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Summary: Starlow and Peach finally meet again and spend the day gossiping. Who goes out with whom? And why?

Notes: Nothing special to say about this OS.

Game: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Knock, knock. Peach smiled at the sound of the doorknocker and put the vase with flowers, which she had just picked in the castle garden, on the table. "Please come in!" The door opened and a tiny, yellow figure hovered in. It was a little sphere, with black, warm eyes, a star over her body and a big smile. "Hello Yello!" the star sprite chirped.

"Starlow! So good to see you again!" Princess Peach greeted her and took the tiny creature into a hug. "I missed you, you know? After all that happened, we didn't see each other way too long."

"I totally agree" Starlow said. "But now we finally managed to have an afternoon for ourselves. Great!"

Peach nodded and led Starlow to the table, which she had decorated with flowers. Tea sets also were placed there, so that Peach and Starlow could have a nice tea party together. A straw was in Starlow's cup, so that she could drink the tea easily (as a star sprite, she didn't possess the hands to take the cup). "Wow, Princess, that you made such an effort to welcome me this nicely, I'm flattered!" Starlow gaped, but Peach waved the comment off with her small hand.

"Oh no, my dear, nothing would be too big an effort to greet you. Plus I had my Toads to do the work for me, I just picked the flowers." Peach laughed. "But enough of the polite talking, Starlow, you know we're best friends and now I want to know all the dirty details." Peach sat down on one of the two white chairs and Starlow took her place in the other one, letting the rest renew her energy to hover. Then she looked at the mushroom princess innocently.

"Which dirty details, Peach?" she asked, forgetting all about the "Princess"-stuff now. "I don't know what you mean." But the twitching of her right mouth corner told the princess secrets already.

"Oh, come on, you know you want to tell me every single rumor that you heard." Peach poured tea in Starlow's and then in her own cup, took a sip and smiled slyly. "And I'm sure you've heard lots of them – you're always there where the news is. And you're small enough to hide and get all the gossip that Kylie Koopa wouldn't have found even in her best days. Starlow… you would be a great journalist, you know that?" Peach buttered Starlow up and could see her getting red slightly.

"O-oh… Peach…" Starlow shook her head and Peach could see that she gave up her fake noblesse. "You're right." She took a sip of her tea, cleared her throat and leaned forward, a serious and meaningful expression on her face. "So… You know that Luigi is on a way to Beanbean Kingdom to have a vacation there?" She said, starting the gossiping immediately.

"Yes and I already asked myself why he would travel there to have vacation, it's not the nicest place in the world and our kingdom has wonderful beaches as well."

"Yes, but his trip to Beanbean has a bigger reason than just relaxing. You know… Luigi is going to meet someone there" Starlow said with an ominous tone in her voice. "Someone he holds very dear."

Now it was Peach's turn to lean forward. "Whom is he going to meet? Not Queen Bean!"

Starlow snickered slightly. "No, not Queen Bean. Instead… Prince Peasley!" The last two words were spoken out loudly and Peach made big eyes, her curious look turning into an amused grin.

"Prince Peasley? Oh holy Power Star! That's not true!"

"Yes, it is!" Both Starlow and Peach began laughing out loudly: Peach fell back in her chair, holding her stomach, while Starlow, losing the control over her body, bounced up several times on the cushion of her chair.

After a while, Peach sat up and put the crown, which had fallen off her head, back on her blonde hair. "So… Luigi and Peasley?"

"Yes! I swear, it is true! Luigi is so looking up to Peasley and you know the prince. He likes being looked up at."

"Where did you get the news?"

"Oh, I have my sources. Mario told me Luigi was going on a trip to Beanbean all alone and as I investigated further, I found out, where exactly he was going."

"And then?"

Starlow blushed. "Then I asked him personally. He's not a good liar, I just had to poke him a bit and all the information shot out of him."

Peach giggled. "Oh, you're a smart one, Starlow. More news!"

Starlow put out her tongue, thinking of more embarrassing details to tell the princess. "I guess, you know Kamek already…?"

"The nanny of Bowser?"

"Yes, you could call him a nanny" Starlow snickered.

"He and I had some very interesting conversations when Bowser kidnapped me, he is a very intelligent magikoopa."

"I saw him flying over to Yoshi's Island more than twice. He's meeting someone there."

"How do you get to know about where all the people go when and whom they meet" Peach started, but Starlow interrupted her.

"I thought, oh holy shroom, is he going to meet a Yoshi there? Have the Yoshi's finally ceased their hate towards him?" Peach shrugged, quite uninterested, but Starlow continued her rambling. "NO!" She cried out.


"He, Kamek, dates a giant Piranha Plant!"

Peach gaped. "Please what?" And they burst out laughing again. "Naval?" Peach asked seconds later, when Starlow gave her the name. "Somehow the name says something to me…"

"She helped him, when he kidnapped Mario and Luigi when they were babies, you remember?"

"Of course! This mutant is together with Kamek?"

Half an hour of gossiping and laughing later, a worried Toadsworth opened the door slightly. "P-princess? Is everything alright? OH MY –" Peach hung over her chair, her dress full with tea and Starlow bounced up and down in her chair giggling madly.

"Everything's okay, Toadsworth." Peach grinned at him, her hair standing to all sides. "You can go and not worry anymore."

"Y-yes, princess…" Toadsworth backed away and closed the door again.

"Bowser would love to introduce you to the children as their new mother, though, haven't you noticed?"

"Of course I noticed, but do you really think I'd love someone so rude? He could just come and ASK for a date, but noooo, he just has to kidnap me, every time! He doesn't learn, THAT'S the problem!"

"Why didn't you tell anyone that Fawful is still alive? He is dangerous!"

"No, he's not, believe me! I mean, he sleeps in the arms of Midbus and talks to a picture of his long dead mistress! He's poor. And I can't help but think that Midbus has a kind of pedophile side… He cares for Fawful way too much."

After this day, Peach and Starlow were both sure: Strange things were going to happen in the Mushroom Kingdom, people were going to love other people and lots of things were going to get crushed… "Guess this was just the beginning of a love wave…"

"Yes, guess so… When they can't take over the world, they concentrate on other things, don't they? Anyway, yello good-bye, Peach! Was a beautiful afternoon!"

Peach nodded, letting Starlow go, slightly wondering if the Toads had maybe put something in her tea and why Starlow was not the least bit worried about all the news she had just brought.

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