Notes: I wrote this DBZ fic about......I'd saw 4 years ago. To all you non-dbz veterans, thats when Cartoon netweork didn't hae toonami and the dubs only went to where Goku Landed on Namek. Try living through that. Anyway, this fanfic is really old, and I'm picking it up again. Chapters 1-4 were written oh-so-long ago and 5 up is new stuff I'm adding. Oh, and BTW, I stopped watching teh dubs as soon as I got my fansubs. That was 4 years ago too. I know they changed some names. I use the original names, like always. Unlike my CCS stories, I won't plug in a self-advertisement for buying my fansubs. You ever see DBZ fansubs? If you havn't, your missing out. Those of you who have, know how bad the quality can get on some tapes-.-;
NOTICE! This is an AU fic! Don't email me and say "that never happened" or " This happens right now" or "you left out something" This fic is mainly Gohan/Videl, and about Gohan's daily life growing up in high school. Enjoy

Chapter 1
(Orange Star High School?
From here on out, I'm a high school student!)

Gohan flew past the trees and lakes on the ground as he streaked through the sky of the golden cloud Nimbus. His black wiry hair was pushed back from the wind. His dark black eyes were merry as he tugged on his satch by his side. Today was his first day of High School. So far he was able to get by, by home schooling and correspondence courses. Now Chichi felt like it was time for him to finally take the second step in becoming a scholar and go to school for real. Instead of the cloths he usually wore, now he was clad in a completely different attire. A white shirt with a black vest over it, un buttoned. He wore khaki brown pants and black shoes. On the left side of his vest a gold star with a white back ground was sewn onto it. The patch was small and a necessary for his school.

' I gotta control my power.' He thought to himself. ' If anyone realizes what I can do it'll be hard to make friends and stay in school . . . ' Gohan looked down and saw Satan city come into view. 'There's the town... better land soon so no one will get suspicious.'

Gohan jumped off the flying cloud and landed with a soft thump on the pavement. "Good bye Nimbus!" Gohan called to the golden cloud. "I'll be counting on you for a ride home!" Gohan smiled and felt the soft cool breeze flowing around him. It was just out of summer time and the air was just the right tempter with the occasional breeze to make even the saddest man smile at the weather.

Gohan walked into the town and stopped at a billboard. It read "Satan City, Home of Mr. Satan!" Gohan grinned. Everyone
believed it was Mr. Satan who had defeated Cell so long ago. It was amazing that the lie was still going strong. But then again.....It was Mr. Satan we were talking about.....

Taking to a paced walk Gohan entered the city and cut across the street. ' This will be a great day. ' Gohan thought to himself. ' hopefully I can meet some friends.' Picking up his pace, Gohan broke into a run when he looked at his watch. Looking around and seeing no one he sprinted into a 'serious' run and became nothing more than a blur to everyone who did happen to catch a glimpse at him.


Gohan skidded to a halt as bullets rang out from a bank not twenty feet from him. 'Again!? ' He cursed. ' I can't believe this town! That's the fourth time this week! ' He turned his head both ways and realized there were to many people to change there. Stepping into a back ally, Gohan sighed. 'Better change so no one'll know its me. ' With very little effort Gohan's hair broke out into even more spikes than normal and changed into the familiar golden color of Super sayanjinn. Blinking his now blue eyes, Gohan leapt from the alleyway and landed on the trunk that the robbers were trying to get away in.

"What the--!?" Was the only thing the first guy could ask before being sucker punched by Gohan. The Police stopped their firing and gasped as Gohan side kicked the second man.

"Why you..." the third guy pulled out a machine gun and fired at point blank range. Gohan's fist became a blur for all of the five seconds the man held the trigger. Gasping, the man stepped away as Gohan slowly held out his hand and dropped the bullets that were just shot at him. "Oh no..." Gohan jumped slightly and used his right arm to punch up on the top of the truck and deliver a jumping side kick to the man, knocking him out cold.

