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They all came to get 'em some Memphis

A little somethin' for their soul.

-Jimmy Buffett

Cinco de Mayo in Memphis

Brennan tensed up in the embrace and Booth let her go and backed off a but.

"Are you okay?" he asked, looking at her.

"Am I alright? Booth, you look manic. What are you doing here?" she asked, taking in her partner with wide eyes.

"I'm uh...well, ya see...can we step outside and talk about this?"

"Booth, its pouring outside."

He ran a hand through his soaked hair and mumbled, "Right."

A moment of thick silence passed where he looked at his feet and she studied him. Finally, she said, "Something is wrong, isn't it?"

"Listen, Bones, I just...I don't want to try to talk to you in this crowd, okay? Is there anywhere quieter we could go to talk?" he responded.

"We could go to my hotel room," she offered.

He paused for a moment to think, then nodded and said, "Yeah, that's good."

She nodded and walked back to her group, said something, picked up her jacket, waved, and walked back. "Let's go," she said, pulling on her jacket and walking toward the door.

Booth held the door open for her and waved goodbye to Muriel. He followed Bones to her rental car and they rode in silence back to the Peabody.

Still silent, they went up to her room. He slumped down onto the foot of her bed and dropped his head into his hands. She stood in front of him with her arms folded across her chest and watched him. He looked defeated. Something in her chest felt like it melted and her suspicion, though not decreasing, lost its malicious fear.

"Booth, are you okay?" she asked, her voice unintentionally forming a soft tone.

"Tired," he said, looking up at her and cracking a smile. He had dark circles under his bloodshot eyes.

"Why are you here, Booth?"

"I-uh...I don't really know," he replied, chuckling a little.

"You weren't intoxicated, were you?"

"No. I know that. I was not, and am not, drunk."

"Did you drive here?"

"Yeah, all night. About seventeen hours."

"Booth! That is not good for your health! You aren't a college student anymore! You're almost forty! That is much too late in life for your body to be forced into coping with that stress!"

"No one ever accused me of being smart, Bones. You're the smart one, remember? You're the brains, I'm the heart?"

"So, are you implying that you drove all night for some 'heart' issue?"

"I guess you could say that...I miss you, Bones."

"I miss you, too, Booth. We said that on the phone. I do not understand why you had to tell me this in person."

"I guess I just needed to see you," he mumbled.

"Well, here I am. I hardly believe that's worth risking your life over!"

"For once in your life, Bones, you couldn't be more wrong."

"What are you-"

"Bones, you are always worth risking my life. I would do anything for you," he interrupted.

"So, you would have felt fine if you had died trying to see me? Did you ever think about what I would do if you died? Booth, I've been there, remember? And things have changed since then! I couldn't take it now!"

"Wait," he said quietly, but with force, "You think something's changed?"

"From my side of our relationship, I have observed changes that have occurred with increasing rapidity in the past few months," she said with the air someone reporting a change in the growth rate of tomato plants factoring in the relationship of two species of bees.


He had scared her into science.

"I'm not doubting that there's been change between us, Bones, I'm just a little shocked to hear you say it."

She looked at him timidly, "I don't know that I can quantify the change, though...It's more of a..."

"Feeling?" he offered.

"I suppose that would be a logical categorization for determining this change. I feel it...in my heart. As completely illogical as that seems-"

"Logic doesn't matter with feelings, Bones, they make their own rules," he said with a smile.

"Given the events of this weekend, I would say that I concur with that assertion," she said, nodding.

He chuckled, "You know, Bones, as much as I hate the way you talk, I really like to hear you talk...I like to see you talk, too."

She smirked, "Booth, that makes no sense. You're tired; you should sleep."

"Nah, I'm fine," he brushed off as his eyes sagged closed.

"Booth!" she called, reaching over to shake his arm.

He grinned, "'m just resting my eyes."

"Booth, it is not advisable for you to remain awake."

"Did I miss the part where you added an 'M.D' to the end of your name?" he teased.

"No, I am not a medical doctor, but if you really will only take advice from one, I am quite sure that Dr. Saroyan would tell you the same as I am," she reached over to pick up her cell phone.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, "No, no, that's okay, Bones. If you say I need to sleep, I'll sleep. You look tired, too, Bones. Why don't you lie down with me?"

"No, that's fine. I can sit up and work on something-"

"I can't sleep with lights on and it's bad for your eyes to work in poor light."

"I can go out-"

"Then how will you know I'm really sleeping? Besides, it's pouring."

She looked out the window and allowed the rain to lull her eyes to a half-open state. She yawned.

"See? Sleep," he pulled on her shoulders and she soon was no longer resisting. He pulled her to him and she closed her eyes. She felt her body relax for the first time since she had left D.C..

She sighed contentedly and said, "I'm glad you came to Memphis, Booth."

He kissed the top of her head and replied, "I'm glad I came, too."