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Olivia was ready to get her summer started, anticipating all the money she would make from cutting grass and cleaning swimming pools. She was hopeful that she would land a few of the really rich houses in the suburbs. The money she would make would completely outweigh the sense of not belonging those places brought to someone from her side of the tracks.

As she walked to her locker thinking where she would leave flyers, Trevor Langan, one of the richest, biggest jock assholes in her opinion, pushed into her. "Watch where you're going dyke." Olivia felt her blood boil. "Awww…is wittle Trevor weavor still upset because I wouldn't go out with him?" Olivia asked in a cutesy baby voice, causing the other basketball players with Trevor to laugh.

"Shut your mouth!"

"Oh, like I did when I wouldn't go down on you? " Olivia said with a smirk, continuing on her way to another round of laughter at Trevor's expense.

Later that week Olivia began putting flyers in mail boxes advertising her business. As she was closing one mailbox, she watched a woman across the street getting her mail. 'Perfect timing,' she thought quietly to herself.

"Excuse me ma'am," Olivia said to get the woman's attention. Words failed her as she looked at the woman in front of her; the woman's blond hair tumbled as though she'd just awakened. Her eyes were a startling, deep cerulean blue.

When Olivia failed to continue speaking the woman asked "Can I help you?"

"Uuuh yeah…" Olivia quickly explained her business to the woman. "And so I could come by every other week to cut the grass and clean the pool. Would that work for you miss…?"

"Mrs. Langan. Alexandra Langan, but you can call me Alex," Olivia's eyebrows rose beyond her dark bangs.

"Mrs. Langan as in Trevor's mom?" Olivia asked in an incredulous voice.

"I'm his stepmom. And to answer your other question, I'd have to ask my husband first, but I'm sure that should be fine."

"Aaahhh. Ok. Thanks for your time." Olivia said, still stunned and wondering what she'd gotten herself into.

"Do you have a number where I can reach you once I know?" Alex asked.

"Ummm yeah, here I'll write it down for you."Olivia said taking a flyer and a pen out of her bag.

Olivia received a call later that day and set a schedule to go and tend to the Langan's yard and pool. She was glad it was on a Saturday, hoping Trevor would be out at basketball practice or asleep when she was there. The last thing she needed was to run into him while she was cutting his yard. She would never live it down.

Saturday morning, Olivia was out bright and early ready to start her new job. She figured cleaning the pool first would be easiest and better to do before anyone was up to use it. As she headed into the back yard, which was unlocked as promised, she was surprised to see Mrs. Langan, 'Alex,' she corrected silently to herself, swimming in the cool blue water. As she broke the water's surface and came to the pool steps, Olivia couldn't help but to stare at the pale, beautiful body, scantly covered, before her. Her eyes raked over firm, small breast before moving on to toned, flat abs and finally to long shapely legs. Alex smoothed her hair back and watched as Olivia looked her fill, pleased by the shocked pleasure on the girl's face.

"You're here early." Alex said in a throaty, almost sensual tone.

"Um, yeah. I usually start early to get all of my work done."

"Well I'll just get out of your way then. I'll leave your money over on the table after I shower," Alex said, wrapping a towel around her.

Olivia nodded in affirmation before getting to work.

She casually looked around as she cleaned the pool. The backyard was dominated by the pool but had a huge glass dining table covered by an umbrella on the wide stone path encasing the house. The light colored stoned portion of the yard was wide enough to have a corner side barbeque grill and smoker housed on one side of the yard. It almost looked as though it was built into the side of the house. There was also stairs that led to a shaded rounded conversation pit. There were rounded sofas, built into the stone pit with a glass table in the middle. The sofas were a deep tan offset the stone. The stone branched out into the rich green of the grass which was large enough to fit a small outdoor gym equipped with weights, a bike, treadmill and yoga mats and balls.

As she was packing up her pool cleaning supplies, she watched as Alex came out in a cream colored linen suit. After putting the money on the table, she watched as the blond bent over to fix a strap on her sandal, giving Olivia a great view of the dark lace beneath riding low on her hips. Olivia not completely sure about her sexuality, couldn't help but be attracted to the blond. 'Is she doing this on purpose', Olivia wondered silently to herself.

Walking over to the woman, Olivia quietly picked up the money and slipped it in her back pocket.

"Thanks Mrs. Langan."

"Alex," Olivia was softly corrected. "I'm heading out, but feel free to help yourself to anything in the refrigerator. Olivia looked around but didn't see one.

"It's behind the wood panel beside the grill," Alex said, seeing Olivia's blank expression.

"Ok. Thanks. Umm, Alex?" Olivia said as Alex began going back into the house. "If I can call you Alex, then you can call me Liv."

