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Bring Me to Life

All this time, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything


"Hello, Isabella," Eric greeted me, pleasantly, as if he hadn't nearly ripped my throat out the last time that we saw each other.

I walked down the steps slowly, as if he were going to attack me; the bat forgotten on the porch. Alcide tensed in preparation, as I walked closer to them; Eric's eyes slowly slid up and down my body. Only hours ago, Alcide and I were intertwined with hard, hot passion but now my body was cold and wired tight. "Why are you here?"

He remained silent, his eyes flickered over to Alcide; I noticed his jaw clench slightly, as his nostrils flared. So, he was going to be like this, was he? I rubbed my nose in frustration, turning my green eyes over to Alcide; I sighed, as I asked, "Alcide, uh, could you give us a moment?"

"No," Alcide growled, as he narrowed feral, dark eyes on Eric. "Last time you and Northman were alone, he nearly ripped your throat out."

"Well, if you just kept your filthy paws off of what's mine, dog," Eric droned, as if he didn't really care what he was saying. "Then, that might have not happened."

I pursed my lips. "If that's you 'marking' your territory, I think I'd prefer you to pee on me! Look, Alcide, you'll just be right over there and if Eric goes apeshit, then you can kick his ass, okay?"

"If he can, that is," Eric added, cocking an eyebrow at my narrowed eyes.

Alcide nodded; jaw tight, as he bared his teeth at Eric before walking over to the porch with his shoulders hunched. I blushed when I saw the visible scratches across his back; I snuck a glance over at Eric to see him glaring holes into me. With somewhat guilty eyes, I crossed my arms over my braless chest, having notice Eric eye the area earlier, and cleared my throat before asking, "Why are you here, Eric?"

"Things are going to get real ugly soon, Isabella," Eric admitted, seriously; his blue eyes troubled.

I glanced over at Alcide, who was half hidden by the shadows cast across the porch, before returning his gaze; my voice lowered, as I demanded, "Why? What's happening?"

I didn't even realize that he moved in closer. "Russell Edgington killed the Magistrate."

My mind was racing as I tried to remember who the Magistrate was; I gasped when it came to me. "Why would he do that? Doesn't he realize how much shit he'll be in?"

"Don't concern yourself about Russell Edgington. Worry about your own self. I can guarantee that he'll be coming for you shortly." Eric hissed. His face was suddenly in mine.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why the hell would he do that? He isn't aware of what I can do, is he?"

Eric shook his head, but I knew there was something that he wasn't telling me. He was wearing a brown dress shirt with white pin stripes, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbow displaying his pale forearms; quickly, I gripped his bare wrists and willed myself to get a vision. Eric hissed a curse when he realized what I was doing; I jolted, as I was assaulted by a rather disturbing, but surprisingly hot vision of Talbot, Russell's lover, and Eric naked.

"Russell took my family, now I take his," Eric said, as he was positioned behind Talbot; his beautiful body glowing erotically in the firelight, with a stake brandished in one had. Talbot's eyes cleared from their lusty gaze, as Eric's words set in, his mouth opened to cry out, but Eric plunged the stake into his back with a grunt of anger. He hissed in triumph when Talbot's body exploded into goo.

"You're gonna kill Talbot," I hissed, angrily, as I broke contact.

Eric's face was neutral, as he answered, "Russell and his wolves killed my human family over a thousand years ago and I've been searching for him since; Talbot is his family. He has to die."

I blanched at the news. Eric has never been this informative about his past. "And, he thinks I'm your human, so he's gonna come after me, is that it?"

Eric remained silent and for that I took as a yes. I growled in frustration, turning away from him, as I attempted to run my fingers through my sex hair. "Do you even think of the consequences of your actions, Eric? I have a little sister that depends on me; she has no one else and with this stunt, I could die! I'm will not die before my 25th birthday!"

He gripped my elbows and wretched me forward. His jaw was clenched, as he grounded out, "You will not die, Isabella!"

