White Lies

The world was at peace. For now, at least. And Richard Rahl was sitting on the Mother Confessor's bed in Aydindril, idly watching her try on her newly-made white Confessor's dress.

Kahlan tugged on the waistband, a frown on her face. "They must have gotten my measurements wrong," she muttered. "Either that, or…"

"What's that, Kahlan?" asked Richard innocently, though she knew he could hear her perfectly well. The man had the sharpest senses ever.

"Nothing," she replied, gazing at her stomach again. "Richard… do I… do I look fat?"

Kahlan heard a snort from Cara, who was standing guard by the door. She ignored it and turned her face to Richard, only to find him redder than she had ever seen him.

"Well, does it?" she demanded.

He didn't answer.

"Does it?"

"Kahlan…" he began, "you look as beautiful as ever."

"Richard, that doesn't answer my question," she hissed with a vehemence rarely heard.

Cara smirked.

Richard gulped, then grinned convincingly. "No, Kahlan, you don't look fat at all."

She glared at him in the mirror, and suddenly marched over to the bed, slapping him soundly across the face.

"Don't ever try to lie to a Confessor."

Instead of whipping her Agiels out to defend her Lord Rahl, Cara's smirk became a full blown grin, and then a hearty chuckle.

Kahlan looked surprised, then joined in the laughter. "Well, Richard, you've gotten lucky this time. Turns out, my waistline hasn't been due to my Zedd-like appetite lately. I'm… with child!" She smiled her special smile at Richard, who in turn, jumped off the bed delightedly.

"Really, Kahlan? That's wonderful!" And with that, the two put their head together and began whispering fervently.

Picking out baby names already, Cara thought as she rolled her eyes at the two lovebirds. She glided silently to the door and closed it, giving the two their privacy.

A/N: Kahlan and Richard are married, and are living happily ever after. I know this is kinda out of character. But I tried to make it funny... tell me if it failed. :)