It was a quiet evening; a cool breeze blew across Konoha. Those that remained of the Rookie Nine and Team Gai, minus Lee and Hinata, sat in a restaurant waiting on their meals. Drinks had been served and were enjoying the down time that they had before any new missions came up for them to go on. Mission work load seemed to increase on the teams now, but that was to be expected now that they were one team short. Nothing really exciting had happened in the past week and a half. Just an escort mission led by Shikamaru, a reconnaissance mission for Team Gai, and training for team eight and the new team ten.

Choji often complained about being on the same team as both Ino and Sakura; who were often at each others' throats. The two completely lacked the ability to work together; not to mention that the original team's formation was now useless. That formation was their main strength and without Shikamaru they were sure to be royally screwed if they came across enemy forces.

"Hey, Shika" Choji said quietly "do you think you could possibly get me outa this mess? I don't like being on the same team as them."

"Troublesome" the shadow user sighed "but I know how you feel" as he looked at the two girls "wish I could though."

The table suddenly scrapped against the floor and a few drinks fell over. The once white table cloth was now tie-died sever different colors from the drinks. Shikamaru and Shino looked at the mess; both of them thinking along the same lines about it.

"I am soo sorry" the waitress said as she tried to wipe up as much of the drinks as she could "I'll bring more out for you."

"May I get me order to go please?" Shino asked.

"Same here" Shikamaru said.

Everyone just looked at Shino and Shikamaru. No one was expecting them to leave.

"My dad wanted me to pick some things up for him so mom won't fuss at him;" Shikamaru explained "I swear that woman has him whipped. Troublesome woman" as he rubbed his shoulder.

"There is also something I just remembered I must attend with my family or face consequences" Shino said in a calm monotone "I'm sorry for accepting your invitation to have dinner with all of you and having to leave like this. I forgot I had this to attend."

Sakura and Ino didn't have a hard time believing them; Shikamaru was always going on about how his mom had 'whipped' his dad and she was in the process of trying to do the same thing to him. Shino's family was… well they were Shino's family; not much was known about them other than the fact that they tame insects. So him having something that he forgot about, while unusual, wasn't too surprising.

Their food and drinks came quickly and Shikamaru and Shino left after saying goodbye. Shikamaru looked at the bug tamer out of the corner of his eye as they walked out of the restaurant. He couldn't figure out if Shino had just completely bull shitted his way out of that. Everyone was normally pretty easy to figure out, but Shino was by far the biggest mystery out of the group.

"Is there something on your mind Nara-san?" Shino asked in a calm voice.

"Just can't figure out if you lied your ass off back there," he sighed "normally I wouldn't care, but you're just too hard to figure out. So it's gonna bug me till I know."

"I didn't lie" as they took a turn. They both were going the same direction; Ichiraku's Ramen Bar, where Lee and Hinata were most likely at. "I do have something I must attend to tonight, but it is not until later. So the proper phrase would be, I stretched the truth."


Temari was close to passing out as she sat in her chair next to Naruto. His eyes were still swollen shut, so she couldn't tell if he had woken up at all yet. It bothered her that she couldn't tell if he had broken the Genjutsu he was trapped in or not. If he had, he couldn't open his eyes to see her; but if he did, he would have said something to her by now. There was no mistaking it; he was still trapped.

She really felt like she should've seen this coming. Often when a serious of good fortune happens, there is a repercussion of misfortune that comes with it. Naruto had saved her brother from the Shukaku, gave her high praises, helped her open her heart, and gave her her first kiss. Then this happened; shinobi of Sound attacked. If that wasn't bad enough, Chiyo had told her that they were looking for her, but when they found Naruto there instead they changed plans to take him to the Snake-teme that killed the Kazekage before Gaara.

She could never call the Yondaime Kazekage 'father'; not after what he did to the village, her brother, and herself. The training she went through would've broken or killed anyone that wasn't strong enough. More than often it did. Many civilians in the village are wash outs from the Yondaime's 'training'. Either they were injured to the point where they couldn't be Shinobi, mentally shattered, or died from chakra exhaustion. How everyone in her family survived was a mystery.

It wasn't till her trip to Konoha for the Chunin Exams that she saw where true strength comes from. The bonds formed within the village and friendships that are formed between the Shinobi. That strength is what Naruto had shown her; as well as Gaara. Ever since that fight Gaara had been trying to understand what it is like to have a bond worth dying to protect. Immediately after they returned to the Suna, Gaara wanted to get to know his brother and sister better.

