Chapter 1: Big News

"Renesmee!" Bella called. "We have something to tell you!"

Renesmee, who currently looked like a 6 year old, came down the stairs with Alice.

"Yes momma?" she asked. Then, suddenly, the whole rest of the family appeared in the room.

"Well, we are going to have to move." Bella said.

Renesmee's POV

I couldn't believe it! We had to move! That was so unfair! Why?

"Sweetie, you know that we don't age. I'm surprised we've been able to stay here for so long without anyone suspecting a thing," Daddy answered my unspoken question. I sighed. I knew that, but it was still unfair.

Where are we going to go? I asked mentally.

"That's what we wanted to ask you," he said. Momma, and everyone else, looked over at him quizzically.

"She wants to know where we will go," Daddy told them. I nodded in agreement.

"Oh. Well in that case, I found a few places we could go and made a list," Auntie Alice said. She handed me a piece of paper. There were 23 towns on the list. Which should I choose?

The list had some places in Canada, some in England; we could go all over the world! That was when I got an idea.

"You are brilliant!" shouted Auntie Alice.

"But what about her education?" Daddy asked.

"What is going on?" Momma wanted to know.

"I want to go to Isle Esme!" I shouted.

Edward's POV

Esme looked surprised, but seemed to think it was a good idea.

Rosalie loved it because it was beautiful, and Emmet had never been there before and was excited to see it. Bella had loved it and wanted to see it again. Alice loved that she could go out in the sun for once, and Jasper loved it because Alice did. Carlisle said he couldn't see why not.

I was the only hesitant one, which slightly angered me. What about her education? Her friends?

"You could home school me," Renesmee suggested. "You know more than most teachers, especially about history,"

I nodded reluctantly. That was true.

"But what about your friends?" I asked.

She shrugged. "I'd have to leave them anyway if we were moving,"

Then my Bella opened up her mind to me. I turned to her automatically.

Don't make such a big deal of it, she thought. She's right, and it will make her happy. I sighed. I knew she was right. I could also sense that, though she never mentioned it, she wanted to go back too; to remember the colors and life of the island with her new vampire mind.

"Alright," I resigned. "We can go."

"Yay!" Renesmee squealed. Alice grinned.

"I'll go make arrangements," she said.

"We'll go as soon as we can!" Esme announced; she too was happy to be going back to her island.

"We have plan tickets for tomorrow at 2:00!" Alice called from upstairs. "Let's get packing!"

"I guess it is a good thing I had that mansion built there last summer," Esme surmised. "It will be a perfect place to live."

Bella's POV

The rest of the day and night was a flurry of excitement- packing, making arrangements to get our stuff to the island, and taking care of Renesmee all at the same time.

I was also excited to be going to the island. I couldn't believe it! It had seemed like Edward wouldn't budge from his decision, but he did. I knew Renesmee would learn more with them, and we could go to the island and have fun. Renesmee had recently won an argument over getting Jake to come with us. Just a few fake tears and everyone was on her side. I never told them they were fake, of course. If it made her happy, I didn't mind if he came.

"Bella, come on! Let's go shopping for island clothes!" Alice shouted. I groaned. No way! I hated shopping! I opened my shield to Edward. Please help me! I can't! You know how much I hate shopping! Get her to leave me alone!

Luckily, Edward knew exactly what to say.

"Actually, Alice, Bella and I were going to go over to the reservation to invite Jake," he lied smoothly.

"Fine," Alice sighed, seeing her vision disappear. "Renesmee can come with me!" She said brightening. Renesmee looked frightened.

"I'm going with them!" she shouted, much louder than necessary. Alice glared at her.

"Why don't you go shop for me?" Renesmee suggested. Alice sighed.

"Fine," she said. Though she wouldn't get to torture my daughter, she would still get to shop.

"Bye Auntie Ali!" Renesmee called as she walked out the door, dragging Jasper behind her.

"Since we promised, we'd better go tell Jacob. Thanks for that by the way," I told my husband gratefully. Edward growled. He was not happy about the idea of having the 'dog' coming along. Neither, of course, was Rose. Renesmee had sworn she would make him sleep outside in his own little house to win the argument. The tears had also helped.

"Daddy, you promised!" My baby said, frowning and putting her hand on his face, likely replaying the scene. He sighed.
"I said I wouldn't kill him, not that I'd be happy about him coming," he muttered. I opened my mind to him again.

Edward calm down. I wanted some family time too, and we will get some. He is sleeping outside you know. It'll be about the same; we'll just be living with the family instead of in the cottage. Edward must have noticed the longing in my thoughts as I thought of our cottage because he smiled and reassured me.

"Don't worry, my Bella, Esme said we could live in the house we were in during our honeymoon." He said so quietly I could barely hear him. I grinned.

Have you replaced the headboard yet? I thought to him. He smiled at me and nodded.

"Well come on, let's go!" Renesmee shouted, grabbing both our hands and pulling us out the door.