Silence rang as the super sayanjinn stepped off of the truck and looked at the cops. "You should be able to handle them now." He told them casually, then looked a this watch. "Crap! I'm going to be late for school!" Fortunately for him the cops didn't hear that remark and only gaped at Gohan's retreating form, turning into an ally way.

"What's going on!?" A girl asked as she ran into the scene. She wore a sleeveless white shirt that almost went to her knees and a light purple T-shirt under it with matching shorts. Long black hair erupted from a ponytail hanging from the back of her head.

"Mrs. Videl!" An old man called. "I saw it! It was the golden haired warrior again!" He made his way over to her."

"The golden haired warrior? Again!?" Videl asked amazed. "that's like the fourth time this week!?"

The man nodded. "And he goes to your school doesn't he?"

Videl looked at him oddly. "What do you mean?"

"He had the same badge as you do." He pointed to the orange star badge clipped on Videl's left side of her shirt, almost at the bottom.

"Really?" She asked amazed. "I've never seen anyone like that before.... Well I'll figure it out later.... I gotta get to school..." Videl trained off as she ran back down the road where she came from. ' and I came all this way to.....' she thought tiredly.


Videl sat on the table that was on her row in school. Instead of desk, they had several rows of chairs behind a single long unmovable table. Also it went upwards on an incline, each row higher than the one in front of it. There were five rows in all."Sharpner, your not the golden haired warrior, are you?" Videl asked a blonde man next to her, who was leaning back in his chair.

"Unfortunately not." He said coolly. "I'm to busy with clubs and stuff to do such non sense so early in the morning." He was wearing a black muscle shirt and loose blue jeans. His blonde hair fell almost to the middle of his back.

"Please be seated." the instructor said as he walked in the room. Several sounds of chairs moving were heard as everyone took their seat. Videl twirled smoothly in an one hounded eighty movement and slid down into her chair and pulled it up so she could rest on the table with her elbows. "Today we have a new student. He's a transfer student who scored perfect on his entrance exam in Japanese, English, Science, Geography, All Math skills, and vocabulary. Several cheers rang out. the professor cleared his thought. "Quite down class! " the class became silent after a few giggles and laughs were heard. "Let me introduce him." he looked at the door. "You may come in now."

Gohan slowly stepped into the room and looked around. "H-Hi.. My name's Son....Son Gohan. I'm looking forward to meeting you." A slight blush made its way to his cheeks.


"Wow, he's cute." A girl commented as she looked at the new comer. " Don't you think so, Videl?"

Videl observed the blushing boy from her place three rows back from the front. Turning to her friend to the right, she shrugged. "I feel like I've met him before, Eliza."

Eliza shrugged.


"Gohan, please take an empty seat." The professor told him mildly as he walked to his desk."

"Okay." Gohan answered, then turned his attention to the class, scanning it for a vacant seat.

Eliza stood up. "Hey, up here!"

"Uhn?" Gohan looked up to the blond girl waving at him.

"There's a seat here, next to Videl." She pointed to her friend sitting on her right. There was one last seat at the beginning of the row.

" Thanks!" He exclaimed and hopped up the steps to take his seat. He hesitated when he saw Videl.

"She don't bite... to much." Eliza assured him.

Videl's face became red, rather from embarrassment or anger Gohan couldn't tell. "Hey, Eliza." Videl warned. "Stop acting stupid or I'll bite you."

Gohan chuckled and sat down. The professor turned his back to the class and began writing on the board, introducing that day's lesson. Gohan tried to bury his face in his book when he sensed Videl looking at him.

"You may be surprised." Eliza whispered past Videl to him. "But Videl here is the daughter of Mr. Satan!"

"Wwaaah?" Gohan gasped. "Really?

Eliza winked at him. "Told ya you'd be surprised."

Videl snapped her fingers. "That's it!" Her eyes widened in triumph. " I saw you at the bank robbery, didn't I? You were just leaving!"

