I do not own Final Fantasy 7 or any other game characters used.

Akako: Hey, well my muses have been bugging me for a Final Fantasy story, so here it is. Now if no one has seen the Truth or Dares from the Sonic section then my OC/Muse Hoshi will explain the rules.

Hoshi: (Clears throat) All right, so you guys give us questions and dares for the FF7 characters and we threa- I mean ask them to cooperate and do the dare or answer truthfully. You can make your least favorite character embarrass himself/ herself, or send them to the fans. (Points to the pits full of screaming fans) That's all there is to it, and flamers will be ignored.

Akako: Ok, Hoshi you're in charge here. I know you'll enjoy this, you had fun with the Sonic one.

Hoshi: Right now, we need to get the characters here. So how will we get the characters here?

Akako: I have Senna and her people already working on that.

Hoshi: They should be here soon then.

Akako: Well next chapter the FF7 characters should be here. Until then, send in dares.

Hoshi: We'll have all of the characters from the entire FF7 universe. And please don't forget you can ask questions.

Senna: (Walks in dragging a tied up Chaos) One down, many to go. Now I think I'll go for Cloud, or Sephiroth.

Akako: Why not get the easy characters done first?

Senna: Where's the fun in that. Oh I forgot to bring Vincent after I ripped Chaos out.

Hoshi: He'll probably come looking for you to find out how you did it.

Akako: Go grab Lucrecia, he'll definitely chase you here.

Senna: Great idea! I could use the exercise, I'll be back with two more characters later! And in exchange for getting them, I wanna be co-host.

Akako/Hoshi: Deal!

Hoshi: Well that solves you co-host problem.

Akako: What about the janitor, in other ToD fics the stage really gets messy.

Hoshi: Hmm, how about…Excella from Resident Evil.

Senna: I'll make a call and have her brought here.

Akako: Perfect! Now once again, SEND. IN. DARES. PLEASE.

Hoshi: O.O

Akako: People do have a habit of not reviewing.

Senna: Oh yeah that's why you gave up on your other Truth or Dare fic.

Hoshi: Well that's it for this chapter, bye.

I cannot say this enough, this fic CANNOT continue without reviews. So please, give me some dares, or questions you'd like to ask. Thank you.