Im a zombie get me out of here!

Hi like many of you i watched ''Dead set'' in 2008 and thought it was fantastic. And it got me thinking what if the same thing happend with lets say ''Britains got talent'' Or ''Im a celeb'' I went with the ''Im a celeb'' One because its away from civilisation. So heres the celebrity list and enjoy the story! btw Dead set needs more fanfics!


Celebrity 1 - David Tennant

Celebrity 2 - Claire Skinner (Mum of outnumbered)

Celebrity 3 - Catherine Tate

Celebrity 4 - Hugh Dennis (lol i couldent resist)

Celebrity 4 - Cheryl Cole (Note she does not have malaria in this fic)

Celebrity 5 - Simon Cowel

Celebrity 6 - Amanda Holden

Celebrity 7 - Jamie Oliver

Anthony Mcparlin - Hosts

Declan Mcparlin - Hosts


Mel - Camera Woman

Daniel - lights

Sara - Camera Woman

Catlin - Driver

Other crew are either operating the Camera or special effects ect : Busttucker trial

All the crew will be mentioned in the story

There are only Seven as i wont be able to keep track! lol so please review and if you want give me some idea's