Me: Ok, since I LOVE the book Scarlett, I am doing a quick one-shot on it.

Rina: Can I help on this story?

Me: Sure! Your not in it though.

Rina: That's ok, I don't get as excited as Logan does.

Me: Ok, what do you say next?

Rina: Umm...BebePanda401 doesn't own Scarlett.

Me: Good!

The horse middnight.
So beautiful, so graceful,
Galloping through the starlit water,
As it quietly obeys it's master.

The rider was the opposite of the horse,
Messy rather than tame,
But a secret was beyond that messy exteior,
A secret which nearly destroyed him.

Then, there is a girl who stands out.
Her hair and name, a warning and a symbol to her personality,
Scarlett, a girl who is angry at the world,
But red, also symbols lost love.

Both humans had experienced a regretful pain,
And both helped eachother,
But, they both question, even if they were so young,
Was it just a summer romance?

They both have one thing that reminds them of eachother,
For the girl, it is a simple black braided braclett that stays on her wrist day and night,
For the rider, it is a red rag that he uses to tie back his messy hair,
Whilst the horse just has the sweet smell of mint and apples.

They flirted, held hands and winked.
Both rode bare back on the mystical creature,
But once, just once, shared a kiss,
A kiss that was of salt and tears.

Even if it was just a summer romance,
They both stayed there for eachother,
And both helped eachother bakck onto the right track,
And will never truly forget.

As it just took one Scarlett rag,
One black braided braclett,
One graceful horse,
And one wishing tree next to a loch on a moonlit night,

To guide them back home,
And back to the heart.

Me: I like this poem.

Rina: Me too, but why are we in italics?

Me: Its pretty!

Rina: Ok...please review!