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Puck had found another job interview with a nearby school, just ten minutes away. He tried not to get his hopes up, and promissed himself that he would tell the principal right away about his family. The meeting was later in the afternoon, so he had the day to spend with Kurt and the kids. Kurt was still suffering from morning sickness, but he had only awoken once in the night, and he was feeling better. They were lazy all day, sleeping in, watching tv, and eating leftovers. Eventually it was 6:15, time for Puck to leave to his interview.

"Love you, babe." Puck said, as he pecked Kurt on the cheek, and did the same to both of their kids, then rested his hand on Kurt's stomach. Kurt smiled, and kissed him again, on the lips.

"Love you too, and good luck this time." Puck grinned, and made his way to his car, he pulled out, and waved at his family.

Kurt then turned to the kids, "What now, guys?" He asked.

"Movie!" Emily said, and Kurt put in one of her favorite Disney musicals. He went into his study to clean up some folders. When he was almost finished, he heard a loud crash, that sounded like shattering glass, and a scared cry from his daughter. He sprinted as fast as he could to the source of the noise-the kitchen. He ran in, and came face to face with David Karofski, holding a crowbar, and a half-full bottle of vodka (or half empty, depends what kind of a person you are!). Karofsky was standing in a pool of shaddered glass, that came from the busted window behind him. Kurt was frozen under the gaze of his old high school bully. The large man's eyes glinted dangerously, and the fact that he was completely wasted wasn't too comforting either.

Kurt hated alchohol, he hated how it made him act (oh, bambi!), and how it made other's act. Puck shared the same opinion, after growing up in fear of his drunk-ass father, he barely ever drank. Kurt tried not to think about the past two run-ins with drunk men that had put himself and his children in danger. Kurt was immeadietly concerned for his kids, and saw them both huddled in the other doorway, looking scared. "Karofski, what are you doing?" He asked, trying to be calm.

"I was thinking...that I needed to come over and...umm...Teach you a lesson! Yeah, that! 'Cause you turned Puckerman into a disgusting fairy." Karofski slurred. Kurt's eyes shifted back to his kids. Emily looked up at Karofski, before running to her dad. Karofski looked confused, but didn't try to hurt her. Kurt hoisted Emily up and she clung to his neck while he tried to keep her out of reach from the drunken man.

"Make him go away..." She pleaded. He held her close, and backed away as Karofski took a step toward them.

"Em, can you be brave for Daddy?" He whispered, while watching Karofski as he glared at them in outright disgust. "Go to my study, and find my phone, okay? Press the first button twice, then tell Dad what is going on, okay?" She nodded, and he let her down. She ran behind him and to the study.

"What's wrong, fag, scared?" He laughed drunkenly, and Kurt took a step towards him.

"Karofski, you've had too much to drink, you're confused. Put the crowbar and the bottle down." His voice wavereda little, and he was shaking as he took another step, and made a grab for the crowbar. He knew that it was a reckless move, but a drunk with a crowbar and a grudge is completely dangerous, and he had to protect his kids. Karofski was faster, though, and shoved him hard, into the counter. Kurt tried to stop himself from crying out, and he found himself trapped between Karofski and the counter. Karofski smirked and lurched as he walked toward him, then spit on the ground by Kurt's feet.

"Where's your little boy toy, huh? Get tired of you and run away?" Kurt didn't answer, just tried to back away farther. The drunk man's expression hardened. "I asked you a question, faggot!" Kurt brought his arms up over his head, to sheild himself from the hit, but Karofski swung with the bottle. It broke on impact and shattered, the peices getting wedged into the skin of Kurt's arm. He cried out, and sunk to the floor with his hands wrapped protectivly around his stomach, as Karofski started to kick him mercilessly.

"Daddy!" Kurt looked up and saw Alex running towards him, and throwing himself at Kurt, his expression scared and panicked. Karofski stopped for a moment, before looking at the boy disgustedly. Kurt wrapped his cut and bleeding arms around his son, craddling him close to his chest, and trying to sheild him from the terrifyingly dangerous man.

"This is...gross." Karofski slurred, and raised the crowbar.

"NO! Alex, go to your sister!" He practically threw the boy out of reach, before curling up again, tryng to protect himself as well as the life inside him. The heavy stick of metal hit him hard in the shoulder, and he cried out. He looked up through tear-filled eyes, and saw that both his kids were standing in the doorway, clinging to eachother and crying and screaming for him. Kurt's world spun as he was dragged up by his arm to a standing position. He yelped in pain as the grip on his arm forced one of the peices of glass to sink deeper into his arm. He saw Karofski's fist a second before it connected with his face. It hit him square in the nose, and he felt it snap, and start gushing blood.

