Chapter Ten. Epilogue.

"And they're on board," Ryan said, glancing at his screen. Showing the old rangers climbing the stairs up towards the cockpit of the Overload Megazord. "All of them... Wait a second. Where's that hot blond?"

"I'm sure she'd really appreciate you calling her that," Nahir muttered. "Who, Paige?"

"That's the one," Ryan said. "Ah, she's not with them."

"What?" Katie asked, shocked. "Are you sure?"

"Crane was screaming about something as we went off the platform," Luke said. "But, I'm not sure what."

"Oh no," Xavier groaned, his head dropping into his hands. "Tell me that we didn't leave Paige behind on there. And then we jumped off right before it exploded."

As the words left his mouth, a stunned silence rang out in the cockpit. Everyone present looking at each other in shock.

"So, we failed?" Duo asked. "We didn't save them all. Oh holy crap, Paige!"

Dropping back into his seat, something seemed to drain away from him. Showing something that none of the others had ever seen before, a sign of sadness in the normally cheerful black ranger.

"You okay?" Katie wondered. "Are you...?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," the black ranger replied, sitting back up straight. "Just... the shock. I mean... I never thought that..."

Before he could finish, something struck the Megazord from behind. Jerking everyone out of their melancholy, all eyes falling to the screens to see what had happened...

And the giant figure of the Garbot flashed across their vision, the robot launching another attack at them.

"Oh yeah, it can fly," Luke remarked. "Go figure."

"Guess we have another round with Garbot," Katie muttered. "This thing is really starting to annoy me."

"Ditto that," Xavier said. "Come on. Let's finish it off."

"For Paige," Nahir growled. "For her memory."

"Going to have to do it quickly," Ryan reported. "We're fifteen thousand feet from hitting the ground."

"Love that pressure," Luke commented, typing something away into the console in front of him. The Espeon arm of the Megazord began to glow with a bright purple energy, throwing out another Psycho Punch towards Garbot. The flying robot easily evading it, executing a barrel roll to the side before striking out with a Dragon Claw. The strike raking across the chest of the Megazord.

"I really hate how the thing can fly," Xavier said, angrily. "And we're just falling through the air."

"It's just struck me," Nahir remarked. "But, what's going to happen when we hit the ground?"

"Eep," Duo commented. "That's not a pleasant thought. Here's a better one. Let's try the Genesis Blaster again."

"Genesis Blaster!" Katie yelled. "Let's see... Hyper Beam!"

At her command, the Overload Megazord brought up the Genesis Blaster, firing out a streak of bright orange light towards the Garbot. Only for the machine to fly out of the way, easily dodging the attack.

"That didn't work," Xavier said. "Too bad we don't have some sort of heat seeking weapon. Then we can..."

"Do you even think it gives off heat?" Luke demanded, sarcastically. "I mean... It's a robot."

"Ah, Katie?" Nahir said. "I think we might have something available. I ran a scan of my console systems and..."

"What is it?" Ryan asked, looking down to his own screen. Tapping away, he quickly let out a sound of appreciation. "Well, that might do it."

Having used the time to find it herself, Katie had to agree with both of them.

"Desperate times," she said. "Desperate measures."

Hitting the button in front of her, she and the other five rangers watched a giant staff with a large blade on the end appear in the hands of the Megazord.

"The Genesis Staff," Duo remarked, letting out a whistle of appreciation. Mirroring what Ryan had done moments earlier. "This looks awesome."

Her hands back on the controls, Katie directed the Megazord into striking the Garbot with the new weapon. The blow forcing the machine back, growls emerging from the mouth of the Garbot.

"Last chance to back off!" Xavier shouted. "You're not going to get one after this!"

"I don't think that robots feel fear," Nahir offered. "So..."

As she let her voice tail off, the blade at the end of the staff began to glow with a golden light.

"Element Overload!" the six rangers shouted, watching the staff strike through the air, the glowing blade raking against Garbot six times. Each time a streak of coloured energy smashing across the body, starting with red, following with black, blue, purple, yellow and finishing with green. As the final strike was dealt against the machine, it began to fall out of the sky, all its power gone. Falling a short distance, it exploded into thousands of pieces. Muted cheers ringing out in the cockpit as they watched its remains fall faster towards whatever was below them.