My protest was cut off by his lips that crashed down onto mine; my eyes bugged out of my head, as his lips moved against mine. It wasn't long before my eyes fluttered shut and I returned the kiss. His cold hands cradled my jaw, as the kiss deepened into something passionate and unknown; tears leaked out of my eyes, as I realized that this could very much be a goodbye. Eric broke the kiss, but only to kiss the stray tears falling down my cheeks. I opened my eyes slowly, our gazes locking, as I choked out, "You're such an asshole."

Eric grinned cheekily. "There's the Isabella I know."

Suddenly, I remembered who was watching; I glanced over to the porch, but he wasn't there. He must have gone inside. My bottom lip trembled, as I tried to hold the new stream of tears back. Alcide didn't deserve that. With watery eyes, I gazed up at Eric, who looked very uncomfortable by my tears. I took a deep breath before I choked out, "I know your heart stopped beating a thousand years ago, but could you stop being a douche? It seems like you made your point, Mr. Northman."

I could feel Eric's eyes burning into my back, as I walked back to the house; my body tensing in preparation for the talk that Alcide and I'll have. As I climbed the steps, Eric's voice stopped me. "I don't want Sookie, Isabella. Not her body, just her talent; besides, it irks Bill to think I might have some sort of interest in her. Annoying blondes aren't really my type."

"Why, because they remind you too much of yourself?" With me standing on the steps, our height was equal and I was able to look him in the eye. "If you don't want her, then why did you give her your blood?"

He smirked wolfishly. "Once again, to piss off Bill."

Smiling slightly, I cupped his cool cheek; Eric's eyes fluttered shut as he nuzzled my warm, soft hand. But, his eyes flew open when I said, "You've been alive over a thousand years, Eric, you've master the art of deceit. How can I believe anything that comes out of your mouth?"

"Bye, Eric," I said, softly as I closed the door.

Sighing, I pressed my back against the door and closed my eyes. After a moment to calm my nerves down and dull the ache in my heart, I went in search for Alcide and found him in the kitchen, nursing a beer. I watched as his shoulders hunched over and I knew that he was going in defense mode, which brought tears to my eyes. I never wanted to hurt him; Alcide was everything I wanted in a man, but my stomach just can't seem to stop fluttering whenever Eric was around. The traitorous bitch. Alcide placed the bottle on the counter as I walked up to him slowly; I reached out tentatively and placed my hand on his shoulder softly. He was so tense and hard. Meekly, I said, "Alcide?"

He moved fast and suddenly, I understood why werewolves were a match against vampires. I gasped in surprise as Alcide griped my shoulders and shoved me against the counter; his lips were on mine before I could even register any pain. If I thought earlier was hot, it seems like Alcide was showing me what hot and angry felt like; our tongues fought for dominance as he pressed his hard body into mine; his fingers tangled in my hair. I felt myself being lifted and carried over to the kitchen table; the wood was cold against my skin as he sat me down on it and continued his assault on my mouth. I knew that my lips were going to be bruised in the morning. One of Alcide's hands left my head to unbutton his jeans, I heard his zipper and I stretched across the wood, breaking the kiss, to evenly distribute my weight so it wouldn't break under the pressure of Alcide's hammering thrusts. I felt the tip of his hot penis at my entrance and panted in anticipation, as he tore the baggy shirt off my body; leaving my naked under him. I was beyond turned on; seeing Alcide out of control was insanely hot and left me dripping for him. I arched cleanly off the table when Alcide tugged at a nipple with his teeth; a throaty cry bursting from my lips; his huge, warm palm pressed against my belly and pushed me back down. He kissed his way back up to my lips and attacked them hungrily, as he thrusted into me; drowning out my moan. His fingers dug into my hips as he pumped into me viciously; my nails dug into his biceps as I met him thrust for thrust. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air and in my lustful trance, I heard my table groan under the demands of Alcide's heavy and powerful thrusts. I could feel my belly tightening, as I moved closer to the edge and when Alcide tilted my hips up to hit me right where I needed him the most; I screamed in raw pleasure as I came. Alcide soon followed after me; he groaned against my throat as he came hard and fast.

My body was spent and drenched in sweat, as I tried to calm my heart. Alcide was still on top of me, inside me; his body still shaking from his orgasm. My eyes fluttered shut and I could vaguely feel him pull out of me and gingerly pick me up, cradling me against his sweaty chest.


