A/N: Written for a 78 tarot writing community over at LiveJournal, using the prompt 07 - Chariot. Its meaning is victory, belated action, or willpower.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Mai couldn't help but think that Valon had appeared in her life far too late. She couldn't deny that he had shown more interest in her life and more concern for her wellbeing than they had in all the years she'd known them. And while he was far younger than she would have felt comfortable with, he had the charm and with, and attitude to compensate for it. He was just the kind of guy who could entertain her, keep her interested, and keep her guessing. He was the kind of guy who could win her over. And he didn't push her away, unlike some other dunderhead had done repeatedly. Valon knew what he wanted and how to get it.

If only he had shown up sooner!

Then, Mai thought, she wouldn't have to be so torn up, trying to choose between two similar idiots. In fact, she wouldn't have to choose at all, because the obnoxious Katsuya wouldn't have even mattered. Also, because of this, she wouldn't have to chase after that idiot Valon who'd already managed to leave Japan without leaving as much as a note, or a message, or even a semi-seriously dropped line in regards to where he was planning to go.

It didn't matter though, not anymore, Mai thought, her eyes trained on the road winding though the rocky landscape ahead of her. She was going to dig that moron out from whichever rock he'd crawled under and give him a piece of her mind. Maybe ask him out for a drink afterwards. That is, she smirked to herself and laughed out loud at the sudden thought, if he'd managed to get legal during the time they hadn't met.