Hey, here's my new story. Clique, I know, but I need to do something light an happy to get my mind off of drama. I mean, there will be a little drama in here along with some humor, but it will mostly be romance and friendship! And I pinkie swear I won't delete this one!

To define the word 'inseparable,' the dictionary might as well say, 'Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.'

Ever since Gabriella had moved next door to Troy when she was only three years old, the two children had become fast friends, as did their parents. They did everything from playing on Gabriella's swing set to taking naps beside one another to getting in trouble. And when they got in trouble, they got in big trouble. In fact, there was one time in particular when they were naughty that neither Troy, Gabriella, nor their parents would forget as long as they all lived.

Troy and Gabriella had just finished splashing mud onto one another, shoving it in each other's hair, and lying down in it to make 'mud angels.' It was the first time their parents had let them in Gabriella's fenced backyard alone for half an hour, and unfortunately, they had chosen the wrong day to do it, as the downpour from the previous day had turned all the dirt into sticky mud.

"Mommy!" little Gabriella called as she stepped into her house with Troy right behind her. "Mommy! Me and Twoy got diwty!"

When no response came, Gabriella and Troy ran into the living room, leaving a trail of mud on both the tiled kitchen floor and the caramel-colored carpet.

"Oh my gosh!" Gabriella's mother, Maria, exclaimed in horror, her eyes growing wide as she jumped up out of the seat she was sitting in and clasped her hand over her mouth. "You came in here all muddy like this! Oh my gosh! Both of you-get upstairs and in the bathroom now!"

"Troy, how dare you mess someone's house up!" Lucille, Troy's mother, scolded sternly as she arose from the couch to assist Maria with the children.

"I don't wanna take a bath!" Gabriella whined as she saw her mother filling the bathtub with water.

"Troy's gonna take one with you," Maria said. Gabriella hated taking baths alone, but the few times she had taken one with Troy, she had had a great time, for the two had spent three hours playing with bath toys and splashing one another.

Gabriella jumped up and down. "Yay!" She clapped her tiny hands as a delighted smile lit up her face. "Twoy, you'we gonna take a bath with me!"

Troy, too, began jumping and clapping.

When the tub was filled, Troy and Gabriella's mothers took the awfully soiled clothes off their children.

"Alright, in the water you go," Maria sighed, helping her daughter over the side of the bathtub.

"You, too, Troy," Lucille said, placing Troy beside Gabriella.

"We want toys!" Troy shouted.

"No, not yet. I would like you to get clean first, and I'm sure Brie's mommy wants her to do the same. Now I'm going to run to our house and get some clean clothes for you. Be good and listen to Mrs. Montez. Mommy will be right back."

"Alright, you two. Start getting your hair wet so it can be shampooed," Maria said after Lucille left.

Troy and Gabriella took the large plastic cup resting on the side of the tub and recklessly poured water onto one another's heads, giggling as some splashed out onto the floor.

Maria sighed. "Troy and Gabriella. Stop," she demanded sternly. "Let me get your hair wet so you don't create more of a mess."

By the time Troy and Gabriella had wet hair, Lucille had returned. The two mothers then helped their kids shampoo, condition, and soap up.

"The watew's bworn and icky!" Gabriella shrieked. From all the mud that had been on her and Troy, the bath water had changed from perfectly clear to filthy.

"Yeah, you'll have to get out," Maria said.

After Troy and Gabriella's mothers helped them get out of the bathtub and let them dry themselves, they announced that it was time to get dressed.

"No!" Troy and Gabriella both shouted, running out of the bathroom, down the stairs, and out the back door before their moms could stop them.

"Look! Thewe's a pawty over thewe!" Troy exclaimed, pointing to Gabriella's neighbors-the neighbors that weren't his family, of course-who were having a barbeque. "Let's go!"

Gabriella ran to the backyard gate, unlatched it with little difficulty, and, Troy following closely behind her, rushed into the neighbor's open yard.

"Oh my gosh!" Maria and Lucille, who had just discovered their kids had gone outside, gasped, embarassed, as they turned their heads toward the neighbor's yard where Troy and Gabriella were running around, shouting with pleasure, as the people at the barbeque were laughing hysterically.

"Mommy!" Troy suddenly yelled as he skidded to a stop, noticing his mother was standing on the other side of the fence. "I went potty in the gwass!"

"Twoy went potty! Twoy went potty!" Gabriella giggled.

Maria and Lucille, growing more angry by the second, marched over to the neighbor's yard, where they each grabbed their child, apologized with blushing faces to the neighbors, and carried Troy and Gabriella back into Gabriella's house.

"You were very naughty," Maria scolded.

"Me and Twoy wewe wunning outside naked!" Gabriella giggled.

