I know your secret

(I'll learn your secrets rewritten)

"Justin! Max!" Alex's voice shrieked through the entire house and so another day in the life of the Russo's began.

"Jerry, I think the kids are awake" Theresa yawned sitting up and pulling the covers off her no longer sleeping husband. "Jerry?…" "five more minutes mommy…" he moaned turning over "…"

ok…so maybe he wasn't awake but that problem could soon be sorted…

"ouch!" Jerry grumbled as he reluctantly picked himself off the floor and out of bed. He turned towards his smirking wife.

"I'm up now. Happy?" Her smirk widened.

"Why yes jerry I-"

"AHHHHH!. MOM. DAD. HELP!" Justin's cries rang through the a house and Jerry and Theresa dashed out of bed and towards his room where the commotion appeared to be coming from.

Suddenly Max came sprinting from his room not even giving them a second glance before calling out repeatedly "It wasn't me Alex I swear! I swear!" He disappeared into his room and could be heard moving his furniture around his room in a pitiful attempt to barricade his door.

Both parent's shared confused looks. Until Justin's cries of pain brought them back to reality. They turned the handle and…well…

The sight was one to behold.

Justin was completely sprawled out on the floor with a very hysterical (and dangerous) Alex with her hands dug into his scalp nearly ripping his hair out.

To say they where stunned would be a great understatement.

"where is it you STUPID SON OF A BAS-

"Alexandra Margarita Russo, get off your brother this instant and tell us what the hell is going on!" Alex refused to move.

Theresa dragged her distressed daughter off of Justin and pushed her towards jerry who wrapped his arms around her to prevent her from completely killing her brother.

"Hija…Hijo…what is going on?" She demanded but was calming down. She looked at them both expectantly.

"well, mom your so called perfect son has broken into my room, gone through my personal stuff AND STOLEN MY DIARY! She lunged for him once more but was still prevented from moving by her fathers firm grip around her waist. She continued to struggle against her father until finally she broke down.

"shh sweetie its ok im sure you've just misplaced it" Jerry desperately tried to reassure his hysterical daughter " We can always get you a knew better one!" He smiled as she stopped sobbing, But his smile didn't last long.

NO! YOU DON'T GET IT! NONE OF YOU DO! I NEED THAT DIARY! She pushed her father away and ran from the room into her own closely followed by her father.

Finally deciding it was safe to move Justin picked himself up and brushed himself off. However he would not escape his Mothers grasp so quickly.

" Did you take her Diary Justin?" No mom you know I'd never take something that's so precious to Alex" "I don't know Mija some of the fights you two get in…" "mom I swear I haven't taken it and if I find it I will return it too her right away"

Theresa stared at her son for awhile before sighing and walking towards the door "let me know if you find it Hijo" she added before closing it softly behind her.

Justin waited then…

pulled out his wand.

"There are secrets I have yet to be told, let Alex's diary form in my hold!" A small purple Diary fell into Justin's lap and he smiled sadly.

Justin felt guilty. Incredibly guilty. Not just for taking Alex's diary but for lying to his mother and father as well. But revenge is revenge sometimes served badly and sometimes served good. Sadly this time…it would be served badly.

But Justin does not realise just how badly revenge can backfire and that's exactly what happens…

'ok' Justin thinks to himself 'step one of revenge'

"Dear diary…"

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