A/N: Written for a 78 tarot writing community over at LiveJournal, using the prompt 70 - Knight of Pentacles. Its meaning is potential and vagueness.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Guardian duty

Shizuka always thought of him as a friend, nothing more. Honda, after all, was a good friend of her brother. She trusted him the same way she trusted her brother, and therefore saw nothing but another brother in him; somebody she could rely on, someone who would help her out. But she never thought about him in a romantic sense.

Honda, on the other hand, was quite enamoured with her. But since she was his best friend's sister, he didn't feel quite certain of his position. And Jou hadn't specified whether he approved of their relationship or not, even if he had made it clear that Otogi was the last person he's like to see his sister with. He had also entrusted Honda with his sister's safety – he was the one who'd have to take care of her in Jou's absence. And somehow Honda had never mustered up the courage to certify this one very important point. That, after all, was only an expanded interpretation of 'taking care of' Shizuka.

Yet the fact that she either didn't notice his come-ons, or shrugged them off as one of those typical guy things didn't seem to put a damper on his enthusiasm in regards to asking her out one of these days.