She had often asked him what had changed; they were still the same family, but better since their father had been found dead. Gaara would only say that he 'wants something to truly fight for'. At first she thought he was messing around, but he wasn't like that; while hesitant she still gave it a shot. Her youngest brother was finally opening up, little by little but it was better than before.

"You should go home and get some sleep" Gaara said to her seeing how tired she looked.

There was really no point in her going home; she wouldn't get any sleep. She was too worried about Naruto.

"I can sleep here" she protested calmly "besides" looking at the blond boy "I don't think I'd be able to."

Gaara looked at his fellow Bijuu vessel; while he was concerned, he knew that the boy could pull through. If there was one thing that Naruto was good at; it was surprising people. He beat the Hyuga prodigy in a Taijutsu fight; something that the Hyuga excel at with their Gentle Fist style. If that wasn't enough though, he had enough chakra left over to fight against him and win. This boy had done nothing but try to get everyone to look at him as a human; and not as the Bijuu sealed within.

It was because no one looked at him as a human that Gaara began to lose himself to the Shukaku. Yes, there are still those that still look at him as a Jinchuuriki and the Shukaku, but that number was slowly decreasing. He had proved to many that he was indeed a human; it was difficult, but he was doing it. It started with him going to every family that was a victim to him while he was letting his actions be influenced by the Shukaku and apologize. Offering to make amice in any way possible.

He had spent the money he had saved up from all the missions he did to buy flowers, which he learned was a way to honor the dead from his sister, and took them to where he had killed someone. He had plenty of money, having the Shukaku protect him with the sand meant no hospital bills, and being able to use the sand as shuriken and kunai meant not having to by them. The only thing he cared about was proving to those around him, the Shukaku, and himself that he was not a demon.

"What do you think he's seeing in the genjutsu?" Gaara asked as he saw Naruto's eyes moving.


She was now tapping into her third tail's worth of chakra, and knew that there was a seal keeping them separated. Whoever lifted all the other seals obviously wasn't skilled enough to remove what was keeping her separated from her Kit. Either way though, she was thankful that at least that much was done. Now she didn't have to use as much chakra to open up Naruto's Tenketsu by force; which could've cause serious harm to him if she had tried to open them too much.

She was close to showing her Kit that he was trapped in a genjutsu. Making his sense of touch switch from illusion to reality was taking a lot of chakra from her; his sense of smell wasn't too hard because she had already heightened it, so just a little tinkering allowed her to make that switch. Switching his sense of touch was taking more time and chakra because of what all is affected by the sense. Every inch of skin, muscle, organs, bone, tendons, everything about the body is connected to the sense.

She had no idea what was going on in the genjutsu that her Kit was trapped in, but she could feel emotional anguish coming from him every now and then. Whatever it was, he was watching it repeatedly, while she doesn't like to use the word; someone was fucking with him, she knew it. There will be hell to pay once this is broken, she'd make sure of it; how she wished she could be summoned to the outside world to explain what she was doing to get help.

She was even concerning asking that bastard raccoon for assistance if it were possible; something she had never done before. The reason for that is because the former monk had tried to make a move on her several times. He was a disgusting creature that couldn't keep it in his robes. Even Nibi agreed with her on that one; and the feline had slept with the monk once, and only once.

"Just a little more" she panted as she started on her fourth tail of chakra.

Something was making it far harder for her to fuse her chakra with her Kit's. It was irritating beyond reason. Not only did she have to use chakra to make Naruto's senses realize what's fake and what's not, but she had to use even more to get past whatever was blocking her chakra.


His Rasengan collided with Sasuke's Chidori again; with the same thing happening. Only this time, something was different; he couldn't feel the blast of air that he knew was wrapping around him. After the two jutsu exploded against each other and he was thrown back, he didn't feel the ground beneath him; only softness against his back. Something was happening to him, and he didn't like it at all.

'There's that scent again' as he smelled desert flowers again.

He couldn't help but to wonder where it was coming from; he was in Konoha after all. So desert flowers were pretty hard to get.


The red head was patting heavily from chakra depletion. Keeping that little blond fucker, as she now calls Naruto, in a genjutsu from a distance like this was hard on her. And to make things worse, someone was trying to break it. So not only was she using chakra to keep him in the genjutsu, she was also trying to keep someone from breaking it. It was not an easy feat.

