A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 014 - Guardian Angel.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Guardian Angel

Yazoo had noticed the winged figure standing vigil over the rebuilt city. What did humans call them, he wondered briefly, as he sped under the metal arch on his motorcycle, quickly leaving it far behind. Angels? Yazoo snorted to himself. Did they really believe that a statue like that would guard them? His brother was right when he said that humans didn't deserve to live on this planet.

Yazoo travelled the streets, looking for the children with their Mother's mark. He even took a little detour to take a look at their so-called big brother's home and noticed the boy who – as they knew – was a part of their brother's family. He couldn't fight back the sneer of glee and amusement when he detected Mother's trace on that boy. This, he concluded, was even better than expected. He sped up again and continued his search. Soon, he had stowed his bike away, brought out a pick-up truck, and walked the streets, stopping only to converse with the ill children. He was, as he noted with a sneer, an angel for them. A messenger bringing the word of healing, and the children were so lost, alone, and desperate that they listened to him, and believed in his every word. When they followed him, he laughed on the inside. Where was the guardian angel of this city now? Why didn't he climb down from his high arch and protect these children from him and the fate they would be facing tomorrow? The angel didn't come. The children believed him and followed him. And maybe they didn't trust him entirely, but it didn't matter. Kadaj would cure their disbelief.

And cure them he did. He replaced their pain and suffering with blissful emptiness. This dark angel created an army of wonderful little soldiers, though they didn't know it themselves. All they knew was blissful peace afterwards and the two brothers who had brought this about – the one who had rounded them up, and the one who had shown how they could become free again – were their saviour from a dreaded fate, which they had witnessed all around them. That night became the beginning of a new era for all of them, and the three brothers – its guardian angels.