Olivia smiled shyly as the woman gave her a full smile.

After working for another two hours, Olivia finally left the Langan home around 10am, still early enough so if Trevor was still there, he was asleep. Olivia quickly put their lawnmower back in the garage and hooked her pool equipment on her bike.

It sucked being 17 and not having a car, but she knew if she wanted one, she would have to buy it herself. Determined to do so, Olivia planned to work tirelessly to accomplish her goal by the end of the summer.

After working for the Langan's for six weeks, and still going undetected by Trevor, Olivia was thrilled her luck had held. She just hoped her luck held today because she had to switch the morning time she usually did the Langan's yard with the noon time she did the Petrovsky's yard. Mrs. Petrovsky asked her to cut their grass earlier because of a party they would have in the afternoon. She was also surprised that she was becoming friends of sorts with Alex. She remembered their first conversation.

Olivia arrived at the Langan residence for 7am. It was still cool for the moment thankfully. She worked quickly and efficiently and was done by 10am. As she was putting her things away she heard someone call her name. "Olivia wait!"She stood and watched as Alex came running toward her in a bright pink, thin cotton top and thin cotton shorts. "Do you have time to have coffee with me? There's something I want to talk to you about."Olivia looked indecisive for a moment before caving in. "Yeah sure, but I'd hate to track grass and dirt inside your house..."

"That's fine."Alex interrupted. We can have coffee outside. I take it you'd like yours iced?"

Olivia smiled. "Yes. That would be great."

After bringing out their beverages, Alex took a seat at the table across from Olivia. "I thought you should know, we had a dinner party a few days ago and several people complimented the yard and acquired about your service."

Olivia smiled internally thinking about all of the other extra money she could make in the next couple of months. The happy glow faded quickly at the next words.

"But I wouldn't give them your information."

"What? Why?" Olivia asked incredulous.

"Because if you're coming here this early then you probably already have a very full schedule. You should be enjoying your summer, not slaving away!"

Olivia started to interrupt, but Alex continued. "and…I didn't want you working for anyone else. I like knowing that you're all mine," Alex said softly.

Olivia felt heat flood her body at these words, unsure how to take them.

"And because I made such a decision for you, I'm going to compensate by paying you for the extra three yards you would have had."

"I can't let you do that," Olivia interrupted. "I can't take money I'm not earning."

"You are earning it. It's not like you come here just to entertain me. 'Though I wouldn't mind that,' Alex thought silently. "You work hard during the time you're here and always do a fantastic job. I realize you must be doing this for a reason?"

"Yeah…I'm trying to save up enough money to buy a car…"

"Admirable. Too many people just expect things to be given to them. It's refreshing to meet someone who's not like that. How are you doing?"

"Well, things have been good so far, but I still have a ways to go. So I'll let you know at the end of the summer," Olivia said with a smile.

Hearing her husband call her, Alex gave Olivia a smile before getting up to collect the glasses.

"Well I guess that's my cue to leave," Olivia said grinning.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I have to go attend to my wifely duties. So I'll see you in two weeks?"Alex asked, unsure if Olivia would want to continue working for her.

"Yeah, I'll be here," smiling Olivia added, "since you don't want to share me, I guess I'm all yours."

Alex felt heat shoot through her at Olivia's playful words. 'She should not be able to affect me this way,' Alex thought to herself. 'Wait a minute…is she flirting with me?' Before Alex could do or say something she may have later regretted Olivia walked away.

"I'll see you later," she called over her shoulder.

In the short weeks Olivia had been working there, they'd gotten to know each other. Alex was one of two people Olivia felt comfortable talking to about her mother and the problems they had at home. The other was her best friend Elliot who'd gone away to Ireland for the summer to visit family. She talked to Alex about how much she missed him.

"Elliot has been my one true friend since middle school. We've been through a lot together," Olivia said.

"Oh. Are you dating him?" Alex asked in a controlled voice.

Olivia laughed. "Me and Elliot?"Olivia asked in an incredulous tone. "No! We've never been more than friends. He's like a brother to me."

Alex smiled softly.

"I'm an only child too. I never had anyone I was that close too. I spent most of my time shadowing my dad and learning the family business. That's actually how I met David. He was one of my dad's business partners. They decided it would be a good business deal to have us marry," Alex finished silently.

"Why did you agree to marry him? You could have any guy you want!"Olivia exclaimed angered on Alex's behalf.

"We'll it was either marry or be disinherited. Dad decided a wedding would make a great 21st birthday present" Alex said softly.

How long have you been married?" Olivia asked in a controlled voice.

"We've been married for a year and a half."

