Duo Maxwell was furious. He turned his back on her for a moment and she manages to get herself kidnapped. God how he wanted to kill Hilde right about now. Not only did she make a scene over the mark on Duo's neck (That resembled a hickey) in English class but she made a scene while he was spending some alone/ away from homework time with Leana. Then she goes and starts screaming stuff about how she's pregnant with her baby and would continue to scream stuff if he didn't at least talk to her, and of course Leana being a sympathetic Vampress made him go.

          Hilde started talking about how she loved him and how him Leana should break up, you know the typical stuff. Then she pointed out that Leana had left with some guy. When Duo turned around Leana was unconscious in Darien's arms. He tried chasing after them but a pink haired chic stopped him. She was attacking him until they were out of sight. Now he was walking into Quatre's mansion Pissed as hell and wasn't going to be ok until he found her… alive.

"Hi Duo.." Quatre greeted him.

"Hnn…" He slammed the door behind him and went straight upstairs.

"Duo??" Quatre and Trowa looked up the stairs until they heard his bedroom door slam. "Should we??" He asked Trowa who gave him a curt nod. They went upstairs and heard the familiar tapping of a computer keyboard.. except it was coming from Duo's room.

"Maxwell??" Wufei looked at the door confusion obvious on his face.

"What?!?" Came the agitated voice of Duo Maxwell on the other side.

"Can we come in??" Quatre asked.

"Whatever…" He said after 10 minutes of silence. They entered the room to see him tapping away at the computer faster than Heero ever could. He was staring intently at the screen as if it had been life or death. Then what he was looking for came up. "Damn!!" He said.

"Duo…" Quatre started.

"He took her… him and her together." He turned the computer screen to the others.  "The took Leana.." He said as worry struck his once angry tone.

"When??" Trowa asked.

" A couple of hours ago." Duo said standing up. Then the world around him went blurry. He heard the others calling to him but he couldn't make out what they were saying.  He felt his body fall and he blanked out.



"Duo.. wake-up.. we don't have much time…" A voice almost yelled at him.

"Now I'm officially insane." he looked around his surroundings, and heard the sound of water… it kinda looked like a wharehouse too.

"Not more insane since the day you insisted I bite you."

"hmm…" he sighed opening his eyes.

"Listen… I don't have much time.. he'll be back.. but first stop kicking yourself." Duos eyes began to focus and he saw 'the Trio'.

"What happened??"

"Darien's what happened??" Usagi said. "The Idiot ambushed our dorm in search of Leana. When he realized she wasn't there he went in search of you."

"Honestly we didn't want you guys to become involved in this whole mess, but it seems that destiny was against us all." Alex said.

"Anyway, we just came to tell you good-bye." Leana said. "It seems like we're running out of time." She said softly

"Well we are, he just needs you to be his play bunny before he kills you." Alex muttered.

"Kill the moment why don't you!!!" Leana whirled on her cousin.

"Yeah.. that's me!!!" Alex said. "Moment Killer.."

"Come on you two!!!" Usagi said. "just tell the others it was nice knowing them ok…" Usagi said and everything began fading away.

"Oh Shinigami.." He said holding his head in pain.

"Here…" Quatre held out some aspirin for him.

"Thanks… Where's everyone?"

"Looking for Usagi and Alex. Hoping he didn't get them too."

"He did.." Duo laid back down. "They told me when I was unconscious."

"Are you serious??"

"Yeah…" Then an idea crossed his mind. " Know of any Warehouses near water??"

"I know of  one… why??"

"Wake-up…" Darien's cold voice cut through the air waking 2 of 'The Trio'.

"God I knew it wasn't a night mare.." Alex muttered to herself.

"Night mare.. I hardly think so.. I mean how often do I get to finally kill off the Vampire clan that started the whole thing." He said letting his eyes fall on his sleeping angel. "Too bad she isn't human.." He reached out to touch her face but Usagi and Alex growled at him making him pause. "No worry.. I have my moment soon enough" he said leaving. As soon as he was gone a pink haired girl came in with a wicked smile painted on her face, and the two that were awake noticed this.

"I don't see why he spends so much time worrying about her…" She said her face going soft.

"What do you want??" Alex wasn't going to let this girl get under her skin, not at all.

"Listen… I know he's crazy." She looked at the door. "And as much as I'd hate to say it, but I have to get rid of him."

"What's the catch??" Usagi asked.

"None… you'll see…" Rini said closing the door behind her.

"That was weird.." Usagi said and Alex nodded.