Authors Note: This was something a scrabbled down a long time ago for a friend and found it last night and decided to post it today. It's short but true and it could be better. Just wanted to see what would happen to this story in our Fan Fiction world. Please read and review…

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Adrian Monk is a man afraid of many things in everyday life.

A list of twelve things:

He's afraid of cat and dogs or any animal really.

Anything that he feels is unclean, although, this would be anything according to Monk.

Germs are his worst enemy.

The man is afraid of milk.

Monk fears the evil trash.

How many people fear candy?

Doctors are understandable.

He's afraid of any king of sickness

He can't even touch another human.

He fears unorganized things.

Anything not labeled.

Earwax scares him a lot.

He always has hand wipes with him wherever he goes.

You would have to wonder what he would do if he feared nothing.

Poor, poor Adrian Monk the man who is afraid of everything.