A/N: Written for a 78 tarot writing community over at LiveJournal, using the prompt 62 - Ten of Pentacles. Its meaning is lack of support.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Eternal limits

Honda was a really nice guy, Shizuka thought with a gentle smile, deeply breathing in the scent of daffodils which he'd just given her. He was so sweet, bringing her a bouquet of these spring flowers even though she didn't really like them. He had never asked to find out, unlike Otogi, who had made sure to know all of her favourites. She declined Honda's invitation to go "hang out" that night, as she had already promised to take part in an all-girls party Anzu had been planning since last week. Once again, Honda had not bothered to find out if she didn't already have plans of her own.

And he looked so ridiculously hopeful when asking if, maybe, they could hang out together some other evening this week, that Shizuka didn't have the heart to tell him that nothing could ever work out between them (though she would have to eventually get around to that, just not right now). She would never be able to see him as anything more than her brother's friend, and a good, reliable friend of hers as well. But nothing more. In fact, she smiled to herself, she smiled softly to herself, as she placed the flowers in the first suitable vase, he wasn't even her type.