Jane Volturi's Diary

I love Jane she is my favorite character, so I decided to make a story! hehe :D I would love reviews! :D

July 31 2010


I am so evil!

Caius never knew what hit him! Well…actually he did, but he did not!

That git did not see that bucket before he opened the door! Haha oh well, but now I'm hiding from him, as you know no one messes with Caius Volturi when he is mad.

I am in a place that no one shall find me for sure! It's the last place they would look!

Your probably wondering where I am hiding aren't you? Well I am not going to tell you! I am so clever, even Demetri won't find me!

Alec, nor Heidi, Chealsea, Felix or anyone shall find me!

My idiot brother wouldn't know where to look, hehe that's why I am so great! :D

No one will ever find me in the Cullen's garage…oh wait I just said where I am. I may not be smart, but I can come up with great hiding places!

The Cullen's garage is so freaking huge! They have at least five cars! Oh joy!

I think I ran the fastest I ever did when that bucket hit Caius on the head, I ran past cities and more cities, hehe I am even faster than EDWARD CULLEN. Hehe :D

I am pretty sure I ran pass these people in dark cloaks, though I didn't have enough time to ask them where they got them, sadly. :(

And that's how I pretty much ended up in the Cullen's Garage.

You are probably wondering why I, Jane of the Volturi would be writing in a diary? Because I flipping can! That's why!

I am freaking huddled between a car and a door, and that's not comfortable! Well I guess it doesn't really matter since I am a vampire, but still!

Blah Blah Blah! Oh shit! I hear them coming into their house! Please don't find me!

I will tell you later what happened, if I make it out alive.

~Jane the most evil vampire of them all! :)

Until Next time! :D

P.S. Will Jane make it out alive?