"I know you were, and it wasn't amusing. It was embarassing. No one wants to see naked little kids at their picnic," Maria said through clenched teeth.

"Especially when they go tinkle in their grass!" Lucille added, glaring at Troy.

"But I had to go!" Troy protested.

"Well, you're a big boy. You use the potty to go tinkle."

"And for both of you," Maria began, "You need to wear clothes if you want to go outside. Big girls and boys wear clothes."

"We wewe wunning awond naked!" Gabriella exclaimed, giggling profusely.

"I know; you don't need to keep reminding me. Now come with us upstairs so you can get dressed."

"I don't wanna get dwessed!" Gabriella cried, pouting and stomping her feet. "I want to go outside and wun awound again! That was fun!"

"I wanna, too!" Troy agreed.

"No, Troy," Lucille said. "You're coming upstairs with me, getting dressed, and then I'm taking you home."

Whining, Troy and Gabriella trudged upstairs with their mothers and walked into the bathroom. The entire time they were being assisted in getting dressed, they whimpered and cried, Troy begging to stay at Gabriella's house and Gabriella pleading with her mom to make Lucille let him stay. However, their efforts didn't do any good, for Troy still was made to go home.

Troy and Gabriella, now fourteen years old, had, obviously, matured a great deal, but still remained close. They would sleep over at one another's houses-a habit they had picked up at the age of eight-do homework together every day after school, and go to the pool with each other.

Troy, who used to be a little boy with terribly disheveled hair and crooked teeth, grew into a fine young man that possessed slightly tousled dirty blonde locks which fell into his handsome ocean-colored eyes, a fit upper body as the result of all the basketball he had played since he was six, and, after two years of braces, a gorgeous, perfectly white smile.

Gabriella, rather than being the toddler with untamed curls grazing her mid back, a straight figure, and a dirt-streaked face. had transformed beautifully into a young woman. She now possessed distinct curves, small, perfectly rounded breasts that had grown just a year and a half before, graceful curls that cascaded over her shoulders and ended at her upper back, and smooth, tanned legs.

The two teenagers were about ready to enter high school, something that both excited them and made them nervous. So for the first day, they resolved to meet one another in front of Troy's house so they could walk to the bus stop together.

After Gabriella got up, ready, and ate breakfast, she headed over to the house beside hers and rang the doorbell.

"Hey, Brie," Troy greeted, grabbing his backpack from the spot next to him on the floor and stepping outside. After giving Gabriella a 'hello' hug, he asked, "So, are you ready?"

"I...guess so." Gabriella shrugged nervously.

Troy began leading the way down his driveway, when the sound of Gabriella calling his name met his ears. "Yes?" he responded.

"Do I look okay? I mean, this is the first day of high school and...well, I don't know what other girls wear there. I just don't want to look like a misfit." Gabriella shuffled her feet as butterflies furiously fluttered in her stomach.

Troy surveyed Gabriella's knee-length denim shorts, orange short-sleeved babydoll top, and glossy white ballet flats. Her nearly flawless face was clear of any make-up, and her curls were brought into a low, loose ponytail which she had draped over her right shoulder. "You look fine."

"You sure?" Gabriella chewed on her lower lip.

"Positive. Now we'd better get going before the bus gets to the bus stop."

East High School. The place where Troy and Gabriella would spend the last four years of their school careers. The place where teenagers were bored out of their minds one second and having a blast the next. The home of the best high school basketball team in Albuquerque.

"So, we're here," Troy said as he climbed off the bus with Gabriella by his side. He paused for a moment in the school yard to take in his surroundings before continuing to the door. There was a stone fountain with an 'E' engraved on it set which was set into in the healthy green grass, a few benches on which some students sat, and a blossomed garden lining the building.

"It looks like a pretty nice place," Gabriella remarked.

"Yeah," Troy agreed. After a pause, he asked, "Do you think I should try out for the basketball team today? I was looking on the school website yesterday, and they're having try outs during free period."

"Troy, you love basketball," Gabriella responded as she walked through the school's glass doors. "I don't understand why you're asking that question."

Troy, following Gabriella, shrugged. "I don't know. It's just that I'm not sure if the coach and all the other older, more experienced players will accept me. And besides, Zeke Baylor-the guy from Lower Eastern Albuquerque Middle School-you know, the one I used to play against at games last year, he'll be coming here, and I'm not so sure if I want to be on the same team as him."

"How do you know he's gonna be trying out for basketball?"

"Because he's the kind of guy that always wants to be the star. And from the things I heard, basketball and baking are his obsessions, and he's not planning on quitting either one," Troy replied. "I mean, maybe if you try out for cheerleading I'll do basketball, but..."

