They had graduated. Finally they were able to go into the world and do what they wanted to. Mercedes and Rachel had both headed off to NYC, Britney and Santana went traveling; Finn, Quinn, Mike, and Matt attended University, Tina and Artie started an Arts Charity for Handicapped Children, and Puck and Kurt stayed in Ohio for a while. Kurt wanted to help his dad out for a year and then head off to become a clothing designer. Puck stayed to collect his pool-cleaning money, and then get the hell out of there. One day, three months after grad, the two men met in the Lima mall.

"Hey, Kurt!" Puck called, waving at him from down the hall, Kurt looked around, surprised, before waving back. Puck made his way over to him. "What ya been up to, Hummel?" he asked, leaning against the rack of clothes that Kurt was looking through.

"I've been helping my dad out in the garage. You?" Kurt said, continuing to look through the clothes beside Puck.

"I'm earning some cash with my business."

"Pool cleaning?" Kurt asked with a laugh.

"Yep, that's the one." Puck said with a smirk as Kurt seemed to find his job amusing. Kurt picked out a white jacket and slung it over his arm to take with him.

"So do you have your own place?" Kurt asked, assuming that Puck was planning on remaining in Lima.

"No, I'm still living with my ma. At least until I can get enough cash to high-tail it outta here." Kurt raised his eyebrows, pleasantly surprised that Puck wasn't planning on being a 'Lima Looser' for the rest of his life.

"You know, Puckerman, I believe this is the longest conversation we have had without you bringing up my sexuality, or me commenting on your...taste in clothes." Kurt said, looking Puck over and wincing.

"Well, that was in high school." He said, before being cut off by the ringing of his cell. He grabbed it and flipped it open. "Hello?...Yes...Just wait a minute." He put his hand over the phone and looked to Kurt, "Here man. Call me so we can catch up on things." He handed Kurt a business card, and went back to the phone.

Everything had snowballed from there. Kurt went to dinner with Puck, Puck confessed that he had always had somewhat of a crush on Kurt and that he was bisexual. They started seeing each other more often and soon made it official that they were dating. They both decided to move to the city where Puck studied law, and Kurt studied clothing design. They got an apartment and were managing quite well. That is, until Kurt went to one of his check-ups at the hospital and everything changed. He came home that night and met Puck at the dinner table. Puck knew something was wrong, and Kurt didn't feel like lying.

"I'm pregnant." Kurt said, standing in the doorway awkwardly with his arms wrapped around himself.

"What?" Puck sat up straight, looking concerned. Kurt had told Puck right when they started dating that he could bare children, but they had agreed that they would wait for a few years before they even thought about it. "Is it mine?" Puck asked, and felt bad when Kurt looked hurt.

"Of course it's yours. Who else's would it be?" Kurt snapped, tears in his eyes.

"But we...used protection and you took pills. How did-"

"I skipped my appointment to get more medication when I had that exam due the next day, and I didn't have it finished. That was after...the time on a Friday, after we went out for dinner..." Kurt confessed.

"Oh, shit! I'm so sorry Kurt I should have known-"

"Don't be sorry." Kurt said in a quiet and small voice. Puck could see tears start trailing down Kurt's cheeks and Kurt wiped them away with his sleeve.

Puck stepped up from the table and quickly wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. Kurt's small frame shook with sobs as he cried into Puck's chest. "Kurt, you can't be very far along. Is it too late to...?"

"You want me to get and abortion?" Kurt pulled away from him, the look on his tear-streaked face was concerned and hurt.

"No babe, if you want to keep it...then I swear I will be the best father I can long as you want to go through with it." Puck clarified, feeling bad for suggesting it.

"I'm sorry, I could never...I want to keep it." Puck smiled, and pulled Kurt into his arms again, this time he brought his head down, and kissed Kurt lightly on the lips. His hand travelled down, and rested on Kurt's flat stomach. When Kurt pulled away from him he smiled, Kurt returned the smile and wiped away the tears. Puck led Kurt into the living room and sat down, pulling Kurt onto his lap. They sat there for what seemed like hours, deep in thought, until Puck broke the silence.

"I got a call from Rachel today." Kurt looked up, surprised.

"As in Rachel the diva 'who can sing but makes you want to light yourself on fire?" Kurt asked, and Puck chuckled.

"The very same. She is organizing a Glee Club reunion for next Monday. She wants us all to go to Lima and discuss what we have accomplished over the past two years...or something." Kurt nodded in understanding and smiled.

"That sounds great! Wait, does she know we're together?" Puck asked. They hadn't been in contact with any New Directions members since they started going out, except for Mercedes and Finn.

"Yeah, she said she talked to Mercedes. I was thinking we could tell everyone about us. And maybe tell them the new news as well." Puck said, uncertain if Kurt would agree.

"What if something goes wrong, and we get everyone excited over nothing?" Kurt asked, biting his lip.

"Do you think something will go wrong?" Puck asked.

"Well, no, the doctors say there are no signs of complications, and it seems to be healthy." Kurt said, looking extremely nervous.

"What about a sonogram?" Puck asked, wanting to find a way to calm Kurt down.

"I have one scheduled for two weeks from now. Until then I have to take some pills and not drink alcohol and stuff..."

"So then I can tell Rachel that we'll be in Lima for the reunion? And we can make the decision to tell people or not when we get there, alright?" Kurt nodded and got off of Puck's lap. Puck stood too, and grabbed the phone off of its stand. He dialed Rachel's number, leaving a message when she didn't pick up. Once he set it back down he turned back to Kurt, who was watching him, still looking a bit nervous.

Puck pulled him in for another quick kiss and gave him a comforting smile. "I love you, Kurt. This whole thing is a bit..shocking, but I'm sure it will all work out."

"Thank you so much, Noah." Kurt said with a smile. "For being the best boyfriend ever."

"I try, babe." Puck said jokingly, lightening the mood. "Come, let's go to bed." He said, pulling Kurt into their room, and shutting the door.

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