He tried to pull away from Karofski, but he was grabbed by the throat and held there. Karofski kept his grip loose, not suffocating him, and Kurt was able to speak. "Karofsi...Please...Think of what you're doing to the kids...Please, Karofski, that's all they are...Children." He actually thought, for a moment, that he had gotten through to the bigger man, until he felt the grip on his windpipe tighten, and he struggled to breath.

"They aren't kids, they're disgusting things, freaks of nature, created by freaks of nature..." Kurt tried frantically to try and loosen Karofski's grip on his neck, trying to hold out, and not give in to the dizzying pain. 'The kids, think of the twins, if you stop fighting they will grow up with the painful memory of watching their dad die...and one of your children might never even come into this world...' Kurt let his hands fall from Karofki's, pretending that he had won. Karofki smiled, but his expression fell as Kurt's hand balled up in a fist, and he swung forcefully at his attacker. Karofski stumbled away, holding his face where Kurt had hit him. Kurt made a dash for his kids, ignoring the pain all over his body. He was almost there, when a large hand grabbed his shirt from behind and threw him back. He stumbled into the table, and Karofski approached him again.

Kurt turned away, his arms wrapped around his stomach, praying that Karofski had the decency not to hurt his kids if he was down. Or if not decency, than maybe he would pass out from the alcohol before he could reach them. Kurt waited, but the hit never came, he heard a crash and whirled around to see Karofski being thrown against the wall, and slump to the ground. He turned and saw his husband standing in the middle of the kitchen, breathing hard. "Kurt! Baby, you akay?" He didn't have the strength to answer, and he felt the worls spinning again. Puck caught Kurt before he fell, and the kids came running, crying and desperate. "It's okay Kurt, hold on. I called the ambulence, it's on the way here, just hold on." Kurt nodded and burried his face in Puck's chest, letting out the sobs and tears he was too scared to shed before. Puck held the kids as well, and started crying himself, afraid he came too late.


Puck had just finished his interview with the principle of West Jame's Public School, and he was extemely happy. He had come out right away and told the woman of his family, and she told him was not the only member on staff who was gay, and the principle herself just celebrated her fourteenth anniversary with her wife. Puck had told her about Glee Club. She told him she had had one in her school, when she was young, and she had wanted one but lacked a teacher willing to hold one. They talked about Glee, family, and kids, and she told him that she was positive that he got the job. He started the drive home, in high spirits and excited to tell Kurt, when he recieved a call from his husband's cell.

"Hello." He said.

"Dad! You have to come home! The scary man is going to hurt Daddy!" Her daughter was crying and begging over the phone, and he heard a loud crash in the backround, accompanied by a cry of pain. Puck's face paled.

"Get your brother, and stay away from the man, okay? I'll be right there." He was less than ten minutes away, but he feared that he wouldn't be there in time, so he stepped on the gas, and sped towards his house. He phoned 911 as he drove, and told them to send an ambulence. He turned onto their road, and pulled up in front of their house. He ran out of his car and to the front door, then unlocked it and ran inside. He head the twins crying, and sprinted into the kitchen. Karofski had his back turned, and was advancing on Kurt, who was turned away as well. Karofski raised what looked to be a crowbar, and Puck ran at him. He pulled him away, and threw him back. Kurt turned, and saw him, his face was cut, and his nose was bleeding.

"Kurt! Baby, you okay?" Kurt blinked hazily, and started to fall. Puck caught him, and lowered him to the ground. His husband clung to his shirt and cried; the children were crying and he held them as well. He looked down and saw Kurt's arms, which were wrapped around his torso, and saw that they were stained with red, and glistening with shards of glass. He choked up, and gripped him tighter, "It's okay, Kurt, hold on. I called the ambulence, it's on the way here." He couldn't help a tear escaping, as he held his family. The love of his life lay crying and bleeding in his arms, and he felt that it was partially his fault for not arriving sooner. In what seemed like hours, the ambulence arrived, and took Kurt and the kids from him.