"Guess we've just got to ride the rest of it out now," Xavier muttered. "But..."

"Great job, team!" Katie interrupted. "Sorry if I'm borrowing your thing for this once."

"Ah, no problem," he said. "So..."

"Let's see what's below us," Luke remarked, the machine breaking through the final layer of clouds. The ocean exploding into view under them.

"This is actually quite promising," Nahir said. "We might survive hitting the water without much damage."

"Guess we're about to find out," Duo quipped. "What the hell, I always wondered what it's like to hit the surface of the ocean from twenty thousand feet."

As the Megazord completed its final fall through the air, crashing into the ocean below, it instantly disassembled out of its battle form. The Eevolutions also fading away, the rangers demorphing out of their new costumes. The veteran rangers landing close to them, instantly surprised to be crashing into the water.

"Blastoise!" Xavier yelled, hurling a Poké Ball into the air. "Go!"

"Gyarados, Vaporeon!" Katie shouted, doing the same. The three water type Pokémon appearing in flashes of light. In the same moment, Duo brought out his Feraligatr.

Within the next few minutes, Katie was aided in being kept afloat by her Vaporeon. Crane, Mitzi, Andrew, Danni, Scott and Chip atop her Gyarados. Duo and Ryan on the black ranger's Feraligatr, while Luke, Xavier and Nahir were on board Xavier's Blastoise.

"Sorry about the cramped space," Katie apologised, looking up at the six rangers atop her Gyarados. "But, I only had these two on me."

"Ah, it's cosy," Chip replied, patting the Atrocious Pokémon on the head. The Gyarados roaring at him, causing him to withdraw it.

"So, this is part flying type," Andrew remarked, eyeing the Pokémon whose back he was sat on. "Doesn't look very airborne."

"Don't tell her that, whatever you do," Katie grinned. "She's a little... touchy about things."

"We're in the middle of the ocean," Luke commented. "Whose got time to be touchy?"

"Gyarados apparently," Mitzi joked. "So, where do we go from here?"

"Where can we go from here?" Scott asked. "We can go anywhere. The G-Force team is broken up. Duo has his new powers and Paige..."

"Don't say it," Crane groaned, shaking his head. "Just... Don't."

"You okay, man?" Ryan asked. "You're looking a bit..."

Before he could finish his question, a piercing horn rang out over the horizon. Drawing their attention away, the eleven rangers saw the Silver Gyarados appear out of the blue. Powering towards them.

"Attention, rangers!" Lance's voice called through a hailer. "If you're out there, then please respond."

"Guess that's where we go from here," Katie said, wearily. "Back onto the Silver Gyarados. From there... I have no idea."

"Well, we still need to stop the Coppingers," Xavier pointed out. "And find the Genesis Book. And all those artefact's."

"That's a tale for another day," Nahir said, yawning slightly. "But, for now..."

"Let's just get out of here," Katie replied, gesturing for her Vaporeon to swim towards the Silver Gyarados. "To the boat."

"You know," Luke said, as the four water Pokémon began to swim over to the approaching boat. "I can't help but wonder what happened to the Coppingers. Maybe we got lucky and they blew up along with the platform."

"I doubt we're going to be that lucky," Ryan remarked. "But, I guess we won't know until we find out. Right now..."

"I couldn't care less," Xavier finished. "Not right now, anyway."

Smashing against the ground, screeching across the dirt until coming to a complete standstill against the side of a hill, the Coppinger escape pod tottered on the spot for a moment, before collapsing over. The doors shattering open, the treasure chest falling out and crashing down against the ground.

"Guess that's one way to get it open," Noland remarked, before feeling Dennis push past him to jump after it.

"It's mine!" he snapped. "Get back!"

"No way!" Jake snarled. "I did my part in finding it!"

As Arbok, Noland and Fuller all started to protest, the three of them began to follow the other two down towards the chest. All their hands on it, they began to wrench the parts of the shattered chest apart. Dennis forcing them away, as he pulled the core piece of the Genesis Book out of the box, holding it up to the light. A faded wooden cover, with nine indents in the surface of it, added an aura of mystique to the item. Greedily pulling the book open, ready to see the secrets written upon the first page...

Only for the five of them to all let out screams as a potent wave of green-blue smoke erupted out from within it. Completely engulfing them, their screams of pain growing ever louder...

To Be Continued...

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