"Cheerleading?" Gabriella repeated, incredulous. "Troy, I'm not the hyper, snobby type! What makes you think I would try out for cheerleading?" She laughed, her eyes sparkling.

Troy shrugged. "Because you would be supporting me, your best friend." He pointed to himself before continuing on hurriedly. "You don't have to, though. I'm just saying that it would be cool if we got to both do something at basketball games."

"Oh. Well, when are the try outs for cheerleading?"

"The school's site said that they're during free period, too. Why? You thinking of going?"

"Oh, I don't know. I mean, I've never done it before, so I can't say for sure whether or not I'd like it, but most cheerleaders are...well...just not the type of person I am. And my grades are also a concern. I'm afraid that if I do an activity like cheerleading, they'll drop."

"Well, it's your choice," Troy said. "Don't feel like I'm trying to force you into doing it."

"Alright. I won't."

Troy smiled. "So, what's your first class today? After homeroom, that is."

Gabriella pulled a crinkled paper from her large pale blue book bag and studied it for a moment before answering, "Algebra 1. What do you have?"

"Gym." Troy sighed. "I wish we could be in all the same classes."

"Me, too. But I guess we have to be separated at some point."

Troy nodded. "Yeah, I guess. Well anyway, we should probably start trying to find our lockers."

Gabriella nodded in agreement before the two friends went off to the locker-lined wall to look for their assigned lockers.

She had made the decision she had thought she would never make: she was trying out for cheerleading.

As she walked into the gym, Gabriella was surrounded by tall, skinny blondes dressed in shorts way too short for school and either sports bras or spaghetti strap camisoles. Those girls made her petite self feel very much out of place in her modest clothing, so Gabriella tried to slip around unnoticed so none of them would tease her.

"Okay!" A short, chubby woman with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail entered the gym, a clipboard in her hand and sneakers on her feet. "Let's see what you girls can do!"

The blondes all became silent, and Gabriella remained that way.

"Alright. To start, I would like each of you to do a cartwheel and a split."

Gabriella, unlike the other girls, spinned a perfect triple cartwheel, then went down into a full split. Even though she had never done cheerleading before, Troy had taught her to do cartwheels when they were nine, and she had become flexible enough to do splits from the ballet classes her mother had put her in during fifth grade.

"Good. Now, I'm going to teach you a simple routine, and I would like you all to do it. If you can succeed, you're in," the woman said.

"Sorry I'm late!" a tall, slightly chubby girl with curly brown locks which were tied back into a messy bun apologized as she rushed into the room and over to the rest of the girls. She found a place beside Gabriella and gave her a slight smile. "Hi. I'm Martha Cox. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who isn't blonde here."

"Hi. I'm Gabriella Montez," Gabriella introduced, playing with her hair and shuffling her feet, only meeting Martha's eyes halfway.

The instructor woman began teaching the routine. When she was finished, the girls all tried to do it in groups of three.

"Okay. Thank you all. The list of who are now on the team will be posted on the school's bulletin board tomorrow morning. And by the way, I'm Coach Lane, and I'll be coaching you cheerleaders for the rest of the season, alright?"

The girls nodded in acknowledgement.

"Alright, well you may all go now. I'll see those of you who made it tomorrow during free period again. And if you don't wear sneakers and sweat pants to school, bring them."

Troy took the basketball in his hand and shot it straight into the basket.

"Excellent!" the basketball coach said in surprise.

Troy, a smile on his face, went to the bleachers and took a seat while the other guys attempted to shoot baskets. After Gabriella had told him she'd decided to give cheerleading a try, he'd made up his mind to do basketball.

When all the boys had finished shooting hoops, the coach asked them to dribble their balls as quickly as they could from one end of the room to the other.

That's easy, Troy thought to himself, jumping from his seat and going over to the wall the other guys were lining up horizontally at. When the coach blew his whistle as a signal for them to begin, he raced to the other side of the gym, completing the task before anyone else.

"Good job, guys," the coach complimented. "Now, we're all done for today. There will be a list of who all made the team posted on the bulletin board tomorrow. And for those of you that did, we'll be holding a practice during free period in this gym." There were two gyms in the school, so the basketball coach needed to specify which one the practice was in to avoid confusion amongst the players.

As Troy exited the gym, he caught up with Gabriella, who was rounding the corner a couple feet away from him.

"Hey," Gabriella greeted.

"Hey," Troy returned. "How were try outs?"

"Good," Gabriella smiled. "How were yours?"

"Great! I just hope I made the team, though."

"I'm sure you will. I can't imagine you not making it."

"Yeah, I guess," Troy shrugged. "Now let's go to lunch; I'm hungry."

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