The twins were both shaken up when he took them home in the morning. The medics had had to make sure that the three-year-olds wouldn't go into shock after the traumatic experience, so they had stayed the night. Puck stayed with Kurt as the doctors removed the glass, and stitched him up. His shoulder was dislocated, his nose broken, and he had multiple bruises as well. Kurt was had been worried more for his unborn child than for himself, but they had soon found out that the baby should be fine. Puck took their twins home, and he immediatly phoned Mercedes and Kurt's dad. They had arrived the next day, and, after visiting Kurt, decided to watch the kids for a few days while Kurt recovered.

Kurt was let out after almost a week in the hospital, and stayed at home with Burt and his kids while Puck and Mercedes had to go to the police to find out what would happen to Karofski. The ex-jock had been taken into custody, and had almost immeadietly been sentenced to jail, for 'unnececarily attacking and harming innocent people, and abusing alcohol'. Puck was finally alone with his husband after everything had settled down, and he decided to speak what was on his mind.

"Kurt, I think we should move." They were sitting in the living room, after the kids had gone to bed.

"What? Why? Because of Karofski?" Kurt frowned.

"Yes. It isn't safe here..."

"Noah! That was just one time, we happened to meet someone we knew. It doesn't mean it isn't safe here!"


"Do you remember the man in Lima and your father?" Kurt asked quietly.

"Yes, of coarse, but-"

"We aren't safe anywhere we go; we will never be...fully accepted. We've always known that."

"Kurt, if this happens again, I may not get there in time...Kurt, you know I couldn't live with myself if that happened."

"And running, Noah? Running like cowards? Running from this? What will that do?"

"Kurt, if we went somewhere where no one knew us...there-"

"Where no one knew us? So, no one would know we're together, no one would know that the kids are ours? Puck, I am not hiding in the closet because of Karofski." Kurt knew he was ranting, but he needed to get his point across.

"Kurt, that isn't what I meant-" He looked desperately at his husband.

"So what do you mean? You just want to give up our house, our life, your new job, just because you think I can't protect myself?"

"Kurt, I know you can take care of yourself-"

"Then why do you always say that you need to protect me, that if you can't be around, it could be too late...I am tired of being looked after, being the weaker one..."

"Babe, you are strong, I know that. I don't think you any less than my equal, but against Karofski or my father..."

"I don't want to move Puck, okay?" Kurt said, with finalty.

"What did you call me?" He looked hurt.


"You haven't called me Puck ever since we started dating."

"Well, I guess I thought that when you were Puck you were a little less...considerate, than Noah is." Puck started to stand.

"Considerate? The only reason I brought this up is because I couldn't stand you getting hurt again." Puck's expression changed from hurt to offended, and angry.


"Don't call me that!" There voices were getting steadily louder, and they were both standing, now.

"I-" Kurt stopped and turned to the door, grabbing his keys and throwing it open.

"Kurt, where are you going?"

"Out." He said, and stepped outside.

"Kurt, let's-" Puck made a move to follow him, but he turned to glared at him, and Puck stopped.

"I need some time to think, okay?" He slammed the door, and stomped to his car, and got in. No one followed him out, so he started it, and drove off. He drove for a long while, with no particular destination in mind. He felt sobs rise up in his throat, and he pulled over. He put his arms on the wheel, and put his head down. He cried for God knows how long, until he wiped off his eyes and looked up. He saw the scars on his arms, and that only brought on more tears.

"It's okay, Kurt, hold on. I called the ambulence, it's on the way here." Kurt clung to him, thinking only of the life in his stomach, and of how blessed he was that Puck had shown up.

Kurt put his head back onto his arms, and cried, his mind kept brining up more images from the past.

"Kurt...I umm...wanted to tell you...I kinda have always, kinda liked you..." Kurt thought of how cute Puck looked when he blushed, and he smiled at his statement.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, after I joined Glee...I kinda got this crush on you. God, I'm such a sorry excuse for a badass..."

Kurt smiled, despite himself, at the memory, and then was struck with another image.

"I'm pregnant."

"What, is it mine?"

"Of coarse it's yours, who's elses would it be?"

"I swear I will be the best father I can be...as long as you want to go through with it."

Kurt looked down at his stomach as his baby gave a kick, and he rested one hand on it, the other on the wheel as he dropped his head.

"I am in law school and dating Kurt Hummel."

"Noah! Noah?"

"What is it, Kurt, what's wrong?"

"The twins...they're coming."


"Noah! Do something!"

"Just hold on, Kurt."

"I can't beleive it..."

"What do you mean, Noah?"

