That goes for you too Jasper. Don't push your thirst too much, that pain isn't necessary. If you need anything you call us and look after Clara, make sure she remembers to eat properly and not just survive on alcohol and tobacco!" She said sternly, casting Clara an accusing look. I, a Major in the Confederate army and feared savage of the Southern armies smiled in return, "Yes mom," I replied in a falsely exasperated tone, pushing my love towards her.

"If you need anything just give us a call. I hope you continue to heal well and that this trip provides you with the peace you seek," Carlisle said to Clara who nodded in return, her face softly curious. Carlisle's words hinting at the unknown reason for Clara's journey, yet Carlisle had always been the most intuitive and compassionate of us.

Clara walked closer to Edward and Izzy. "I trust you to look after Izzy while I'm gone." Clara said to Edward as she offered her hand in a solemn shake. The words and the meaning escaping none of us, least of all Edward, who shook with a soft smile and a "Thank you, Good luck" as his only farewell.

All that was left now was Clara and Izzy. They stood silently watching each other for a moment, a whole conversation occurring without a word being spoken.

"I still don't understand why you have to do this, but after everything you have done for me, trust and a few weeks away from me is the least I can do. Hell, we've been joined at the hip for eight years and after I am changed you are bound to me for another ten. If I was you I would want a vacation away too." Izzy said, her voice trying but failing to convey humour in the tight atmosphere.

"It's not that Izzy. You know I have no problem being with you. You are my friend, my family. I just have to do this. I'll explain one day I promise." Clara retuned in a resigned tone before scooping Izzy into a tight embrace. No sooner had it begun than it was over and Clara released her and passed by us all to the door calling out, "I'll see you all in Alaska in a few weeks."

My family watched Clara leave and with my own quick farewells I departed after her. I climbed into the driver's seat of my silver Jaguar and pulled out of our long driveway offering a wave in the rear-view mirror to my family as they waved us off. Clara sat quietly in the passenger seat.

I drove for almost an hour in silence before Clara's voice cut through the tense atmosphere.

"You said you sorted the paper work for the passport and open tickets to London, I'll owe you for those, I'm sure they cost an arm and a leg on such short notice." Clara's dull voice intoned as her eyes remained fixed on the dreary weather outside her window.

I cast her a sour look which I am sure she caught from the corner of her eye. "You're family. You don't owe me anything. Hell, with Alice's clairvoyance and Edward's mind reading we are never short of money." I told her, leaving no room for argument.

Clara finally twisted in her seat and offered me a soft smile in thanks. "So what's the cover story? Are we siblings travelling to visit a relative or what?" Clara asked giving me a sceptical eye as she pointedly looked at my blond hair and Nordic features, an utter contrast to her darker Celtic and Romanian features.

I smiled in return. "The passport I have waiting for me states my name is Jasper Whitlock aged 19 and yours says Clara Whitlock aged 16. With the surnames we could pass ourselves as siblings but I don't think we will run into any problems though. I'm sorry if the name upsets you but it is just for this trip and it will make things easier, plus the passport will last you at least five of six years this way." I replied.

Clara shrugged good naturedly. "Nah I don't mind the name, mine is kind of conspicuous and I resigned myself to having to change it a lot in my long life anyway. When Izzy and I were on the run I got documents with a few different names. It was either change my name and age or we ran into whole hosts of problems with the emancipated teen paperwork, especially in Europe that stuff doesn't fly. What do you mean though we won't have a problem? Airlines won't let an unaccompanied minor fly internationally; you'll have to pose as my brother. You still haven't asked where I want these open tickets to take us either other than just London." Clara stated, her face taking on a confused cast as her eyebrows scrunched together in thought.

"None of that will be an issue. Trust me" I responded in my best mysterious voice with a mischievous grin.

Clara huffed good naturedly rolling her eyes. "Whatever, I'll trust you soldier boy."

I smiled smugly and refocused on the road as we came close to our turn off.

I watched Clara in the corner of my eye. She sat up and began to take in her surroundings.

