I disclaim. I've had a killer case of writer's block, so this is my way of getting rid of it. It's kind of silly :)

Few understand the power of a stubborn woman who gets it into her head to play matchmaker for her friends-especially if said woman is happily in love, because then she believes that every friend, family member, and sweet neighborhood coffee shop owner deserves to be in love too.

In this case, there were two incredibly stubborn women, blissfully happy in their respective marriages, and highly motivated to make sure that two of their closest friends realized what they did-that they were madly in love, and meant to be together.

That these two women were related made their bond of Holy Matchmakingness all the more terrifying. Or, it would have been if their unaware friends had any idea what they had planned.

Chloe Sullivan-Queen and Lois Lane-Kent were nothing if not tenacious. And contrary to popular belief Lois could keep a secret, when it suited her. It just didn't often suit her, and she was a journalist, after all. They weren't exactly known for keeping their mouths shut.

Although it may have seemed a bit out of character for Chloe to be interested in pairing off her friends, there was only so much she could take-he would glance in her direction, with a sweet sadness written all over his face, then he'd glance quickly away. Then she would look at him, need showing plainly on her face, until she would glance away. And it would begin again. Somehow, those two never managed to meet glances. Or, if they did, they seemed to dismiss what they saw on each others face. They were getting absolutely nowhere.

Seeing her friends unhappy and alone was enough to convince her that something had to be done. It was enough to push any woman over the edge. Plus, she was pregnant, and feeling overly sentimental, so she couldn't help herself-at least, that was what she would say if they were caught. There were many things her dear friends-who were truly more like family-would do for her because of her pregnant state. She was taking full advantage of every single one of them.

"I have a plan." Lois plopped done onto the couch in Chloe's Watchtower. "You know, you really have made this place into a home, I'm so happy for you. This is a really great couch."

"Thanks. A plan? Involving what? Because you know how protective of me everyone has been lately. So if this involves breaking into some dirty politician's office after hours . . . I'm going to have to pass."

"Come on, Chloe. When was the last time I did that?"

"Seven months ago-you got both of us thrown in jail for the weekend. Oliver was upset with me for weeks. In fact, he assured me that if there were a repeat experience, he'd cut off my coffee supply. Now that I'm pregnant, obviously that doesn't matter. But he will find something to withhold. I'd rather not."

She waved that off, "Doesn't matter anyway, because that's not the plan."

"I'm kind of tired of waiting for Dinah and AC to get their acts together. So I think we should 'encourage' them to get a move on." Lois seemed very proud of herself.

Chloe smiled, turning from her computer console, walking over to the couch to sit next to her cousin. "Okay, I'll bite. What's the plan?"

Lois' smile faltered. "Um, actually, that was the plan. I came up with the big picture and I thought, you know . . . "

"That I'd fill in the details?" Chloe finished.

"Well, yeah. I'm not really a detail-oriented person. And you're great at that stuff. It's why we make such a good team." That was true, so Chloe would let her get away with it.

"Fine. The league has a team dinner coming up soon, I'm sure we can come up with something."

AC was a wreck. That, in and of itself, was a strange thing. After all, he was generally a very mellow, calm, happy-go-lucky sort of guy.

That was before Dinah.

At first, it had been fine. There had been a hint of flirtation between Dinah and Oliver, so he'd simply accepted that she was off-limits. However, nothing-other than a few harmless, platonic emails according to Chloe-had happened.

After that, things had changed. They'd begun to work more as a team-what with Chloe wanting to make the team into a family, and have it run more effectively-and he'd started to fall for her. Slow, and hard.

He was in love with her.

He wasn't really her type. She was blatantly sexual, and intense, she was the kind of woman that men like Oliver Queen dated. Beautiful, classy, and so smart.

As much as he was terrified of telling her how he felt about her, he also didn't shy away from being a friend to her. They were thrown together so often(all of them, really) there wasn't much choice. And, they were family. Even if the team disbanded tomorrow, he'd still care about everyone on it, and it was the same for everyone else.

