Edward hissed under his breath, keeping his head low as he moved across the sunny room. Ignoring Emmett's previous comment about Bella's decision. He kept his mind focused on his thoughts in case any stray thoughts were to escape his mind, and kept silent.

Manny Rivera was walking up the street looking for crime, but finding a lack thereof. Normally he would have stopped a villain by now, but considering the shortage of thievery, he decided he would commit some crimes himself. He smirked to himself and spun his belt buckle, a large T painted on it. With a large roar, he transformed into his alter ego, El Tigre. He lowered his eyebrows, scouring the area for things he could steal, or someone to terrorize.

Manny snuck around a corner, making sure no one would hear him. The spurs on his boots made the faint clink that scared him. He saw an innocent passer by, counting out his money on a park bench. He extended his grappling-hook hand, and grabbed a corner of the building nearby. Once on top, he scanned the angle that it would take to land on his head... Without a second thought, he jumped off of the building, landing on a different guy. This one had bronze-colored hair and looked like he needed rest. Manny stood up slowly, brushing himself off.

He backed up a bit, noticing the striking features of this tall boy. He waved a little with his claws, and then retracted them quickly. "Heh heh... Sorry about that, man." He said, embarrassed. He looked up into the hard face of the stranger, smiling nervously.

The light touch on Edward's cold hard skin infuriated his mood. His head snapped backward looking down at the small odd boy smiling weakly up at him. His face didn't soften; all that was on his mind was Bella's wonderful figure and how she might feel without him there. His nose flared and took in a heave, thinking how to take care of the situation. He smoothed his face with hard hand, and leaned down at the small low life in front of him. "I'm in quite a hurry right now." He grinned after the first sentence, making his cover better, "What would you be doing in this part of the forest?" He straightened his back to look past his back for one quick moment, and then turned back to the confused little boy.

Manny stared up at this stranger, confused. "Just, uh... Wandering around, you know... Stuff like that..." He lied, rubbing the back of his head with his arm. He didn't want this person to know what he was really doing- villainy.

Edward kept his face still when he read what seemed to be human's choice of movements and his thoughts. He half smiled as he heard the part about "villainy". He looked up at the sky washing his humor away, "Well, please be careful, there are" Edward chuckled a bit about to mention Jacob, but decided not to tell the wanderer about the dog then coughed making his sentence sound broken, "rumors about attacking animals here." He smoothly reached into his leather jacket's inside pocket to grab his sunglasses only worn about twice from Alice's "donating". He flipped the glasses on in a regular human's time, remembering the boy standing in front of him. He grinned at him half-heartedly and turned around, walking at a slow pace.

Manny frowned at the stranger's warning. He hurried after him, trying to match his pace. "But, I'm not afraid of any animals... I'm El Tigre!" He proclaimed proudly, roaring loudly to impress the stranger.

Edward frowned angrily of the delay. Not turning he continued without sounding anything at all bothered, and chuckled a bit before starting, "Well," he sighed under his breath picking out the right words to say as he walked toward Bella's house, "just be careful, anything can happen here." His laugh of irony filled the thick air of the forest, and he quickened his pace just slightly so he wouldn't notice.

Manny stopped in his tracks after the stranger's laugh. "Bye then..." He said, watching him walk swiftly away. He sighed heavily, grappling up onto the building once more. He was now headed in the direction of his own home. He needed to call his best friend, Frida, to figure out who this guy was- friend or foe?

Edward read the boys mind, and chuckled under his breath as he left. Feeling that he was alone, he flashed away in a second and appeared at Bella's porch in seconds. He stood in his normal pose when he rang her doorbell. And waited for his love to answer his call for her. He smiled thinking about his previous conversation he just had. Just then he lifted up his head, seeing Bella's joyful expression appear in his face. He flashed a movement too fast for her to see. But in less then a second she was against his cold chest. She was comforted in this position and stayed this way, until Edward ran upstairs, cradling Bella in his arms. He smiled down at her as he set her down on the soft bed they now lay on.

Manny had reached his home, and returned to his normal self. He walked in, calling out. "Dad? Can I use the phone?" He asked, not looking at the retired superhero.

"You're not going to use it for nefarious deeds, are you?" Rodolpho asked his son, worried that Manny would become a villain just like his Grandpapi.

"No, just to call Frida." Manny replied, shrugging. Seeing his father's nod, he went to the kitchen. He picked up the phone and dialed Frida's number quickly.

"Hello?" His friend's voice rang clear through the phone at last.

"Hi, Frida." Manny replied.

"What's up, Manny?" Frida asked, smiling into her end of the phone. She loved it when she received calls from her best friend.

"I had this weird talk with this guy... I don't know. It was kind of like he something wasn't right with him... He was talking all OLD like. He didn't look much older than 17, though..." Manny explained, frowning.

"Really... I think I've seen that guy around..." Frida started, and they engaged into a conversation.

Edward clutched his arms around Bella's waist gently, and grinned seeing her beautiful face meet his. Her expression faded as she scanned his face. He kept his grin and pulled her hair back behind her ear, reading her face, "It's nothing, Love." he murmured into her ear as he closed in toward her neck slowly. His hands moved down her neck down to the back of her back, tracing the trail where her delicate spine was. He felt her shiver and shifted his hands down to her waist too quickly. But he saw Bella's smile and hugged Edward's chest. Edward took in her sweet smell, admiring every moment of it. Noting that soon it wouldn't be like that anymore. He tightened his grip on her but made it comforting. And he rested his chin on her shoulder gently, "everything is alright." he whispered again reassuringly.

Manny hung up the phone, relieved. He had finished his conversation, but it seemed like Frida had more to say than she did. He sighed and made his way toward his room, thinking about the guy he'd met earlier today. He sat on his bed, now focusing his mind on Frida's tone. She'd been unusually timid, afraid to say something almost. He dismissed it as anxiety, and smiled to himself as he lay back on his bed.