Gohan nodded slowly. "Yeah.... I was there only for a second though. Passed it on my way to school, didn't even stop to look around. Nope, not me. Uh-uh."

Videl looked oddly at the sweating boy in front of her. Was he hiding something? " They say the Golden Haired Warrior showed up there." She informed him, seeing if that brought response.

"Hmn?" Gohan raised an eyebrow. "Golden haired Warrior? What's that?"

Eliza bent over so she could see Gohan. " That's right, your new here so you don't know about him. They say his hair is a pure gold and his eyes shine the brightest clear blue, probably like Videl's." She looked into her friends eyes.

Videl Blinked as she saw Gohan check out her eyes.

"You have pretty eyes." He told her without missing a beat. Videl blinked again and Gohan's eyes widened and he clasped a hand over his mouth. " Umm....." he settled down. "That wasn't a come on or anything..." He blushed.

' How modest!' Videl thought. ' He's not anything like other students.'

Sharpner, over hearing this, Frowned. That guy better not start making passes on Videl.... He'll get in worse trouble than he can imagine. As the old saying goes.... One who is smart can't fight.

"You know..." Videl observed Gohan. " Someone told me that the golden haired warrior had on a white long sleeve shirt.." Gohan looked at his shirt. "..... A black Vest...." Gohan checked out his vest. ".. And brown pants." Gohan looked at his pants, all matching her description perfectly.

"Uuuummmm..." Gohan began nervously. ' They think its me already! Oh man what am I going to do? '

"Does his hair look golden, Videl?" Sharpner asked casually as he leaned back in his chair.

Eliza ran her hand through Gohan's thick wiry hair. "Yeah, his hairs black as night, so are his eyes. Plus, no offense, but you don't look very strong.

Gohan thanked Dende he was wearing loose clothing. "Yeah, I'm not very strong." Gohan assured them.

"COULD YOU PLEASE BE QUIET!?" the instructor yelled at them.

"Okay..." Gohan buried his nose in his book, as did Eliza and Videl. "...Okay..." Gohan sighed. 'Man, I gotta keep myself low or they'll start suspecting me more than they are now.....'


They wind blew quietly on the open field as the class stood on a neatly made baseball field. Gohan, now clad in loose blue wind pants and a matching white shirt with blue long sleeves, sat on the bench, watching everyone get ready to play.

"Were going to continue yesterday's game." the coach informed them. "It also seems we have a new comer..... Son Gohan?"

Gohan stood up. "Yes sir."

Sharpner walked over to him. "Your going on Videl and Eliza's team. " He informed him.

"My team?" Videl asked amazed. "I don't want him."

Gohan looked at Videl, hurt.

"He's smart, he might think of a good strategy." Eliza whispered to Videl. "Give him a chance."

Videl sighed. "Oh very well." She tossed Gohan her glove. " you know how to play, right?"

Gohan nodded. "I've never played, but I know the rules."

Sharpner laughed. "That's because all you do is study." Gohan looked down meekly.

Once again Videl was amazed at the boys humbleness, but quickly snapped out of it. " Play right field. you know were that is, don't you?"

Gohan looked up and nodded. "Yeah! That's 'Migi' "

Videl was amazed. "...Well. Your not wrong."


Gohan stood on the grassy area of the right field. So far nothing has come his way. Videl had insisted it was okay for him to use her glove since he didn't have one of his own. When he asked her what she would do she merely shrugged and told him that she was pitching and rarely was a ball bit to her on the mound. Gohan didn't complain though. The glove was a little small but otherwise fit him fine.

Sharpner stepped up to the plate and took a practice swing. ' Here goes the ball game. ' He thought to himself proudly.

"Yeah Sharpner! Hit a home run!"
"Home run!"
"Smack that ball!"

Everyone on his team seemed to yell. The bases were loaded and a home run would let them win. Unless Videl's team could score five points next turn at bat. Videl clenched the ball and prepared herself to strike him out. "You'll never hit this Sharpner!" she taunted as she threw the ball as hard as she could.