They were very different people. She was a conservative show host, he was . . . a bleeding heart liberal, obsessed with saving the planet, protecting the ocean, and its inhabitants. It was who he was. It wasn't just the environment-because he knew that conservative thinkers could care about the environment, because it wasn't like liberal politics had a corner in that market-it was everything.

She wasn't heartless, or uncaring. She wasn't unwilling to see reason, or reconsider moral questions. She simply was not for him.

They would not fit together. Sure, whenever they spoke, they were fine. They could be friendly, and polite. And they could talk for hours, about their causes, about the world, about everything and anything.

And they did. They spent a surprising amount of time together. They were closer to each other than they were to any other people in the league.

But she didn't know he was in love with her.

And she probably never would, because whenever he thought he had managed to wrangle up enough courage to tell her how he felt . . . he suddenly became tongue-tied, and he just couldn't.

He didn't want to lose her friendship. And for some reason, there was a part of him that believed he didn't deserve her, that he wasn't right for her. Plus, he was afraid of rejection.

He loved her, but couldn't have her. Which made events where they had to be with the whole team tough to handle. When they hung out, by themselves, it was almost easy. Surrounded by people he was afraid that someday someone was going to realize how he felt about Dinah.

If they hadn't already.

"Phase One is complete," Lois muttered to herself. She smiled at her handiwork.

Dinner was soon, so everyone was just mingling downstairs. She, however, was on a mission. She'd just set the trap for Dinah and AC.

This was going to be fun.

Chloe had said to meet her here, she'd said she wanted to speak with her privately. She was nowhere to be found. She looked around at the guest room that Chloe had made up for those times that she, or someone else, would need a place to stay for the night. Chloe sometimes joked that it was for Ollie when he was in the doghouse-which he never was, of course.

Model husband, Dinah smiled fondly. There was once a time when she'd thought they had a chance, but then she'd seen him fall for that short blond, with whom he just . . . fit together perfectly.

She felt a clutch at her core, and felt that loneliness . . . that seemed to consume her, especially as of late.

She was about to leave when she saw and heard the door handle turn.

It was AC.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" Dinah was surprised to see that he wasn't playing video games with Bart and Victor-which was what the three of them tended to do when they got together. They usually played up until dinner.

He walked in, over to the window she'd been looking out. "Um, Lois said to see if I could find Chloe. Which, I haven't. Found you instead," he smiled at that.

"Yeah, Chloe wanted to talk to me here, but she didn't show up. How's . . . life? Haven't seen you in a few weeks."

Mostly because he'd been avoiding her.

"I've been kinda busy." He avoided her eyes, "Saved some manatees last week. Oil spill."

"Yeah, I heard about that."

They were so wrapped up at this point in one another that they didn't even realize that the door to the room closed. Clicked.

"Phases two and three are complete," Chloe smiled.

She was really good at this kind of thing, Lois noticed for the umpteenth time. It always surprised her how perfectly Chloe fit into this world of superheroes.

They both stared at the monitor, watching the video feed they'd set up earlier, so that they could keep tabs on the two lovebirds.

"Hey, turn up the volume. " Lois requested, Chloe complied. "I could really use some popcorn, it's like a romantic comedy in the comfort of your own home. "

"Already ahead of you," Chloe grabbed a bowl of popcorn and some M&M's from a counter that Lois hadn't noticed.

"See, this is how I know we're family. You like, read my mind." Lois grabbed a hand full of popcorn and began to shove it in her mouth.

"They're just kind of standing there. Do you think they even know they're locked in?"

Lois smirked, "Not yet. But they will."

That didn't sound ominous at all.

They were looking at each other. Like complete idiots.

But Lois had planned for this.

"Hey, bird brain. Fish outta water!"

Where had that come from? They both looked around, rather confused as to where the voice was coming from.

"Lois?" Dinah asked tentatively.

"Yup. Now, the two of you have been dancing circles around each other for way too long. So, get it on."

"Lois! You can't just tell them to get it on like that. You have to lead up to it. Plus, we're not exactly peeping toms."