"Jasper… where are we? This isn't the way to the airport." Clara said incredulously.

I laughed at her tone as she now watched me suspiciously, but before I could answer her we reached our destination and the sign that gave it away.

"You didn't!" Clara said, her voice the oddest mix of shock, horror and excitement.

The sign for Airlux private airfield passed us by as I answered, "Well, you never really told me when or where you wanted to go so a private jet is just easier and they ask less questions. Besides, the family owes you and this will be a hard enough trip without having to deal with commercial planes and screaming kids. Faster too, which considering how much I already miss Alice is always a good thing."

Clara's eyes focused on me with fierce intensity, "Thank you Jasper for doing this, for helping me. And I am sorry you miss Alice."

I grasped her hand across the gear stick, I had not intended to make her feel guilty. "You gave me the chance to save my soul Clara, you saved Izzy and by extension my family. Nothing you ask is too much, this will be a very hard trip for you and I want to help, in fact I am honoured to help."

Clara squeezed my hand reassuringly, "Thank you." The words were simple but the sudden rush of gratitude that Clara allowed to flood past her shields to me said it all.

I pulled into the airstrip. A number of interconnected, small, squat buildings and hangars sat in a row, beyond which a runway stretched forth. I pulled up in front of a modern steel and glass building. How I hated such things. Modern architecture had no style, no soul, it was cold and clinical, but then perhaps I was just stuck in my old fashioned 1800 ways.

I had barely stopped the car when a distinguished man with impeccably cut hair, a sharp business suit and shiny black shoes glided out of the building, closely followed by three younger men wearing the Airlux uniform of dress shirt, pants and a red waistcoat.

Two of the young men retrieved the luggage while another came forth to take my keys. He would drive the car back to the Cullen house for it to be crated up and sold or moved to Alaska.

"Good day, young Mr. Whitlock I presume? I am Mr. Malone, an associate of Mr. Jenks. These are your papers." He said smoothly as he passed me a brown envelope with a condescending smile. I hated being called young man or boy. For Christ's sake I have been alive since before this man's father was an itch in his Grandaddy's balls.

"The money has already been wired to the account Mr. Jenks specified. Good day." I said through gritted teeth as I brushed past the waste of skin.

Clara fell into step beside me, not even bothering to cast a glance back at the offended Mr. Malone.

"Not very civil of you young Mr. Whitlock," Clara teased in a falsely aristocratic accent. I growled lowly, only making Clara laugh all the more.

We entered the glass and metal monstrosity to be greeted by a room bedecked in pine, a leather corner sofa to the right with a coffee table, doors to the left leading to the hangars and directly in front a reception desk manned by a receptionist who rose at our entrance.

"Good morning and welcome to Airlux. I am Katrina, how may I help you?" She asked in a voice that sat nav recorders would kill for. It was equal parts cultured professionalism and sultry helpfulness.

Katrina had long curly hair that even from here I could smell was bleached to within an inch of it's dried out existence. She was beautiful by conventional standards, watery blue eyes, a narrow nose and a face which seemed to sit in a perfect sultry pout. All this set upon a curvaceous figure clad in a form fitting business dress with a cleavage that flirted with the line of impropriety.

As we approached I saw the moment she became enamoured with my vampiric camouflage, seeing only my unnatural beauty, despite my true nature and the scowl I had set upon my features. Lust barrelled into me as her eyes slowly raked my form

I opened the envelope to retrieve the passports, setting them on the counter.

"The Whitlock party of two, flying to Britain." I said shortly.

Katrina seemed to shake herself as she smiled even wider and deliberately sat back down as she took the passports and brought up our booking on her computer. Her lower position presenting a clear view into her abundant cleavage.

I was unimpressed while a glance to my right showed Clara was deeply amused by the woman's behaviour while she herself enjoyed the abundant cleavage offered for display. I shot her a dirty look.

"What would Esme say if she caught you ogling a woman like that?" I whispered to Clara too quietly for a human to hear.

