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"-so that's how it happened." Mr. Satan finished to the reporter. "Tha poor fool didn't stand a chance!"

The ravings went un noticed by the group inside the Mansion. Eliza, Angela, Videl, Gohan, Sharpner, Joe, and Ken all sat in Videl's massive bedroom. Each one had a chair around the table, although Sharpner chose to sit in his backwards and lean on the back of it.

Gohan, clad in a dark green capsule corp. shirt and jeans, was happily eating his thirtieth serving. Everyone's eyes were wide as he grabbed another plate full from a servant and went to work on it as well.

Too, happy to notice, Gohan grinned happily. "Another!"

"He's.......not human....." Sharpner whispered to himself, watching the kid almost lick the plate.

"This is good!"


"Sleep Over? Sure why not? Anything for my little girl's birthday!" Mr. Satan tilted back the glass of Mountain Dew and grinned.

"Oh really!? Thanks daddy!" Videl hugged him tightly. "I can't wait to tell Gohan and the rest!"

"Gohan?" Mr. Satan sat down the glass. "Now isn't that a strange name for a girl?"

"Silly, Gohan is my newest friend in school!"

A laugh. "Sounds like a delivery boy's name!"

Time froze. Mr. Satan's hand on the glass fell limp.' way, just a coincidence....couldn't be him.' an unbidden flashback of the worst time in his life. A young Gohan stood in front of Cell, radiating Golden light from his body, scoffing all attacks with a smile on his face. He himself had felt the shockwaves from punches thrown, and yet he didn't even flinch.

Videl kissed his cheek. "I'm off Daddy!"

He couldn't bring himself out of his shock in time to prevent her letting boys stay over.


"Oh wow, Eliza, I love it!" Videl held the shirt in front of her and spun in front of the mirror.

"I'm glad." Her friend laughed. "I knew it would be perfect for you."

"That leaves Gohan then." Sharpner said, leaning back in his chair. It was night, and all the reporters went home already. It was the perfect time for the real friends of Satan Videl to reveal there gifts.

Gohan blushed lightly and reached into his pocket, bringing out a velvet box. Standing up, he started to walk over to the small girl, but tripped over his own shoes and ended up landing on his knee in front of her.

"Oh look, he's proposing!" Angela shouted happily

"Wha! Am not!" Gohan took defense. " Its just a present!"

Videl almost dropped the box and looked into Gohan's eyes.

'I didn't......' Gohan looked up at Videl slowly. Sharpner was laughing in the background, amused too much to notice Gohan's slip.

"It's you...." Videl mouthed, eyes shining. "It's you...." She said a little louder, almost getting the attention of the group.

Thinking fast, Gohan took Videl's hands and opened the box. The glitter of gold took her eyes and her voice stuck in her thought.

Inside the top cover, just above the ring, were pictures of Gohan and Sayaman, both standing at the same spot and pose, and taped together clumsily, obviously Gohan's handiwork. When the blue eyes looked back at Gohan, she saw him whisper words that were very meaningfully to her.

"Our secret."

"What's the hold up?" Eliza asked, looking over at the two. "Is the ring that pretty?"

"Huh, yeah, YEAH!" Videl took out the ring and snapped the case shut and slid it in her pocket. "It really is." She helped Gohan up and gave him a hug. "Thanks a lot, I'll wear it always!" She smiled up at him, eyes shining.


"What'cha thinking about?" Gohan ask softly, walking out onto the balcony through Videl's slide open windows.

"Oh, Gohan." She turned around and watched him close the glass door behind him. "Lots of things really." She leaned over on the rail and looked up at the stars. " I can't believe you are the Great Sayaman....."

"I thought I blew my cover countless times." He admitted, jumping to sit on the rail. "I was worried at first, but I know you can keep a secret."

"Ne, Gohan, can you teach me how to fly?"

"Fly?" Gohan turned to look at her. Her small frame was outlined by the moonlight, over her extra baggy sleeping shirt.

"Yeah..... I want to fly.......can I?"

"Yeah." Sliding off the rail, he hovered in the air and offered her a hand. "Come on, I'll take you to the stars."