"Chloe?" AC was confused.

"Sorry, AC. Had to do it. Plus you know how people get when they're blissfully in love-they want everyone around them be the same, what can I say?" He could almost hear the shrug that came with that seemingly semi-rhetorical question.

Dinah walked over to the door, pulled on the handle."Well, you could start with an explanation." She concentrated, tried to direct her canary shriek towards the door, trying to see if she could get it open.

"Sorry Dinah, not going to work." They'd reinforced the door and its lock. It was basically impossible to open until Chloe triggered the mechanism she'd put in place.

Dinah sighed. "What do you want?"

"For you to admit how you feel. Pretty simple. You're causing a bit of tension amongst the team."

"Oh." AC seemed a little put-out by that. Dinah wondered if Lois and Chloe had gotten it all wrong, if maybe-

Her train of thought was interrupted by AC. "I thought I hid it pretty well."

Lois snorted. "Apparently not. Considering that you're a superhero with a secret identity, you'd think you'd be better at keeping something like this a secret."

"Lois," Chloe gently chided, "Love makes people crazy, you know that as well as I do. It's not AC's fault he's been such a lovesick puppy"

Dinah didn't know what to say.

"Look, Dinah . . . I've been in love with you for a while now. You're practically my best friend. I didn't know how to tell you, and I don't know if I ever would have . . . but since the choice was taken away from me . . . " he paused significantly.

Lois tried to control the giggle. It burst out. Chloe rolled her eyes and turned off the microphone on their end. She considered briefly turning off the one in the room with AC and Dinah. She immediately rejected the idea, as she rather wanted to know how this was going to turn out.

It was kinda like a soap opera.

Dinah . . . still wasn't saying anything. A few silent minutes passed.

"Do you think there's a chance that we were wrong? I mean, if she felt the same way . . . " Lois sounded a little uncertain.

AC spoke. "Oh. I get it. You know we can just forget this ever happened-"

Dinah stepped forward quickly and-

"Chloe, do you know where Dinah, AC, and Lois are? Oh, hey Lois." Oliver watched as Chloe quickly hit a few keystrokes and Lois tried to hide the bowl of popcorn in her lap.

"Um, uh. They're fine." Oliver looked at his wife suspiciously.

"What did you do, Chloe?" Lois made a move to escape, but Oliver gave her a look that froze her in place. She smiled brightly.

"It wasn't my idea."

"Actually, the specifics were kind of your idea. I just supplied the inspiration."

Oliver lifted an eyebrow. "Okay, so maybe I also helped with the gruntwork a bit too."

"What did you two do?"

"We, um, well. I'll show you." Chloe brought back up the video feed from the room.

"You decided to film a porno in the Watchtower with league members?"

"What?" Chloe and Lois had been focused on Oliver's reaction, so they quickly looked at the screen.

"Oh!" Chloe closed out the feed.

"Yes! I knew this would work out." Lois looked very smug.

"You were the one who was just doubting Dinah's feelings a minute ago."

"Well, you two can argue later. The reason I came in here was to tell you that dinner is ready. I think we should probably leave those two lovebirds alone."

"Good plan." Lois left quickly, sex always made her kind of hungry. Even if she weren't the one having it.

Oliver turned to Chloe. "What did I say about letting Lois get you into these ridiculous plans of hers?" He tried to sound stern, but given the sweet smile that blossomed over his face as he took his wife in his arms, it didn't really work out so well.

"I want them to be happy, Ollie. I mean, obviously they'll never be as happy as we are, " she smirked, "But they can try."

"I suppose I should just be happy that you're not storming the fields, or breaking and entering, shouldn't I?"

"Yup." She looked up at him and smiled. "I love you, Ollie."

"I love you too, Sidekick."

Hours later, after everyone had left except Oliver and Chloe-who were just getting ready to go home- and Dinah and AC had disappeared at some point, barely saying goodbye before they disappeared off into the night, Chloe received a text from Lois.

'We did good, little cousin. Who's next?'

Chloe smiled. She had an idea.

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