The ball seemed to thin with the force as she threw it. Sharpner grinned. Just as he suspected, it was a fast ball. Preparing himself, he swung the bat and a loud crack was heard as the ball flew high into the air.

"YEAH!" Sharpner yelled in triumph as he began to run the bases.


Sharpner froze in mid stride and everyone turned to see Gohan in the air, ball in glove. Although instead of coming straight down he seemed to almost float there.

'Lets see.' Gohan thought as he unconsciously hovered a good ten meters from the ground. ' The runner is off third base so if I throw the ball he'll be out. Better hold back though....' In one fluid motion he let himself drop and throw the ball at the same time. Videl blinked and missed the throw completely. One second the ball was in Gohan's hand, the next the catcher for third base was on his back with the ball still spinning in his glove. Luckily, however, the catcher's feet managed to fall onto the base, causing the runner to be out.

"OUT!" A referee called amazed.

Gohan landed lightly on his feet. ' All right! That's all three outs now! time to switch! ' "Eh?" He froze when everyone looked at him. Self concisely, he pulled his cap to cover his face as he made his way to the bench. "Beginners luck." He called to them, hoping he didn't blow his cover.

"Can you call that luck?" One guy asked his class mate, who shook his head.

The coach was the first to regain composer. " We'll start batting off with number eight. Son Gohan!"

Gohan put Videl's glove on the bench and straightened his cap. "Yo-sha!!" He grabbed a bat and stood by the base. Sharpner had taken the pitching mound. ' I can't hit the ball.' Gohan thought to himself. ' I held back a lot while throwing so there's no way I could swing and not send that thing into orbit....'

Sharpner grit his teeth. ' I'll teach you to mess up my home run.... ' He declaimed mentally.

Videl gasped when she saw that look in his eyes.

"Are you a left handed batter?" The catcher asked Gohan, amazed.

"Yeah... Is that against the rules?" He asked, curious.

The catcher shook his head furiously. "No, no ,no ... Its just that your holding the bat wrong!"

"Oh?" Gohan asked, looking at the way he was holding the bat.

"Just do what ever you want." The catcher sighed and pulled down his mask.

"Okay!" Gohan readied himself to strike out.

Videl cupped her hands out to warn Gohan but Sharpner already threw they ball. He made sure to aim straight for his head.

The ball whizzed through the air just as Videl told Gohan to look out. Gohan's concentration went off, and the ball hit his square in the temple.

"IDIOT!" Sharpner yelled. ' Why didn't he dodge that!?' he asked himself madly.

Videl ran over to Gohan but stopped when she saw he was still standing. "Wha.....!?"

Gohan looked at the ball that lay a few inches in front of the plate. "That's a dead ball, right?"

The catcher and umpire nodded slowly, amazed that Gohan could still be alive. That ball had to be going at least eighty miles per hour...

"All right!" Gohan declaimed as he started to run the bases. ' Lucky Lucky!' He thought, oblivious that everyone was staring at him. ' I managed to get on base without drawing anymore attention to myself!' He hopped the last step to first base and turned around to see everyone still gawking at him. 'Oh crap....'


Videl paused as she made her way over to her usual spot by the wall surrounding the school when she saw Gohan eating alone under a tree. His face seemed deep in thought as he slowly ate his lunch. The shadow of the tree made a devastating appearance for him. ' Poor guy..' Videl thought sadly. ' I bet he hasn't made any friends yet. ' Deciding to take a detour she made her way over to him. Gohan didn't even notice her until her shadow covered him, making it a little darker.

He looked up slowly and blushed when he saw her.

