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Hoshi: (Twitching)

Hojo: (Going on about his experiments)

Senna: Does he ever stop talking about his work?

All FF7 Characters: No.

Hoshi: (Holds up sign saying 'Who ever stops him gets a dare pass')

Chaos: (Tear Hojo apart) Finally silence.

Hoshi: Not for long, here's your dare pass. (Hands over a laminated pass)

Senna: (looks at the bloody mess that was Hojo) Time to break in the new janitor. Excella, we go blood.

Excella: (Walks in wearing a jumpsuit and dragging a mop) I had a high position at TriCell, then some psycho comes in and pays my boss for me to be a janitor. (Continues to rant as she cleans)

Hoshi: By the way, welcome to the team Dragon-Lily-Roulette. So Kurode was what you wanted us to call you?

Dragon-Lily-Roulette: Yep.

Senna: Let's start the chapter! Our first dares are from kitty of the shadows

Aw how could y'all not know who the brat prince is? well sence the dare me had for Vincent failed I have another for himVincent I dare you to kiss tifaI also have another dare for RenoReno I dare you to dress in drag then flirt with Zack also I came up with a dare for hojo and cloudhojo I dare you to make cloud smell like a cat, then I dare cloud to run threw a dog park. Lol

Hoshi: (busts out laughing) This is funny!

Vincent: (Quickly kisses Tifa on the cheek) Never said how I kiss her.

Chaos: (Rolls eyes)

Reno: HELL NO!

Senna: Either you do it or you go to the fangirls. And these are almost as crazy as the Twilight fans.

Reno: (Runs off then comes back dressed in drag) Now what?

Hoshi: You have to flirt with Zack Fair. (Grins evilly)

Reno: (Sighs then looks at Zack) Uhh… Are you into bondage?

Zack: Maybe. (Shifty eyes)

Hoshi: Ok while Reno tries to figure out how to flirt with a guy we'll just move on. Hojo if you would.

Hojo: (Dumps angry cat pheromones on Cloud) I think this will work.

Kurode: Oh, he's never gonna get that stuff off. So avoid cats for the rest of your life.

Hoshi: (Grins and drags Cloud to the dog park)

Cloud: SHIT! (Runs from angry dogs and cats)

Hoshi: Yeah, the angry cat stuff seems to be pretty strong.

Senna: Well onto the next set of dares! These are from pensuka

hehe this is good stuff i have some things to make it bettertifa i dare you take off you top and do a sexy posecloud since your tourtured enough you get to mak out with tifa after her daresephiroth i dare you to jump of the cliff and land at the yaoi fan area

Tifa: WHAT?

Hoshi: Just get it over with.

Tifa: (Takes off top and imitates pose from playboy)

Cloud: (Jumps Tifa)

Hoshi: O.O THE CLOSET IS OVER THERE! (Kicks both into closet)

Kurode: O.o

Senna: (Evil grin) Sephiroth you got a dare to do.

Sephiroth: (Glares) At least there isn't another male in there. (Teleports to a cliff and dives into yaoi fangirls)

Hoshi: (laughs evilly and tosses Cloud in)

Sephiroth/Cloud: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

All guys: O.O

Senna: Hey we have dares from Kurode.

Kufufufufufu... You guys survive~ Well done and I'm glad to get the job~ Please get injured right now so the and I can tortur- I mean fix you guys up...My dares are for Reno to have cat ears... Rude to have Afro hair no matter what...Tifa you are dared to get smaller boobs seriously... Yuffie gets to steal anything with this invisibility cloak and Cloud name shall be reduced to Cloudy-Dowdy KittyI also have gift trapped filled beds for everyone... They can be trapped or not...

Vincent: (breaks every bone in Hojo's body)

Kurode: (Cackles evilly as she drags him off)

Everyone: (Hears screaming and insane laughter) O.O

Hoshi: Any feel sorry that Hojo is suffering.,

Everyone else: (Shakes head)

Hoshi: Thought so.

Senna: Rude hold still while Reno goes in for his painful surgery. (Dumps hair growing tonic on Rude's head)

Rude: (Doesn't seem to care about having a huge blond afro)

Tifa: (Dragged off to have breast reduction surgery)

Cloudy-Dowdy-Kitty: How long is my name gonna be like this?

Senna: End of the chapter sound good?

Cloudy-Dowdy-Kitty: I guess.

Hoshi: When did you escape the fangirls?

Sephiroth: Someone insulted a guy named Wesker and chaos broke out when a dark brown haired fangirl dove in and attacked.

Hoshi: Kurai really needs to control herself when it comes to my cousin.

Reno: (Walks back with cat ears and tail)

Tifa: (Walks out behind Reno with a chest flat as a board)

Hoshi: OK we only have time for two more dares this chapter. And everyone remember each chapter we do five dares only. We might do more if Akako feels like it.

Senna: Now for joy24's dares.

Hello, joy24 here. Don't worry I won't go crazy on yeah... I might spite you a : Truth: how much do you weigh? I can't really think of anything just : Truth: are your teeth pionted more than normal? Fogive me, but wiki said that you do, however I could never tell in the games or movie. Well, you know that could just be & ex-turk: Truth: Did any of you grow up in Shinra to become turks? Cause Cissneli (I spelled that wrong) said she : Dare: watch Friday the

All FF characters: Uh.

Hoshi: Let me guess you don't know.

Tifa: Well the scales we used ran on mako to make them precise so with ShinRa shutting down we haven't been weighed in a while.

Senna: Makes sense, Sorry joy.

Vincent: Only when Chaos takes over.

Chaos: (Blinks)

Vincent: I joined later on in life.

Other Turks: (Nod)

Cissnei: I'm really the only one who did I think.

Hoshi: Scary movie? YES! (Runs off to get the movie then forces everyone to watch)

/couple hours later/

Senna: Time for the last set of dares! These are from Superman K.

Hoshi: That names sounds familiar. Oh well here's the dares.

Cloud: who do you like more, aerith or tifa?Sephiroth: why do you need such a long sword?Zack: stab hojo in the face, then stomach, and cut off his limbsVincent: change your cape to pinkYuffie: switch bodies with renoThat is all ^^

Cloud: (Looks around and notices Zack's menacing face) Tifa?

Hoshi: Wow, scary guy.

Sephiroth: It was chosen for me and I grew used to it.

Zack: OK! (Stabs Hojo in every inch of his body)

Senna: Looks like someone is going back to Kurode. But he can go later.

Vincent/Hoshi: (Twitch)

Senna: Oh shit, Hoshi gets murderous with pink.

Hoshi: (Puts blindfold on) I'm good.

Vincent: (Growls when Senna dumps pink paint on his cape)

Hoshi: Vincent, you're lucky I can't see. I'll kill anything in pink that I see.

Senna: Well that's it for today! And sorry we took so long Akako is easily distracted by awesome games.

Akako: (Doesn't notice camera record her playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) DIE ALREADY VANITAS YOU BASTARD!

Hoshi: (Still wearing blindfold) Well send in your dares and have a nice night!