Kurt was in gym class. Yeah thats right, gym class. Kurt hated gym more than anything. He had to wear these ugly workout clothes and do awkward physical things, not exactly Kurt's cup of tea, but it was required for him to have a phys-ed credit to pass high school and he had failed last year. So, he was stuck in gym. Tanaka, being the wonderful coach that he is, thought it would be fun to send them on what he liked to call the Possum run. 3 miles of pure bliss he called it. Hah, like Tanaka could even run! But to get his grade, it had to be done, so here he was, running his butt off down the street to complete his stupid run early. He could needed time to shower before lunch, because really, who wants to smell? But, the problem was, Kurt felt terrible. Not just crappy or bad, Kurt almost felt like crawling into a hole and dying. It wasn't because he was running, or because he was wearing nasty coloured basketball short to do so, oh no, Kurt felt like shit for a whole different reason. A reason that was slowly jogging up behind him wearing a practice jersey and bright red nike shorts.

Puck didn't really hate gym, he got to work on his guns every once and a while, and it kept him fit enough that he could be lazy after school, but he didn't particularly enjoy it either. He had to write essays and shit to keep his grades, and who wants to write fucking essays, about being active at that? When you write essays you sit, not very productive is it? Of course it was definitely better than most classes though, no desks, pencils none of it. He didn't even have to think hard. That was great. Gym topped all of his other classes, especially math, but what did he know about that? He hadn't attended a math class in years. Of course, he thought gym class was pretty cool for another reason too. He got to see none other than Kurt Hummel, completely out of his element. I mean really, Hummel in basketball shorts? Puck had never thought he'd see the day. But there Kurt was, struggling hard to finish the run, in black knee length shorts, a loose t-shirt and sneakers. SNEAKERS! Puck gave the kid props, he was only a few feet behind the Puckster, a feat not many could accomplish without full out sprinting. Puck slowed to jog beside him so he wasn't alone. They had become sort of friends since Kurt had stuck up for him during the whole babygate drama. Kurt was...chill. When Puck finally looked up at the young boy's face he froze, something was definitely wrong.

Kurt was slightly relieved when Puck slowed to jog with him, he had protection now, I guess you could call it back-up, he thought. Physical strength would be so much more useful when it came to the jocks, his verbal assaults wouldn't get him far. He was worried Puck would take his team-mates side if something were to happen, but shoved the thought to the back of his mind when he remembered that the jock had chosen Glee over football. Smiling at the fact that the taller boy had started a small friendship with him as well. "Kurt...Ar-...I dun-" Kurt looked back over his shoulder for about the fifteenth time in the past two minutes before turning to look at Puck. "Yes Noah?" he said quickly, rushing to get the words out before his voice defied him and cracked. "Ar-..Are you okay?"

Kurt had been shifting a lot, glancing over his shoulder towards the pack of football players behind him. It was just too unlike Kurt, Puck had never seen him act nervous or scared before, even if he actually was. When he had asked Kurt if he was okay, Puck's face had turned dark. Kurt had turned to his face to the ground, as if he couldn't bear looking at Puck, like he didn't want anyone to see him. Puck suddenly felt like he needed to protect him, because something was definitely wrong, something involving someone behind him. "Kurt, you can talk to me. I wont let anyone hurt you. I promise."

Kurt just fell to pieces. Puck had gotten the jocks to lay off, he had used all power that he had left to get them to stop. Puck had tried so hard to protect him, he had even stopped bullying him himself. He had apologzed to Kurt countless times, always trying to make up for what he had done. Yet nothing he had ever said could prepare Kurt for those words coming out of none other than Noah Puckermans mouth.

When Kurt started crying, Puck jogged in front of him and stopped, forcing the small boy to slow himself until they were standing there facing each other, in the middle of the track. "Ku-" Karofsky cut him off sharply before he could ask the small boy if he was alright for a second time. "Aww look Puckerman is comforting his little boyfriend. Isn't that disgusting?" He spit the last word in Kurts face. "Why don't you and Azimo go suck each other off behind the shed Karofsky!" Puck said, totally not trying to defend himself this time. He had only thought about Kurt. Just before he had turned to yell at Karofsky, Puck had noticed something, Kurt had flinched away from tall boy so forcefully that he had stumbled. The young boy had then curled his arms around himself, his knuckles turning white from gripping his arms so tightly. Puck wasn't stupid, no matter how many people thought he was. It all made sense now.