Sure she could just let the genjutsu fall, but then the fucker would end up running his mouth and screwing Sound over with a war. Orochimaru would not be amused with that at all. Her only option was to fight to keep the jutsu in place till the Snake Sannin could be informed and come up with a plan to fix this issue.

What only made matters even worse was that her fat-ass team mate wouldn't shut the hell up about wanting to kill the blond boy that broke his Doro Doumu. She would be able to focus more on keeping the little blond fucker in the genjutsu if the fat ass would just shut up. She'd never say it out loud, but she was starting to wonder what her life would have been like if she had refused Orochimaru's offer.


She was now very close to getting her Kit to break the jutsu he was trapped in. But in order for that to happen, Naruto would need to release it himself; she couldn't do that for him. Especially not with how much chakra she had just used; nearly six tails worth. The strain she was putting on herself was not good; more so considering she hasn't actually used her chakra in over two decades and actually trained with it in over a century.

If she kept pushing herself she would harm her Kit's body with her chakra. So she opted to stop for now; after all, there wasn't much she could do now. The only option left was waiting for her; wait for the blond that was her jailer to break the jutsu on his own. Till then, she had to rest; who knew how long it would take her to get all that chakra back.

'A long nap does sound good' she tried to convince herself as she laid her head over her paws and closed her eyes.


He was seeing everything perfectly, but wasn't feeling any of the hits he was receiving; or giving for that fact. He knew he was throwing punches that he should feel in his knuckles, but he wasn't. Also, he was having issues hearing things; only loud explosions and screams/yells, even then though they were hard to make out.

Again, he smelled desert flowers. He had a name on the tip of his tongue, but it wouldn't come to him. No pain from hits where he knew pain should be, softness against his back, and that heavenly scent of desert flowers. Things just weren't adding up at all. He was in the middle of a serious fight with his best friend; he should be feeling pain, not softness.


Physically she wanted to pass out, but mentally she was too worried about Naruto. The blond had found his way to her heart in just one day. While she wanted to question how that was possible, she knew that in reality it was longer than that. It was first during the Chunin Exams when he spoke up against Ibiki about the final question. The knucklehead did something she didn't think was possible; he brought confidence to everyone taking the exam.

The next thing was when he fought that Inuzuka boy. Taking hit after hit and still getting up; even using his Kage Buunshin to trick the dog boy and then biting his arm. Unorthodox but it worked. If that wasn't enough, he even took several of the Inuzuka clan's jutsu and still managed to get up despite the amount of damage it did to the blond boy. Yet the blond won; with a combo he called Uzumaki Naruto Rendan. Something that looked like it could've been made last minute, but could also pass as if it were actually practiced.

Being completely honest with herself, she didn't expect the hyperactive boy to last very long. She had done a little research on clans in Konoha before the exam and knew about the Inuzuka. Their Taijutsu was a clan form, just like the Hyuga clan's Gentle Fist, that worked best with both the user and its k-nine counterpart. And with Naruto not coming from any sort of clan, she really expected it to be just as the Inuzuka thought at first; a one-hit K.O.

Now with her being from Suna, that victory definitely got him brownie points. In Suna, many problems were solved with a fight; most of the time it was all out too. More than often, guys would literally fight over girls and vice versa. Given she had never had that problem, but she really didn't care at the time. She was a kunoichi and thought she didn't have time to 'waste' on a boyfriend or friends; clearly the Yondaime Kazekage's messed up mind set.

What truly got her attention though was when he faced against Gaara while the Shukaku was trying to take over. He was willing to die to protect someone; that was a strength not seen in Suna very often. There was no sense of camaraderie in Suna; only fighting for what is believed to be yours. Looking at it now, she understands that Suna shinobi are weak and why Konoha shinobi are so strong; they'd die to protect their comrades.

'Perhaps he can change that' she thought as she rubbed his whiskers.

"Naruto-kun" she whispered into his ear.


He felt something rubbing against his cheek; he just brushed it off. He was still trying to make sense of why he wasn't feeling pain; while fighting Sasuke. It didn't make any sense at all; physically he felt fine, a little sore around the eyes, but fine nonetheless. He made a clone and started to make a Rasengan to match Sasuke's Chidori. Then he heard his name; from a familiar voice.

"Temari-chan" he suddenly realized.

