Tell Me

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A/N: Finally was able to get to this request, courtesy of Allen the Musician.

Ya know, I actually prefer poem requests more so than one-shots, but hey, that's just me. XD

Oh my, yet another request inspired by music; "Tell Me" by Story of the Year.

Gee, I wonder where the title and the idea came from… :3

Dark realms that can't be defined

You are welcomed as one of your kind

Demons in every shadow that hide

Tell me, have you already died?

Trying to struggle against the shackles of fate

Yet you're afraid you're already too late

It takes courage to fight your inner hell

Tell me angel, have you already fell?

Attempting to break the locks on the gate

All just to escape the darkness you hate

Yet now that you've already succumb

Tell me, what are you running from?

Howl to the sky with the roar of the beast

Less your hollow soul be part of the feast

You fear that feeling of running away

Tell me, what more have you to say?

With the single tap of a piano key

Your soul will never truly be free

Feelings that block you cause a delay

Tell me, what has led you astray?

Dreams left abandoned and torn

No one will be left there to mourn

A heart so broken, so dead inside

Tell me, have you nowhere to hide?

Secrets lie hidden within your keen eyes

Sufferance that impresses even the wise

When your faith is dying and in need

Tell me, doesn't every human bleed?

You've lost this battle and many more to come

That heart of yours must already be numb

There is a warning that you must heed

Tell me, will you one day take the lead?

The darkness that consumes you is heavy and deep

Though they say what you sow is what you reap

When everything around you is crashing down

Tell me, does your mask ever save you, clown?

Lingering behind you is the fourteenth's soul

Even as you struggle to learn your own role

You fear that you'll fail and that you'll lose

Tell me, which side of the fight will you choose?

Well, here it is, Allen the Musician…I really hoped that you enjoyed it.

As usual, I must point out which of the stanzas I prefer the most, and I'll have you know it was the 4th to last, AKA the 7th stanza.

…If that makes sense. :D

Anyways, I have two more requests to go do as of right now, so I am busy!

(Okay, not really, but still… XD)