The sun was shining and the birds were chirping and I seriously wanted them to fuck off. Groaning, I rolled over to put my back to the window and I realized how sore I was from last night. I realized that I was also alone. I shot up in bed and looked around my bedroom frantically for Alcide; I calmed down when I saw his boots still on the floor and then, I heard the shower running. I wanted to join him, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be welcomed. So, I just sat up with the sheets pulled over my chest and waited for him. Five minutes later, Alcide came out of the bathroom with a pink towel wrapped around his waist; a grin tugged at my lips at the sight of him all hot and masculine with a pink towel. He just stared at me. I tucked a strand behind my ear and smiled tentatively at him and whispered, "Good morning."

"Morning," Alcide mumbled with his throaty voice.

The silence between us was driving me crazy. "Will you please just say something? Yell at me, call me names; say something, please!"

"I was too rough with you," Alcide finally said, sitting on the foot of the bed.

Keeping the sheets wrapped around me, I somehow managed to crawl over to him; I wrapped my arms around him from behind and placed my chin on his shoulder. "You didn't hurt me, Alcide."

"Yes, I did, Isabella!" Alcide snapped, surprisingly. "You're not a werewolf. I never should have lost control like that, but I couldn't stop myself from going at you like an animal; the wolf wanted you, to mark you as his. And, I couldn't stop him."

"I may be a little sore this morning, but I'm not angry at you. Or scared," I added for clarification. I paused before asking, "Are we gonna talk about what happened before we had sex on my kitchen table?"

"Which is broken," Alcide told me. "It's obvious that you love him, Isa, for reasons I don't know, but seeing how you're still here with me, it shows me that you have some feelings for me."

"Of course, I do," I admitted earnestly; I kissed his shoulder tenderly. "You've showed me that there are still good people out there, Alcide, which the fact that I'm a screw-up hasn't sent you running for the hills and I love you for it."

Alcide tensed at that last part. "You love me?"

"I love you, yes, but am I in love with you? I don't know; maybe." I told him softly, as I cuddled against his back.

Before he could reply, the sound of feet thumping up the stairs had him jump up for attack; his towel fell down from the fast motion. The door burst open and there stood my thirteen year old sister with a shit-eating grin on her face, but that quickly disappeared as her mouth fell open in surprise and shock; I cursed as I scooted off the bed and Alcide snatched the towel up quickly and covered himself up. I was actually surprised when Alcide blushed as he awkwardly stood there with my sister gawking at him with big eyes. Well, this is uncomfortable.

"Kaylee," I snapped. "Beat it."

"Oh my god," Alcide muttered in horror. "A child just saw me naked."

I laughed at the horror in his voice. "Well, at least her first sight of a penis wasn't doing the nasty with her Mama. I saw mine at ten and it was my asshole father. Ugh. The nightmares I had."

Alcide gave me a look. "I'm glad you find this amusing."

I sauntered over to him, smiling brazenly. "You're blushing and it's so adorable; makes me wanna…lick you up."

Alcide blushed more at the mention of him blushing; I ran a finger down his chest. "You should probably get dressed, because knowing my sister, she's calling her best friend to gush about the big, hunky naked man in her house and then, there are two of them."

I grabbed a red sports bra and black spandex shorts before walking into the bathroom. I didn't have the chance to brace myself for the sight of my hair; it was one, giant mess of curls flying everywhere. As best as I could, I pulled it back into a bun and slipped on the bra and spandex shorts, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Just as I was leaving my bedroom, which I noticed was empty, but I could barely hear Kaylee speaking to Alcide, whose deep voice could send all kinds of tingles down my body; my phone rang.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey, Bella," Sookie greeted on the other line, but something was wrong.

"What's up, Sook," I asked seriously.

"Oh, nothing big. The usual," she answered, off-handedly. "How's everything with you?"

I lay down on my bed and sighed. "Full of drama, as usual."

"What's happened?" Sookie asked, concerned.

I laughed ruefully. "What hasn't happened? Well, I found out that my mother and Godric were lovers; therefore making me Eric's fucking soul mate. Alcide and I slept together, which was awesome by the way, and Eric ended up showing up. Apparently, shit is going down soon, so be prepared. He kissed me in front of Alcide! And then, Alcide went all cavemen on me later and we broke my kitchen table."

