Chapter 5

Renesmee's POV

Things on the island were going great. We celebrated our successful move by playing in the beach all day long. My day usually consisted of this:

I woke up around 8:30 and had breakfast. Next I studied with Daddy and Uncle Jasper and sometimes Carlisle too. Then Esme would make me lunch. After lunch I would either play board games with Auntie Ali (I was the only one besides Jake who she couldn't cheat with), video games with Uncle Emmet and Uncle Jasper, or read stories or watch movies with Mommy, Daddy and sometimes Jake. Next Jake takes me on a run around the island, sometimes stopping to get me a flower and carrying me when I got tired. After that I usually either played in the beach or the pool which we had recently had installed or went off and did my own thing in my secret hideout, sometimes with Aunt Rosie. After dinner I said goodnight to Jake and everyone else, Mommy and Daddy would read me a story and put me to bed. At least one night a week I would stay up to watch a movie, and 3 times a week Daddy took me on a brief hunting trip on the island.

I absolutely loved it, but even half vampire-half human hybrids get bored sometimes. One day I got so bored I asked if everyone would play a game with me, except Esme and Carlisle who had gone on some sort of business trip or something, and Jake who had to go back for some sort of pack meeting or something.

"Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Emmet, Uncle Jasper, Auntie Ali!" I called. They were all there in an instant.

"Will you guys play a game with me?" I asked. Since some of them looked doubtful, I added "Please? I'm bored, and Carlisle and Esme and Jake are gone, so I have no one else to play," I begged. They immediately broke down and all promised to do whatever I wanted. I am a genius.

"OK, we're going to play truth or dare. No, Alice, you can't go first because I get to," I said before she could ask. She frowned but didn't argue. Mommy frowned – she didn't seem to like this game – but Uncle Emmet was grinning widely.

"Pick me, Nessie! I'm up for anything!" he said. I smiled. I had the perfect dare.

"Truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare!" He shouted.

"OK, then I dare you to run around the whole island in just your underpants," I said proudly.

"I can do that in 10 seconds," he said.

"You have to run human speed," I told him. He seemed a little less enthusiastic now, but went up to put on his underwear, came out and ran slowly (for him; fast for a human) around the island listening to the rest of us laugh at him. When he finished, he was looking at us with an evil grin.

"Now, since you laughed the hardest, truth or dare Edward?"

"Truth," Daddy replied.

OK guys I know this was a short chapter but I am having a hard time coming up with dares and truths. I need your guys' help! Please put a truth or dare idea in your review if you can think of one. It can be a simple one you'd do at a sleepover or an extravagant one in Hollywood or something. They are the Cullen's. You can also give me a truth for a specific person if you want. Sorry to ask so much of you guys, but I'm having trouble coming up with stuff and something really important comes out of this game at the end. Thanks guys!