"Probably that she isn't good enough for me." Clara responded archly in an equally quiet whisper.

I choked on a laugh, because it was probably true. All Esme wanted was for Clara to settle down.

"Are you okay? Would you like a glass of water?" Katrina asked in response to my cough.

"No thank you." I answered. Katrina smiled and finally got on with looking at our passports.

"Jasper Whitlock and Clara Whitlock." She read aloud, her voice caressing my name and then turning much colder on Clara's. Her emotions fluctuating from jealousy to annoyance.

For the first time Katrina shifted her attention and seemed to only now notice Clara. Her gaze was cool and calculating. Clara said "Hi," and offered a crooked smile, flashing the edge of teeth in a confident leer. Katrina missed it and her gaze became calculating as she skimmed Clara's form, her youthful face, the Superdry lumberjack hoodie and the boyfriend fit jeans. Then almost as quickly as she assessed Clara she dismissed her. To this woman and her superficial beauty, she was obviously no threat, an assumption reinforced by the swell of satisfaction and smug delight which surged in Katrina.

"Your sister?" Katrina asked in a falsely sickly sweet voice, completely ignoring Clara and thus missing the brief flash of hurt that passed across her face.

I felt my anger swell in my belly at this woman's condescension, her quick dismissal and her cold manner. This superficial woman could never hope to know the character of my newest sister, could never hope to be worthy of her attention, never mind my own. She disgusted me. With my vampire quick mind I made a decision and tried to keep a straight face.

I smiled making Katrina smile back but my next words soon erased that, "With our colouring? Nah darling, this here is my new wife, my Clara bell. We're heading to Britain on our honeymoon. Ain't that right sugar?" I said, laying it on thick in a Southern drawl, as I looped my arm around Clara's waist and dragged her to my side, sandwiching her body to mine. I chanted in my mind, 'play along' and was rewarded when after a second the rigidity of Clara's body sagged and the shock in her eyes turned to mischievous delight.

Clara turned to look at Katrina, her face now half buried in my chest as she faked peeking out coyly at her. "Oh Jazzy, I'm still just getting used to my new name. Forgive my husband he has a possessive streak a mile wide." Clara demurred, then snuggled even closer to me, "Ain't that right sweetheart?" Clara cooed as her right hand came up to softly caress my cheek and play with my curls as she gazed lovingly at me. It took all of my will power not to laugh.

Thankfully, the show had the desired effect.

"Oh!" Katrina said coldly. She gathered our passports and the newly printed paperwork.

"If you will take these and exit through the door on your left, follow the corridor to the door marked hangar 4 and your Pilot and crew will meet you there. Your luggage has already been stowed away for you. Have a nice trip." Katrina bit out, casting Clara a bitter look.

Clara and I made our way to the door and arm in arm entered. We strolled down the seemingly endless corridor for about a hundred metres before I stopped rigid. "Do you think we are far enough away she can't hear us?" I asked between gritted teeth, my voice tight.

"Yes," Clara replied equally as strained. A beat passed and then we both cracked up laughing. Tears ran freely down Clara's face she laughed so hard and I struggled for breath like I never had since I was human.

After a little over five minutes of laughing we regained the ability to speak. "Oh God, your wife! Whatever will Alice think! I didn't know you were into polygamy Jazz!" Clara gasped out with thick sarcasm before dissolving into another giggling fit.

"It was the only thing I could think of." I said. "Did you see her face, she looked like you had slapped her."

"She was just lucky I didn't. The old cow. I get she must be strictly dickly when she didn't respond to my smile but Christ the dismissal. Ouch. She is probably sitting at her desk wondering what weird sexual kinks I fulfil for you to have married a tomboy like me!" Clara giggled.

I began laughing again as I reached out and indeed caught a dose of anger and confusion from the direction of the receptionist.

We sedately began to walk back down the long corridor. The silence between us comfortable and only broken by the occasional giggle.