He finally put everything together; he was stuck in a genjutsu of some sort. He remembered a flute being played before he completely blacked out after being pounded by a big guy from Sound. Nothing he was seeing was actually happening; how could it, he had killed Sasuke six weeks ago. Now it was making sense; why it seemed like he was reliving a memory, because he was. Somehow that red-heads genjutsu was making him relive his fight with Sasuke.

He dispersed his clone and stood there as Sasuke charged towards him with a fully charged Chidori. It was risky, but maybe he could break the genjutsu by doing something different instead of doing like he's been doing. Instead of fighting, allow an injury to happen. The Chidori slammed into his chest and he didn't feel anything; not blood, not heat, not cold, not even a surge of chakra being forced into his system. He wrapped his arms around the illusion of his friend and whispered;

"I'm sorry, Sasuke;" as he made the sheep hand seal "Kai."

'Sasuke' started to fade from existence and the 'village' around him warped and distorted itself before finally fading.


"That cock sucking fucking little BITCH" the red head swore loudly.

They had just returned to Orochimaru's base when suddenly her flute shattered in her hands. How was a complete mystery, but she knew that the little blond fucker had something to do with it.

"Did Karin put one of your bras in the freezer again?" Kidoumaru asked his team mate in a joking tone.

Her response was throwing the three pieces of her flute at the six armed boy and causing them to impale his shoulder and two arms. The red-head was fuming with anger; no one had ever broken her strongest genjutsu before. She was going to pound that blond fucker into the ground next time she saw him.

-Suna Hospital-

Naruto tried to open his eyes, but they were still swollen pretty badly; so he settled for just keeping them closed. The sharp pain still lingered all through his body; he was starting to remember how he winded up so injured. The Sound Four showed up while he was trying to get everything out of his system. He fought one of them and got his ass handed to him. They also wanted to take him to that Snake-teme.

He smelled the sterilizing liquid that the hospital used and couldn't help but to wonder how he got there. The last thing he remembered was fighting that big guy from the Sound Four and blacking out. Someone had to have carried him to the hospital; there were still a few blanks in his memory from being hit so hard.

He felt his stomach growl; the last thing he had was that horned lizard that the old woman tricked him into eating. The old woman… Chiyo… he remembered her name, she had pulled him into the little cavern at Temari's training area and was about to fight one of the Sound Four because of her mouth. That's when he started to fight the larger opponent; he promised that Chiyo wouldn't get hurt by them. The red-head with the foul mouth; he started to remember the flute he heard. She had a flute and most likely the skill to trap him in a genjutsu.

He balled his fist up and felt something in it; he took a deep breath and smiled. It was Temari's hand in his; a small tear rolled down his face. Someone cared about his well being, like he was human; the only problem was he didn't feel like he was human. He killed his best friend; what kind of human would do that?

He felt a soft hand wipe the tear from his face; most likely Temari's. Memories of how kindly she had been treating him came to him. The blonde Suna kunoichi had taken him into her apartment despite the fact that he was a Demon. She was helping him to adapt to a life in the sand village; starting with helping him find proper clothes.

"Temari-chan" he said softly as he rolled his head towards her.

Temari's eyes widened; Naruto was awake now. And if that wasn't enough, he called her chan; something that only Kankuro had ever called her, and that was only after the Chunin Exams. She felt like breaking down into tears right then; not caring how 'weak' it would make her look. The one she cared for was alright; aside from his physical injuries.

"Naruto-kun?" she said gently.

"Can you help me up?"

Temari gently helped him sit up right, and pulled his legs over the side of the bed. He might've been up, but he was still in no condition to move around on his own. She made sure to stay close enough to force him back on the bed if he tried to get up. It was a good thing too; he tried to stand up on his own for some reason and nearly lost his balance. Luckily she caught him before he started to fall; even if she didn't though, Gaara was right there with his sand ready to.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she snapped at him as she forced him back on the bed "you just woke up and you're trying to walk around?"

Naruto barely managed to open his swollen eyes and look at the blonde kunoichi. While she looked upset, she also looked very concerned for him. But he had learned a lesson in trusting concerned looking eyes from Sakura. The pink haired kunoichi 'helped' him get away from the mob, but tried to kill him herself while he had his back turned to her. He couldn't believe he once thought he loved her.

"I was just gonna go to the bathroom" as he looked towards the opened bathroom door.

It was a good thing his eyes were as swollen as they were, otherwise Temari would've seen the uneasiness in them when he was talking. Why he didn't feel this way when he first woke up in her apartment was a mystery.