"You're almost the same age as Trevor and I?"

Lost in her memories, Olivia jumped slightly at the hand on her shoulder. "Hey, where'd you go?" Alex asked with an amused twinkle her eyes.

"Just thinking," Olivia said quietly.

"Well, while you're thinking, would you mind rubbing this sunscreen on my back so I don't burn?"

"Uhhh…yeah sure."

Alex stretched out on her stomach on one of the lawn chairs beside the pool. After handing Liv the lotion, she braced her face into the triangle of her arms. Liv quickly warmed the sunscreen between her hands before slowly, hesitantly rubbing the lotion on Alex's back. As she worked her way down Alex's back, slowly stroking her, she felt a slight blush creep into her cheeks at the pleasure this brought her. As she reached the top of the strings to Alex's two-piece, Alex reached around and untied the strings.

Alex was loving the feel of Olivia's hands caressing her. She knew Liv had no idea the kinds of feelings she stirred within her. Unable to stop herself, a soft moan escaped Alex's lips causing Olivia to pause before continuing to stroke the smooth, soft flesh beneath her fingertips. After finishing her gentle ministrations, Olivia slowly retied the strings to the bikini top. Alex turned over to face the brunette, her eyes, darkened by desire, blazed with fire. Liv sucked in a quiet breath and the intensity of Alex's gaze.

In an instant their lips met, neither sure who initiated the kiss, but both glad for it. Alex gently nipped Olivia's bottom lip before flicking her tongue across it. As Liv's mouth opened with a shocked gasp Alex deepened their kiss. Slowly their tongues tangled and mated, both moaning at the contact. Their kiss grew deeper until the need for air broke the kiss. Liv stared into Alex's eyes in shock, completely unsure of what had happened. They continued to stare at one another before jumping apart at the sound of the front door slamming closed. "Uhhh…I think I should get to work," Olivia said quietly before quickly rising. "Hey Alex where are you?" They heard footsteps coming toward them. "My father told me to tell you…"Trevor paused when he saw Olivia with the lawn mower.

"What the hell?" An evil grin lit up Trevor's face. "Benson works for us? How long has this been going on?"

"What's it to you jockhole?" Olivia asked, using one of her favorite insulting nicknames. The smirk never left Trevor's face.

"I'd be careful if I were you Alex. My father wouldn't want you half dressed around…her kind," Trevor said before walking off with a grin.

Alex watched the exchange between them silently, reading the different range of emotions that flitted across Olivia's face. She was surprised to find shame among them. Before she could say anything after Trevor had gone, Olivia revved up the mower.

Estimating the time she had before Liv was done, Alex went inside to take care of errands. As she returned outside, she saw Olivia lock up the shed before walking out the gate.

Hurrying to catch up to her Alex called out, "Liv wait," putting a hand on Olivia's arm. "I want to talk to you about what happened earlier. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done what I did. It was completely inexcusable…" Olivia interrupted her, "Alex…can we talk about this later? I have to get to my next job."

"Yeah sure. Fine," Alex said in a quiet voice. In an almost shy tone she added "Maybe I could call you later?"

"Yeah. Sure," Olivia said, anxious to leave the Langan residence.

Later that night, after helping her drunken mother into bed, Olivia sat in her room, silently contemplating the day's events. She didn't know how to feel about the kiss she shared with Alex, nor Trevor's comment. She knew he spread rumors about her, telling everyone she was gay. It annoyed her because she had to deal with the comments while she figured out whether they were true or not. She'd dated boys in school but never truly felt attracted to anyone, before Alex. She'd been attracted to Alex from the beginning, though she definitely didn't expect anything to happen because of the big fact that Alex was married and she didn't like girls that way. Olivia's silent contemplations were interrupted by the phone ringing beside her bed.

She quickly picked it up to avoid waking up her mother, 'though it would be hard to do so in her current state,' Olivia thought bitterly.


"Olivia?" Alex asked hesitantly. "This is Alex."

"Hey," Olivia answered. "What can I do for you Mrs. Langan?" Olivia asked in a distant tone.

"So are we strangers now Liv?" Alex asked in a hurt tone. "We can't be friends anymore?"

"I'm sorry Alex. Of course I still want to be friends. It's just…I was really surprised by what happened today."

"How do you feel about it?" Alex asked in a hesitant tone.

"I don't know how I feel Alex. Kissing you was…kissing you was incredible. I've never felt like that before. But I can't be with you that way. It's bad enough that you're married, but you're Trevor's stepmom. And if he found out…he would make my life hell," Olivia said thinking about the rumors that had gone around during the end of the school year.

"What is it with you and Trevor anyway?" Alex asked in a curious tone.