Door number four finally appeared and we entered into a cavernous hanger which held a small gulfstream plane for our private use. A red carpet had been stretched out in front of the steps, the pilot stood to the left of the steps to the open plane door and to the right a short brunette airhostess with delicate features offered us both a glass of champagne.

"Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock. It's a pleasure to have you flying with us today. I see the manifest says we are flying to London. If you would like to climb aboard and take your seats we can be underway shortly." I smiled and nodded politely at the man's professionalism.

"Certainly," I said as Clara took the glasses of Champaign from the airhostess with a flirtatious and confidant smile. The poor woman made to protest at our apparent age but whether it was the smile or the outrageous amount of money Airlux was being paid to place this jet and their staff at our disposal for two weeks, she thought better of it and merely smiled back politely. Apparent underage drinking it was then.

She handed me one and sub whispered, "I'll drink yours too."

We made our way onto the plane which was adorned in warm chestnut panelling with a matching table to the right and a bar to the left. The dark leather seats were large and spacious. The plane seated no more than ten people with ample space for them to stretch out or even lie down.

We made ourselves comfortable, juggling our glasses as Clara knocked back the Champaign. The plane began to taxi to the runway and the airhostess returned to take our empty glasses.

"Hello, my name is Ashley and I will be your stewardess for this flight. We have a fully stocked plane and you will find the menu of available snacks, beverages and gourmet meals which we have on-board in the pouch to the right or your armrests. If there is anything you need Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock please don't hesitate to ask. I will just take your glasses and ask you to buckle up for take-off."

Clara plucked my glass from my hands before Ashley could move, she turned and stood towering over the smaller woman as she offered the glasses to her by the stems, purposefully touching her hands with a gentle caress.

"It is Miss Whitlock, we are siblings, not married. I insist however you call me Clara. I so hate formality, don't you Ashley?" Clara crooned, her eyes reaching deeply into the unsuspecting girl and for a brief moment the otherworldly aura of Clara's making her presence transcend that of a tall, beautiful athletic girl. Clara's smile was soft and inviting. For a moment the stewardess froze and then with a blush and a quiet "of course" she scrambled to the back of the plane. A spike of lust jabbing at me in her wake.

Clara folded her lean frame back into the seat with lithe movements, smiling smugly.

I shook my head. "How the hell do you do that?" I asked amused.

"Near perfect gaydar. No matter how cute and feminine they look, I can spot them, even when they are lying to themselves sometimes. My enhanced smell picking up hormones, adrenaline, arousal and my hearing monitoring heart rate might help too." Clara replied smugly.

I shook my head and then let out a dramatic gasp as I clutched at my non beating heart, "To think you have divorced me already, and us not married even ten minutes. Now you are planning on cheating with the stewardess on our honeymoon." I cried dramatically in a whisper. Clara began to snigger.

"What can I say, she's prettier." Clara deadpanned before again breaking out in a fit of laughter.

"Ugh" I sighed, "Just no joining the mile high club while I am here. I so don't want to hear that." I jested.

Clara pouted dramatically, "You ruin all my fun."

The plane began picking up speed as we barrelled down the runway for take-off. "I think you have spoken and laughed more in the last two days than in all the time I have known you." Clara observed.

I looked back quickly on the last few hours. "I suppose. We have interacted more on a personal level, and we are alone here. Or rather with less people. There are less emotions here for me to constantly shield against or be influenced by and no vampire emotions at all which are a lot stronger than human ones. I suppose it makes it easier for me to be myself and interact with people. I love my family don't get me wrong but they do make me a bit more reserved at times. Unless we are playing or wrestling or I am alone with Alice." I ruminated as Clara watched me closely.

The plane lurched as it left the ground yet neither of us really moved, both easily able to compensate for the change in direction and gravitational forces because of our supernatural natures.

"So…" I said, drawing the word out.

"Why are we going to England specifically?"

Clara watched me for a moment, her features freezing and her eyes going cold.

In a monotone she replied. "To start my road to redemption. To free Victoria. To find and destroy her head."