"This spot taken?" She asked politely, motioning to the spot next to the tree. Gohan shook his head slowly, not speaking. A deep shade of red made its way to his cheeks. ' how cute. ' Videl smiled as she sat down by him. ' He's even shy..... Wait a minute! Since when was I interested in guys? I have no time for that! '

Gohan pondered on why She was being so nice to him. Being out in the country all his life he had never spent any time around girls except for his mother or Juuhachagou ( #18 ) , and they really didn't count.

"That was.. quite a catch you made today." Videl started, making conversation.

Gohan's eyes widened slightly. ' Does she still suspect me? ' his mind asked himself. "Well..." he rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "Beginners luck really. Bet I couldn't do it again." He gave Videl a lop sided grin that he inherited from his father. " Is your Dad really Mr. Satan?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah." Videl nodded, taking out her own lunch. "He saved the world from Cell so everyone knows him."

Gohan sighed under his breath. Although he really didn't want to admit it, it would be nice to have people like him for that. But he decided long ago that the reporters and such would take up his time and he couldn't make friends because they would be to awed that he was that strong.

"Something wrong?" Videl wondered, hearing him sigh.

Gohan brought his head back up high and laughed nervously. "Oh nothing! Just thinking about how nice you must have it, being his daughter and all!" He laughed again, sweating. ' Real smooth, Gohan.. real smooth... '

Videl giggled, something she didn't usually do. "Actually I don't like it that much. My father told me I couldn't date anyone who wasn't stronger than him.."

"Don't take much." Gohan thought aloud.

"What was that?" Videl asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Huh!?" Gohan asked, now aware that he said that aloud. " I.. said... ' that's not much '. As in referring to the guys that could beat him." He lied.

" Oh... Okay." She turned back to her lunch.

" It sure is nice here." Gohan commented, changing the quietness between them. " I think I'm going to like this school. "

Videl nodded. "Yeah. Where did you used to go to school at?"

"I home schooled." Gohan informed her as he took another bite of rice. "My Mother wanted me to become a scholar ever since I was born, I never did much but study or fight my whole life."

"Fight?" Videl asked amazed. ' Can this guy be a fighter? No way! he looks way to weak! '

Gohan felt like hitting himself. ' Dang it!' he mentally cursed. ' I better watch what I say! this is to hard... I never thought it'd be this rough to make a good impression. '

"hm?" Videl prompted.

"Did I say fight?" Gohan asked, trying to cover his mistake up. " I meant...." The bell rang. "Well there's the bell." He grinned at his lucky timing. " We better get back to class." He closed the lid to his box and stood up. The first thing he did was offer his hand to Videl to help her up.

"My, my, aren't we polite?" She asked, taking his hand and almost gasped at the ease he pulled her up with.

Gohan raised a curious eyebrow. "Isn't that what guys are supposed to do?" He asked, genuinely confused.

Videl gaped. "You mean.... you don't know?"

Gohan turned to walk to class and Videl fell into step by him. " My Mother was real strict on manners. If I did something wrong, I'm sorry."

Videl almost paused. ' He's nothing like the guys here..... He's completely innocent.... may be... just maybe he's the one I've been looking for?... ' Videl shook her head. ' Since when did you become the hopeless romantic type? Eliza'll probably talk him into going out with her anyway. Besides I'm to busy' They walked together almost to the door before Gohan was taken away by two guys.

"Hey ya, pal.." The first once greeted, draping an arm over Gohan's shoulders, which wasn't to easy to do, considering Gohan was almost six feet tall. "Your the new kid, right?"

Gohan nodded as Videl looked back at him and smiled that he made some friends. "Uh, yeah. Tha name's Gohan."

The other guy nodded and extended his hand. " My name's Joe. Nice ta meet ya. Sorry, we would of eaten lunch with ya but we kinda got sidetracked."

Gohan smiled. "Hey, thanks."

The guy with his arm around his shoulders moved away and held out his hand. " People call me Ryo. Nice ta meet ya."

Gohan couldn't believe his luck to have two guys come up and introduce themselves. ' Maybe Mom was right.' he thought. ' Maybe I'll fit in fine after all!'