"You guys fought?" Sookie shouted in anger.

"What? No," I laughed. "We had some very hot, angry sex on the table and it broke."

"Oh. Nice. So, you and Eric are soul mates how?" Sookie questioned me, incredulously.

"Well, my mother and Godric were lovers when she was younger, but then she wanted children and Godric couldn't give her any, so they broke up. Met my douche-bag father, got pregnant with me and I was born with Godric's blood in me, because his blood was still in her system. So, Eric and I are drawn to each other." I explained, picking at my nails.

"Huh," Sookie mused. "What the fuck is wrong with our lives?"

I laughed loudly. "Tell me about it! So, what's going on with your end?"

"Debbie dropped by last night and we beat the shit out of each other, I cut her with scissors, she left and Bill showed up and we had floor sex, but I kicked him out afterwards," Sookie listed in the same manner I had done.

"WHAT?" I shouted, angrily. "Debbie came after you?"

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure she was looking for you." Sookie told me.

I rolled my eyes. "Great, now I have to watch out for a crack whore werewolf along with Russell Edgington. Wanna trade lives? Wait, no, I like Alcide way tooooo much to give him to you."

"Gee, thanks, Bella," Sookie chuckled, but then stopped. "Wait, why would Edgington be after you? Did he find out about you?"

"No, I don't think so, but Eric was planning on staking Talbot when he saw me. Apparently, Edgington killed his human family in front of him and he's been carrying that anger around with him for a thousand years. So, eye for an eye, I guess. Eric thinks he might come for me."

"Oh my god," Sookie breathed.

I remembered something that would cheer her up. "Hey, Sook, guess what?"

"What," she asked hesitantly.

"Kaylee came home today and walked in on me and Alcide – we weren't having sex – and saw Alcide naked!" I told her with a laugh.

Sookie cracked up on the other end. "How did that go?"

"Well, Alcide blushed like a little boy – it was so adorable – and Kaylee just stood there staring at him with big eyes. Now, they're downstairs talking and I'm kind of curious how that's going."

"Alright, I'll let you get to watch Alcide squirm while Kaylee drills holes into him. Bye, Bells," Sookie chirped and I smiled, knowing I made her forget last night for the time being anyways.

"Bye, Sooks."

I walked downstairs to see Kaylee talking animatedly about Disney, while Alcide actually listened closely; I paused on the bottom steps and smiled warmly. God, this man is amazing. The stair creaked and Alcide looked up at me and grinned; Kaylee whirled around and shrieked in excitement, "BELLA!"

My smile turned into a grin as Kaylee launched herself at me, Italian and English spilling from our lips as we conversed in a way that only sisters could while Alcide watched in amusement. While Kaylee raced upstairs to get her camera to show me the thousands of picture I'm sure she took, I took a seat next to Alcide, who nudged me playfully. "She is definitely your sister."

I laughed obnoxiously. "Oh, you have no idea."

He pulled me into his side. "What took you so long up there?"

"Oh, Sookie called with some bad news," I said slowly.

"What happened?" Alcide demanded.

I looked up at him. "Debbie went after Sookie."

Alcide jumped up from the couch. "What? Is she okay?"

"Yeah, sounds like Sookie took care of herself; she managed to hurt Debbie."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "I should have known that she would have gone after Sookie."

"How?" I asked.

"I killed Coot to protect her and Tara," Alcide explained. "Wolves are dangerous when it comes to losing their mate especially the females; the animal completely takes over. Sookie's lucky to be alive.

"She thinks that Debbie was looking for me," I told him.

Alcide paused in his pacing and stared hard at me. "I need to get you and Kaylee somewhere safe, because Debbie will probably come after you next."

"Where would we go?" I asked. "Sookie's is a no go, because she knows that's where I would go."

Alcide looked pained when he realized something. "Fangtasia is our best bet."

"Are you sure?" I asked him, carefully.

"I sure as hell don't like it, but Debbie wouldn't go there; not with that many vampires around. She'd be surrounded." Alcide said through gritted teeth.

"Okay, I'll take Kaylee there."

Make Friends.

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