A smile. "Hai."


"This is so cool!" Videl breathed, flying through the air, watching the ground pass below her. "Ne, ne, ne, how long until I can do this on my own?" She turned to look up at him. He was holding her around her waist, pressing tightly against her as if to be sure not to drop her.

Gohan flew a little lower, to go on top of some water, smiling at her laughter as it spread from the wind they made. "Well, I've never taught anyone before....So I guess it differs with the person."

Videl let go of his hands, clasp around her waist, and spread them out. "It's like I'm a bird..... Gohan start teaching me tomorrow!"

A soft chuckle. "Sure.



The boy looked up from tucking in his shirt, only to have a brown gi thrown on him. "Oro?" Pulling it down so he could see, he saw Mr. Satan tightening his belt.

"We are going to have a small match."

Gohan started to sweat, until he remembered a rumor floating around school. No one was allowed to date Videl Satan unless he was stronger than her father. She must of told him she was going over to his place. Looking over to the sidelines, he saw Videl chewing on her thumb nail.

"Can it be a privet match?" Gohan ask, looking at Mr.Satan, now untucking his shirt.

"Ha ha ha! You don't want Videl to see you get beat up!? Sure, I can do that!"


Gohan pulled the neck of the brown gi tight and circled along with Mr.Satan, wearing an exact replica of the gi he had on. "I don't want to hurt you." Gohan said, honestly meaning it. "But Videl should be free to date whom she pleases. She's strong enough to beat any guy off of her."

"No guy will get on her because I'm here!" His opponent roared. "Do you want to run home!? Scared!?" He struck a pose that earned Gohan's respect.

"I'll tell Videl we talked this out without fighting." Gohan said, clenching his fist. " If your willing to go along with that."

"What are you talking about, boy? Your scared aren't you? You--"

His mouth dropped.

Gohan's hair flashed gold, and his aura flared around him. Eyes turned cool blue, and his body shifted to accept the new power.


Gohan crouched into a stance. "Seven years ago, you didn't defeat Cell........I did."


The group waited patiently for the door to open. Videl was a nervous wreck, muttering how 'it was all her fault' for getting Gohan into the mess. Eliza was about to force her to lay down when the door opened.

Gohan Stepped through first and smiled. Mr. Satan came up behind him and clapped an arm around his shoulders. "This boy." He began, proud. "Has proven himself fully capable of taking care of Videl in other ways than fighting......Take a lesson, those of you around here, and make note this will never happen again." And with that, he walked away.


"Your kidding" Bulma gasped as she cooked. "After you showed him you was a super sayan he got on his knees and begged for forgiveness!? Hahaha, this is too funny!"

Gohan scratched the back of his head. "I couldn't hurt him....he's Videl's father!" A goofy grin came to his face.

"And what did Videl have to saw about this?" She asked, now putting a hamburger on his plate and sliding it to Gohan.

Grateful for food, Gohan took a normal sized bite out of it and thought for a second. "She doesn't know just yet." He informed lightly before taking another bite. "Hey, this is good. But anyway, I'm going to teach her how to fly today. I'm gonna jet home after this and clean up a little before she gets there...... That and tell Goten to chill with the old war stories I've told him."

"Have fun then."



Gohan sat the last of his things down in the right place right as the doorbell rang. Walking downstairs, he heard Goten answer it.

"Hey, Videl!" The little boy greeted, happy. "Gohan's up in his room cleaning."

"I'm right here squirt." Gohan replied, messing up his hair. "And I told you not to tell her I was cleaning up."

"Oops." Goten clamped his hands over his mouth, looking up at Videl, who only laughed.


"Yeah." She nodded happily.

"Ne....Brother....?" Goten tugged on Gohan's pants. "Teach me too?"

Gohan almost fell over. "You can't fly yet!?"

"Hey, not like I haven't tried!" He countered.

"Hey hey, I didn't mean it like that, little guy." Gohan gave Videl a pleading look. "You mind?"

"No, go ahead." She answered, smiling down at the energetic kid.

"Yeah! All right! I'm gonna learn to fly!"