"I can't believe that three years ago, I was throwing you in dumpsters...and now, years later, you just gave birth to our kids and I'm madly in love with you."

"I love you too...and you still haven't given me the sweaters you owe me..."

"Kurt Hummel, you've already blessed me with two beautiful children...and that is all I could ask for and more, but can I just ask you one more thing?" He took a breath and got on one knee, "Will you marry me?"

"Noah! I love you so much! And yes, I will marry you." he threw himself at his fiance, and kissed him.


"Yes, Kurt?"

"Can I talk to you about something?"

"What, oh, yeah, of coarse. I was just working on me essay, sorry. What is it?"

"I'm...pregnant again."

"Kurt...you're..." Kurt nodded.

"You okay, Noah?" He asked, as Puck stuttered, and gaped at him.

Instead of answering, he just pulled Kurt into a kiss, wrapping his arms around him, and smiling as they pulled away.


The flashbacks ended, and Kurt sat up in his car. He realised that he had fallen asleep with his head on the steering wheel and his arm protectivly wrapped around his stomach. He sighed, and thought about what he had just experienced. After all of the memories he had gathered one thing: Puck loved him, and had always put Kurt before of himself, doing anything and everything for him. He had gotten him pregnant, married him, bought them a house, and worked so hard to get a job. And when Kurt's life was in danger, he wanted nothing more than to protect him. And Kurt repaid him by calling him inconsiderate, cowardly, and that he treated him like a child. Kurt groaned and looked down at his stomach, and his bruised skin. "I am such an idiot!" He cried, not caring if someone saw him in his car, crying and talking to himself. "Noah, I don't deserve you." He said, starting up the car again and driving back home.

He stepped into his house to find the living room and kitchen deserted. He heard whispers and they led him into the twin's room. He stopped in the doorway, unnoticed by the people inside.

"Dad, you have to go find him...what if the scary man gets him again..." Alex and Emily were sitting on Alex's bed with Puck, who was seated on the edge with Emily cradled in his arms and Alexander under the covers.

"Don't worry, Alex, he's gonna be okay...He can take care of himself..." Puck's voice broke at the last statement and he looked away from his kids, remembering their fight.

Emily started to cry, and he held her close, soothing her. "shhh...It's okay, Em...He'll be back..."

"I want him to come home!" She cried, and Kurt wanted to go and comfort her, but couldn't bring himself to move.

"He will..." Puck said, "When you wake up, if he isn't here, we'll go find him...okay?"

"But Dad!"

"Go to sleep, guys, I'll be here if you need me."

Emily nodded, and Alex settled down onto the pillows. Kurt smiled, and silently made his way into the living room to wait for Puck. After a while, he appeared at the door, then stopped when he saw Kurt. "You're back." Puck's face and voice were devoid of emotion as he leaned casually against the doorframe, studying Kurt.

"Yes...Are the kids okay?" He asked, not able to look into Puck's gaze. After a long pause, Puck sighed, and looked away, his facade of no emotion broke, and Kurt realized how tired he looked.

"Emily had a nightmare after you left, about Karofski...She woke up crying, and Alex called for me..." He sat down on the couch across from Kurt and put his head in his hands. "They wanted to see you, know that you were alright...but you weren't here." Kurt flinched at his slightly angry tone.

"How long was I gone?" He asked quietly, looking down at his hands folded on top of his belly, when Puck looked at him.

"About an hour, I guess...I'm really tired, I'm gonna head off to bed..." He stood, and Kurt got up and put his hand on Puck's arm.

"Noah...I'm sorry..." His husband turned to him, and studied his face, this time Kurt held his gaze.


"No, Noah, just wait, I'm not done." He sat on the couch, and Noah followed him. "I shouldn't have gone off on you like that...I understand why you wanted to move...I'm sorry for calling you inconsiderate and stuff, because I know that all that you do is for me...for us...I love you, Noah, and I hope you can forgive me."

"You're already forgiven." Puck stroked Kurt's cheek, and leaned in to kiss him, breifly, before pulling back. "And I am sorry for wanting to make us move..."

"No, it wouldn't have been that terrible of an idea." Kurt smiled and nodded, before bringing their lips together for another kiss. Kurt slung his arms around Puck's neck, and Puck rested his hand on the smaller man's hip, and the other on his baby bump. He pulled back as he felt the baby kick under his palm, he looked up at Kurt and smiled, pecking him on the lips before helping him up and pulling him to their bedroom.

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