Hancock sat outside of his trailer. So sad. So alone. What was he thinking. How could he possibly ever become a true citizen of the town he liked to call home. People described him not as a hero, not as a friend, not as a person, but as different. Different. He hated that word. He shook his head in disgrace of himself. There is no way it will ever happen, no way it's even close to happening he thought to himself. All I am able to do, is sit here. It is all I really deserve to do. After what I had done. What ever it was, it must have been bad, I don't remember a single thing, but I know it was bad. It's in my nature to do that. In my nature to be… different. Hancock sat there in silence. He squinted up at the hot, blazing sun that shone down upon him. He rubbed his eyes, and thought to himself, What am I even doing here.