The smile that is almost whole,
And the happy eyes
Tainted with bitterness,
And betrayal.
Your tears are almost pure,
And you're almost
An angel.

Beautiful creature,
(For no one would dare
To insult you with words like girl,
Or human being.)
You are a shimmer of light,
A distortion of reality,
And the faintest wisp of a pure breeze,
In a world where air,
Is beginning to disappear.

Despite these eighty years,
And another thousand in your future,
Your life is far too short.
You fly through your many centuries,
As if everything you desire
Is at the end of your journey.
You flirt with the darkness,
And flee the ones,
That would give anything
To make you happy.

Oh gods,
This world is truly killing you.
Your heart is far too large,
To allow you to watch in silence,
As water becomes a commodity,
And the animals that once came at your call,
Are destroyed.
You are far too kind,
My dear;
You could never lift that gun
To land a deadly blow.
You could never kill,
Even to save your own life.

If I told you that I loved you,
Would you leave him?
Because he's hurting you.
He's smart:
Smarter then your naivety,
And endless compassion,
Can contend with.
He manipulates you,
And bends you to his will.
And even though you can see,
The path of destruction,
That he has torn into your life,
You always go back to him.
Don't you?

If I gave you wings to fly upon,
That would never die
With the failing of a battery,
Or the destruction
Of your heart,
Would you use them
To fly to me?

A/N: Well, I have recently come to terms with my sexuality (lesbian), and also the crush I have on Holly Short (please don't laugh TOO much...:P). This poem is a product of my foolish obsession. Don't worry though, because I still intend to write H/T fanfics (some time...I'm currently far too lazy to...), although there may be some Holly/Juliet thrown into the mix. Try to bear with me! Anyway, please review (although I don't deserve it after all this time)! ^.^