After the Worst


"E.J., come on, we've got to finish packing up these boxes. Grandpa Phil and Grandma Ne are going to be home with the truck and some friends and expect this all done, so quit taking the toys out!" I gritted my teeth at my 3 year old.

"But mama, I wanna take teddy and monster with me, you pwomised." he pouted.

And he was right, I did promise him he could take both with him on this crazy trip.

Before I go any further, I guess I should explain some things.

My name is Bella Swan and I'm 17 years old, yes, 17 and I have a 3 year old.

I'm moving back to Forks, Washington to be with my dad and brothers, because my step dad just got offered a killer job in Chicago coaching for the Red Sox, so they're moving there and I'm going to go back to school, after home schooling for three years to be with my son, I'll finish my senior year at Forks High.

I lived in Forks up until I was 13 and got pregnant by my brothers best friend, Emmett Cullen, I would have been a Freshman, had I not got pregnant, he is going to be a Senior, but I left to come to Arizona with mom and Phil and they helped me raise Emmett Dale, Jr.

Our parents weren't mad at us, disappointed, yes. My brothers, twins Jasper and Casius beat the shit out of their best friend for getting me pregnant, but later forgave him, his brother my best friend, Edward was upset I was moving, but understood, as was my other best friend Alice, their cousin, because I didn't want the ridicule of the small town.

When I had E.J., everyone came, except Emmett. He never even called me.

His parents were wonderful and supportive and I kept in contact with Alice all the time, my dad and brothers visited often and E.J. was excited about living with them.

My dad had even added onto the house for E.J. and I, since money wasn't really a problem, yeah, my dad was Chief of Police, by my grandfather had owned lots of the town originally and helped to found Forks, so we still had a big chunk of properties and such, but lived simply, we didn't flaunt our money.

The only thing nice I had waiting on me was a new car my brothers told my dad I had to have for E.J. and I and they had another surprise for me as well when I arrived in Forks.

Phil and mom arrived home with the truck and some of Phil's friends and they started loading everything up while I settled E.J. into bed.

I was getting ready to sleep myself, when my phone rang.

"Bells, hey it's Jasper." he laughed.

"Jazz, hey." I smiled.

"Just wanted to let you know, Casius and I are home for the summer and we'll be here when you get home to help with the unpacking and decorating of your mini apartment dad built for you two." he smiled.

"Thanks Jazz, that means so much." I sighed.

"Um, also, I wanted to let you know that I'm kinda dating someone and you'll get to meet her as well." he said nervously.

"Really? Do I know her?" I asked.

"Yeah, actually you do or did." he sighed.

"Well, spit it out bro." I sighed.

"It's Alice Brandon." he laughed nervously.

"What? When?" I spat.

"Just a couple weeks ago. Her and Edward came up to visit and we went clubbing and sparks just kinda flew." he was smiling.

"Well, she better treat you good and vice versa." I smiled.

"I can't wait to see her again!" I squealed.

"She'll be here with bells on too." he laughed.

"Well I need some rest, we're leaving bright and early." I sighed.

"Alright sis. See you in a couple of days." he said.

"Night love you." I said.

"Love you too!" he repeated and hung up.

I laid in bed and fell asleep, knowing 6am was coming way to early.


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