"I'll help him" Gaara said as he put Naruto's arm over his shoulder and led him to the bathroom.

Gaara could tell something was wrong with his friend. He was worse now than he was when he first showed up in Suna about a week ago. He was going to get his fellow Bijuu vessel to talk about it; it worked for him after all. After he started building a bond with his brother and sister he told them how he felt about being looked at as the Shukaku within him. While he didn't break down into tears like his sister was after he got done telling them, it still hurt him on the inside. But afterwards, he did feel better.

Once in the bathroom he set Naruto down on the toilet and stood outside the door. He wanted to wait till his sister left before he talked with his friend. There were bound to be things he didn't want his sister to know that would come to the surface. What; was the only question. And that question brought a slight sense of despair to him.

He could see that his friend was now uneasy about trusting his sister. There was now a list of questions he wanted answers to. Many of these questions could expose the true reason he was in Suna now. He wanted to help his friend find happiness; just as he had done for him.

"Why don't you go back to your apartment and get some sleep" Gaara suggested to his sister "I can stay here and make sure he's okay."

Temari didn't argue with her brother; she knew it would be pointless to do so. So she got up and walked out of the room to go back to her apartment and try to get some sleep.

Gaara waited for a few seconds before speaking. He wanted to make sure that his sister couldn't hear them when they had their conversation.

"Why were you uneasy about my Onee-san being concerned about you?" he asked Naruto from where he was standing.

"I don't wanna talk about it" Naruto said as he flushed the toilet.

Gaara used his sand to creep beneath the door and pin Naruto against the wall. He didn't struggle, because he knew it would be pointless. If Gaara wanted to kill him, he wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Listen and listen well" Gaara said in a dark tone "Uzumaki Naruto" as he opened the door and walked up to the blond "she has done nothing but worry about you since you came in this morning. She refused to eat, or even leave your side. You are the only one she has ever opened up to and that in its self is a sign that she has feelings for you."

"Last time I thought someone had feelings for me I got a kunai in my back" he stated bluntly "if my own teammate would betray me, what's to stop her from doing the same thing?"

Gaara's temper was beginning to flare up.

"Do you think that she would've offered to let you stay in her apartment if she was planning on killing you?" the kage asked "Do you think I would've had to restrain her when I told her about where you were for the month before you showed up if she didn't care about you? Do you think that she would've gotten into fights when someone called me a demon if she saw me as one; saw you as one?"

Naruto took those questions in as Gaara slowly put his sand back into the gourd on his back. It was true that if she didn't care she wouldn't have let him stay with her. She wouldn't have had to be restrained by Gaara if she didn't care about him. And she sure as hell wouldn't have gotten into fights when someone called Gaara a demon if she viewed him as one.

"If you care about her;" Gaara said in a calmer tone "you'd tell her everything that happened. From your fight, to the time you left Konoha. She cares about you Naruto. And one more thing" as he looked back to Naruto "a demon wouldn't regret killing someone; trust me, I was once like that" as he walked out of the room.

With that the kage left. Leaving Naruto in the bathroom to think about his words.


Naruto lay in bed; he really couldn't sleep much during the night. He had too many things on his mind. Gaara had made a good point about Temari caring about him; but he couldn't bring himself to talk about everything that happened after the fight with Sasuke. Sakura's betrayal stung worse than any insect could ever hope to. She used his affection for her to get him alone so she could kill him herself. If he hadn't had been borrowing the Kyuubi's chakra at the time, she might have succeeded in her plot.

As the sun hit his eyes, he rolled over to shield himself from the invading light. He didn't feel ready for the day to be here; all he wanted to do was find a hole somewhere so no one could find him. That's what he did in Konoha when the mobs were chasing after him. Luckily that hole happened to be an entrance to a honeycomb of tunnels inside the Hokage Monument.

"Naruto-kun" he heard Temari at the door as she knocked gently "can I come in?"

"Yeah" as he rolled back over and sat up.

When Temari opened the door, she was surprised to see that his eyes were almost back to normal. She could see his blue eyes that were once bright, but now held a sad look in them and dimmed the brightness that they once held.

'The Kyuubi must have been healing him during the night' she thought as she took off her fan and placed it in the corner near the door.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she sat next to him.

It was a stupid question; the pain was clear on his face, but she had to ask something to keep from breaking down and crying as she clung onto him and would refuse to let go. The blond boy had done so much for her she didn't know if she'd ever be able to repay him.