Bella's smile filled Edward's mood with happiness. Seeing her happy was the only thing he wanted at the moment. He didn't want to rush her decision yet, thinking back at what Emmett was complaining about earlier today. Smoothly Edward moved his hands up to hold Bella's face between his hands, so they couldn't escape his gaze. She frowned immediately, "No."

Edward chuckled half heartedly, "Love," he murmured quietly, moving his expression to make it less serious, "think about it." he finished with his velvet voice musing in the air.

Bella's stubborn face was gray in the evening light. It made Edward nearly think she was sick, but made that thought go away right after it was in his mind.

Bella's hands were struggling to get away from her angel's grip she stuttered along the way, "I-I WANT it Edward!" her voice was light to Edward's ears, but he enjoyed them ringing like a soft bell in his head. Bella could hear his low laugh, and her face looked angrier now, stubborn, "Seriously."

Her struggling stopped and so did Edward's humor, he sighed, thinking of a better way to convince her out of this situation.

Manny stared up at the canopy part of his bed, wondering now why Frida had been so discreet on the phone. She was trying to tell him something, but then again he didn't know what. All he needed to do was decode what it meant. He thought about what she had said earlier.

"Meet up with me at the arcade... I need to talk to you... Meet me there..." She'd said in a small voice, smaller than when she'd been talking previously.

Although he didn't know what this meant, he had to find out. He'd have to wait until tomorrow, to see if Frida had remembered to go to the arcade. Manny fell asleep quietly, thoughts fogging his mind.

Bella's face froze stubborn, but she could tell that Edward wasn't at all happy either. She knew that everything that she was doing was frustrating him more than anything in the world at the moment. Bella sighed, and as she did Edward's face gained a bit more of color, thinking that she was giving up. But that was not the case, Bella heaved in and out slowly before she opened her mouth to say anything, "I... want to make a deal." She bit her lip waiting for an answer, and looked down on the bed, afraid to see Edward's reaction.

Manny stretched and woke up, dissapointed to see that it was only 7:30. For some reason he wanted very badly for it to be the next day. He kept thinking that tomorrow was the day he'd figure out Frida's little secret. What would she say? He had no idea and it bothered him. He decided it was time to watch the moon rise in the sky. It was his favorite time of the day, the start of night. He opened up his window, and turned into El Tigre without a roar. He climbed out, jumping until he was in full range of the moon. He stared into its openness, sighing to himself.

Edward's face was relaxed, but not entirely, his muscles were loose but the dark circles under his eyes suddenly grew darker. His eyebrows were furrowed together,

obviously wondering what to say next. Then his mouth lifted up into a kind smile. "Try me." He was wondering how well Bella would be able to make a deal. Her eyes were once again focused straight into Edward's melted gold eyes.

She bit her lip again, picking out the correct words to make Edward not resist,

"You...can..." she paused and her voice trailed off then became louder when she started again, "postpone! Th-th-the vampire thing..." she looked down at the bed, of course, afraid to see Edward's last reaction, "If... I get what I REALLY want." She looked up with the corner of her eye, then back down.

Manny woke up yet again from his half-sleep. He had come inside again, and dozed off several times. He sighed and rolled over onto his stomach. He glanced at the clock, which read 1:00 AM. He groaned now, dragging his feet off of the bed. Slowly, he forced the rest of his body off, and stumbled over to the radio next to his bed. He turned it on, keeping the volume as low as possible. A song started playing in a quiet voice. "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours first. Let's compare scars, and I'll tell you whose is worst." It sang, and Manny closed his eyes, absentmindedly tracing his finger along the thick scar he had there.

Edward's marble face was frozen, and listened to every word Bella's mouth came out with. His mouth formed a smile at the corner. And he chuckled loud enough that Bella heard. Her eyes were narrowed now. Angry at his reaction, "You don't even know what I want." she accused.

Edward lifted his head up higher then lowered it as his lips formed the words flowing out of them, "Try me." He mused again in the air. Thinking anything would be better than having making Bella into a vampire HIMSELF. His hand fell to her waist, and cradled her in his two arms, "Try me." he repeated, velvet as possible.

Bella's sigh made all the fun in Edward, his grin grew bigger. But as she bit her lip once again, he leaned in toward her, thinking this would comfort her emotions. She refused this offer, and turned her head to face the ground beside the bed.

Edward's forehead revealed wrinkles as his eyebrows were raised. His eyes still focused on Bella as her eyes flickered at Edward's pale face, back to the floor. She wasn't entirely sure how to explain this matter.

Manny woke up to finally see the light of morning spilling through the open window. "Dang, should have closed that on my way in..." He muttered, rubbing his eyes. He hopped out of bed, feeling well rested and refreshed. He closed the window, and then stretched his limbs in an attempt to wake up his still tired body. Manny headed down the stairs, seeing his father and Grandpapi sitting on the couch. His dad had a cup of coffee, and was reading the newspaper. "Morning, dad." He smiled cheerfully as he slid down the rest of the banister.

"Good morning, mi hijo." Rodolpho said, not looking up from the newspaper. He sipped his coffee quietly.

"Hey dad, can I go down to the arcade today? I'm meeting Frida there." He asked, walking towards the door.

"Yes, Manny. Just be careful. The news says that El Oso has been seen a lot lately. He was last seen in calle porqueria." Rodolpho replied, frowning.

"I will, papi. I might even catch him on my way there!" Manny smiled heading out the door.

"That's my boy." Rodolpho smiled, turning to Grandpapi.

"I still say he will be a villain." Grandpapi remarked, shrugging.

And with that, they started into their usual banter about Manny's future as El Tigre.