The three guys walked to their class, both guys pointed out to Gohan where all the halls lead and which rooms were where. When they got to Class Gohan noted that they sat right below him. He could see the top of their heads when they scooted their chairs up.

Videl smirked at Gohan when he sat down. "Make some new friends did we?" she teased.

Gohan blushed and nodded, surprising Videl again at how shy he was. Eliza came in and practically was on top of Gohan flirting like never before, but Gohan really didn't notice the flirting but more or less the fact that he had some real good friends on the first day.


Gohan closed the door to his locker and turned to leave when he heard a voice. " Hey, Gohan!" He turned around to see Sharpner. "You decide on a club yet?"

Gohan shook his head. "No..... "

"You should join the boxing club then." Sharpner commented. "You could make a good fighter if you train. You took that blow to the head today rather nicely."

"Actually, Sharpner, I wasn't going to join a club...."

" That's right." Eliza stepped in the hall way. " Gohan-kun's house is terribly far away. He probably doesn't have time. He lives at 493 east!"

Sharpner gaped. "WHAT!? that's over one thousand kilometers from here! How the heck can you go that fast? A jet plane would take five hours!"

Gohan sweated but Eliza came to his rescue, un unbeknownst to her. " Hey, Gohan-kun, could you give me a ride home? My friend checked out early and is sick."

"Uh, my car only holds one." Gohan said only half true. The flying Nimbus could hold two people.... Him and Goten or maybe a girl, but from what Gohan could tell Eliza didn't have a pure heart. In that case, the cloud couldn't support her.

"Oh..." Eliza looked down.

"I'll give ya a ride." Sharpner offered. "If ya can't find any other way, my clubs aren't meeting today. Give me about five minuets and I'll be ready."

"Okay." Eliza put on a fake smile. She was hoping to get the chance to be alone with Gohan. ' Oh well.' she smirked. ' there's always tomorrow.'

Gohan waved to them and walked out the front door. He jumped down the fifteen or so steps leading to the door and landed softly, without as much as a thump. Videl, who was about to un capsulize her car, spotted him and frowned. ' He lives so far from home... why is he walking so carefree? He needs a jet plane to get home and still have time to actually do anything besides home work...' Gohan looked around, but missed Videl, and broke into a slow run and cut a corner. Videl frowned more. ' Major suspicious. I gotta see this. '

Gohan ran down the alleyway and took another turn, now sensing Videl following her. ' Wonder what's she's up to?' He thought silently. ' Maybe she's curious how I get home every day..... Better ditch her.' He took another corner and did a back flip, landing on the roof of the seven story building. A second later Videl came into view and stopped.

"What the? Where did he go?" She asked the air. Gohan chuckled and powered up to super sayanjinn, just to be safe. He hopped a few roofs until he was out of hearing distance.

"NIIIMMMBBUUUSSS!!!!!" He waited a few seconds before the golden cloud came to him. It flew right past him and he jumped on it. "Nimbus, head towards Capsule corp. I need to talk to Bulma." The Nimbus answered in its own silent way and took a sharp ninety degree turn.

' They'll find me out if I don't conceal myself more. ' He thought as he enjoyed the ride. ' I better ask Bulma to see if she can make me something to conceal my identity.' He chuckled. ' Who would of thought I'd be a crime fighter? ' He smiled to himself as he de powered back to his normal self. He was now out of the city limits and he was fairly sure no one could even see him this high up. ' The first day of school was great. ' He decided ' Maybe tomorrow will be even better since I know my way around now. And I've already made five friends..... Counting Sharpner... there's just something about that guy that I can't grasp. He gets real annoyed when I talk to Videl. Are they dating or something? ' He pondered on it. ' Nah, Mr. Satan is definitely stronger than him. After all he's probably the strongest human, not counting Krillen... Tien... Yamcha... Muten Roshi...' He clicked off a few other names in his head as Capsule corp. came into view.