Hello, my dear, dear readers!

I am so incredibly sorry about this, but I have completely lost any sort of inspiration for this story and I feel as if I've lost my way when it comes to it. The desire to sit down and develop the plot and write the story has escaped me and I feel as if my original idea for it has completely disappeared. It really breaks my heart to say this, but because I feel as if all of you deserve more than to read a story that an author has half-heartedly written, I see no other option than to stop writing it. Since I really am fond of the story and would love to see it continued, I would be delighted if any of you would be willing to take it on. If you do, just send me a message and I will take a look at any other works you've written (I want to make sure that the story is left in capable hands) and maybe you'll be the one to take it to new heights.

It's been wonderful writing for you, and I am very thankful for the many words of encouragement I have received from you all!

Love you guys!