Title: Don't Trust the Underground
Fandom: Half Moon Investigations
Characters: Red Sharkey/Fletcher 'Half Moon' Moon, Papa Sharkey
Word Count: 263
Rating: PG, 12+
Summary: Fletcher can call Papa Sharkey 'Papa' now, too.
Author's Notes: I wanted to call this 'Call Me Papa,' but then I remembered Dominique Kehoe ;D

"Half Moon, you can call me Papa instead of Mr. Sharkey, you know."

"Um, excuse me?"

"Well just figuring that since you and Red have hit it off, and I'm not sure if you're official or not, ya might as well start calling me that."

"W-What? Me and R-Red?"
"Papa! What are you- No, no there's-," The young boys started, their voices raised in embarrassment and confusion.

Did he say something wrong? Granted Papa Sharkey hadn't been the best dad around but he thought…

"I-I'm sorry boys. But from what Dominique told me, I just assumed that-"

"Papa, what did Dominique tell you?"

The older Sharkey tensed at the defensive force in his son's voice, "I had gone to visit Dominique, just to say hello and see how she was doing, and before I left she told me to tell you two 'Congratulations.' She also mentioned something about a nice couples' cafe opening soon Downtown. I asked her what she meant by that and she said that since your partnership was doing so well, she wanted to reward you two with that tip. But then she started laughing so I left right after that. ...Red?"

Papa saw his son dragging Half Moon by the hand and stomping out of their home. He assumed one of two things would happen: They were going to investigate the location of the new cafe or Dominique was going to get a visit.

He sighed as he backed up and plopped into a chair. Being a father sure got harder.