"Sore, but it's nothing I can't just walk off" without looking at her.

He wanted to break down into tears and tell her everything. Yet he couldn't bring himself to do it. If he did, she could easily use his feelings against him to hurt him. He knew she wouldn't do that though, she was different than Sakura; in a lot of areas, mainly physical appeal.

"Do you want to get some ramen;" she asked him "or go for a walk through the courtyard?"

"Can I tell you something?" Naruto asked cautiously.

"Of course" as she readjusted herself so she could hear everything he was going to say.

She already knew about what got him banished, and the month after that before he came to Suna. Even so, there were still several missing pieces of information that she didn't have.

"After my fight with Sasuke" he started "no one would look at me as a human. They wouldn't listen to me when I told them that Sasuke was going to leave and join that Snake-teme. All they tried to do was kill me; they chased me all through Konoha and no matter how many Kage Buunshin I made, they always found the real me. I thought I was safe when Sakura waved at me and signaled me to go over to her. The mob ran past the opening and I thought it was finally over.

But then I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. Sakura had stabbed me with a kunai and called me a demon" tears started to roll down his face "my own teammate even saw me as something I'm not. After everything I did to show her how I felt about her, she showed me that she was no better than the rest of the village. She betrayed me because I protected Sasuke from sinking to that Snake's level. She used my trust in her to try to kill me."

Temari wanted to shout in anger and storm to Konoha and kill that pink haired bitch. The only thing that was stopping her was the fact that Naruto needed her here. Now she understood why he seemed a little off before she left; he was questioning if he could actually trust her or not. She wrapped her arms around Naruto and pulled him close.

"I would never betray your trust Naruto-kun" she whispered into his ear "I promise."

Temari pulled her legs up onto the bed and forced Naruto to lie down on the bed. Naruto could feel the warmth coming from her, his tears began to speed up. She cared for him and wouldn't even dream of hurting him like Konoha did; and he knew it. The look in her eyes as she straddled him and looked him in the eyes was gentle and caring.

She cupped his cheek and gently rubbed his whiskers with her thumb. She was starting to like the slight animal look that they gave him; enough to show he's more than he looks, but also let him look like what he is, a human. Many might look at Jinchuuriki as if they were the demon sealed within them, but she was not in that majority. She was a part of the minority that understood the burden that the humans carried on top of the Bijuu within them; and Naruto was no different.

The burden he carried was probably heavier than any other vessel's. He contained the very demon that tried to destroy the village he was born in; and was shunned for it. If it weren't for him, the demon probably never would've been sealed away and Konoha would be but rubble beneath the Bijuu's paws. Rejected and scorned, he did whatever he could for any type of attention; pranks being his main method.

She leaned down and kissed Naruto. Unlike their first kiss, this one was more passionate and gentle. His lips weren't dry, but rather moist and soft.

Naruto's mind was a little foggy, but he could still make sense of everything. When he heard Temari tell him she would never betray his trust, he knew she meant it. He knew that if he felt uncomfortable all he would have to do is say so and she'd stop. Only, he didn't want to stop. The feeling of someone actually caring for him; he didn't want it to go away. It made him feel like he had a purpose again. His hands traveled up Temari's thighs and to her back.

Temari moaned from the pleasure that the simple gesture had cause her. While she was unsure of what he was actually doing, she trusted him enough to know he wouldn't go too far. She felt his hands gently caressing the small of her back and she liked the feeling of how gentle he was by nature. It was most likely because if he was rough with anyone, it only would've made his life worse as the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. But with all honesty, she didn't care about why; only that he was.

Naruto slowly guided his hands up to her hair; which was up in its usual four pigtail fashion. He carefully untied one of the ribbons she used to keep her hair up in the unusual fashion. He got a look from Temari that showed she was a little confused as to why he was doing so.

"I think it looks better down" he said softly as he reached back up and kissed her again.

Temari couldn't help but to blush as her hair fell down over both of their faces as they continued to kiss. She felt a gentle tug as his hands untied another ribbon and more hair fell down. To say she liked what he was doing would be like saying she hated those books Kankuro read. Not only did her hair act as a curtain to hide what they were doing from anyone that would happen to walk in, but she liked how her hair looked against his.

-Author's Note-

I was planning on making this chapter longer, but I figured that this would be a good spot to end it at. My plan B was to have Kankuro walk in on them and ruin it, but I decided against it.