"He asked me out several times last year and I turned him down. He somehow got the brilliant idea that I was just playing hard to get. He also decided that I really wanted to…go down on him and when he shared this brilliant deduction with me, he got a knee in his groin. Then he started spreading rumors around school that I was a lesbian."

"I'm sorry. I knew he could be a real ass but even I'm surprised. I'm really sorry…" Alex said.

"It's not your fault. Anyway…I really don't want to give him any fuel for his fire," Olivia said in a tired voice.

"Ok. Will you still come around?" Alex asked softly.

"You know I will," Olivia said quietly.

This gave Alex a small glimmer of hope that she could change Olivia's mind. "Since I won't see you for a week, will you call me? I always keep my cell with me…"Alex said shyly.

"Yeah I'll call you."

"Goodnight Olivia."

"Goodnight Alex."

After hanging up Alex smiled. "She said kissing me was incredible," Alex whispered to herself with excitement.

The next time Olivia came to cut the grass, Alex kept her distance as Olivia wanted, but she made sure to wear her skimpiest bathing suit though no one was up and awake except the two of them.

Olivia could barely keep her eyes off of Alex. 'What is she wearing?' Olivia thought furiously as she watched Alex cut through the water smoothly. As Alex broke the water's surface, Olivia could barely suppress the shudder that went through her body as she gazed at Alex's exposed, wet body. She wore a two-piece that made her breast swell and rise, and made her legs look impossibly longer. The swim suit also made her eyes seem brighter and more alluring. Giving Olivia's blank stare a smile, Alex headed into her house. Olivia watched as the door closed, trying to decide whether she was angry on turned on by Alex's open display. "Definitely both," she muttered quietly.

After neatly storing all of the equipment once the job was completed, Olivia turned to leave and was shocked to see Alex lazily leaning against the wooden door that led to the backyard. She wore a snug, light blue, sleeveless summer dress with a white stylish hat and shades. A white belt around the dress made her waist appear impossibly small. The hat dipped low over her face, shading her from the sun.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Alex asked in an all too alluring voice Olivia thought silently.

"No." Olivia answered shortly, wanting to leave before Alex tempted her to do something she'd regret.

"Don't you want payment for your services?" Alex asked in a sultry tone which sent a shaft of heat to Olivia's core.

Slowly walking toward her, Olivia wished she could see Alex's eyes through the shades which hid them from her view. Stopping a foot away, Olivia held out her hand for her expected payment. Opening a hidden pocket on the side of her fitted sun dress, Alex took the money and slowly placed it in Olivia's hands, making sure to brush her fingers along the brunette's fingers for added contact. They both felt the spark between them at the touch.

"Call me later?" Alex asked softly, hoping Liv wouldn't say no.

"Alex…" Olivia said with a sigh.

Standing up straight and bringing them closer together Alex softly added "please?'

Knowing she couldn't refuse her Olivia nodded her head in affirmation.

Later that night, after placing a blanket on top of her mother who passed out an hour before, Olivia went to her room to call the woman who'd been on her mind all day.

Alex picked up after two rings. "Hello?"

"Hey Alex it's me."

"Hey. I thought you'd changed your mind."

"No I had some things to take care of first." Olivia said, thinking of her mother.

"Anything you want to talk about?"

"Not really. I just…had to take care of my mom."

"Ok. How would you feel about coming over tomorrow night to hang out? David and Trevor are going out of town for the week on a fishing trip and I'd really like to spend some time with you." Alex said shyly.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea," Olivia began to say.

"Oh come on Liv. We won't do anything. Just watch a movie, maybe go for a swim. I promise I'll behave." Alex quickly reassured.

'I'm not sure I can say the same,' Olivia thought silently.

"Ok, but only for a little while. What time do you want me to come?"

'Always.' Alex thought but instead replied, "You can come around 7. I'll order a pizza or I can cook if you'd like."

"You don't have to do anything special. Pizza is totally fine."

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Ok. Bye."

Olivia returned home from working all day to get ready to go to Alex's. After taking a quick shower, Olivia debated on over what to wear. Deciding to wear a black tank-top with jean shorts over her black bikini, Olivia was ready to leave. She considered leaving her mother a note, but knew she wouldn't be concerned about her whereabouts and quickly decided against it. Since it was still daylight, she decided to ride her bike.

After storing her bike in the backyard, Olivia knocked on the back door. When she saw Alex come to the door similarly dressed, she smiled. The smell of supreme pizza, hit her nostrils as Alex opened the patio doors.


"Hey. Come on in."

Alex led the way to media room which had surround sound speakers, several buttery soft leather chairs and a huge leather sofa in front of a huge flat screen plasma TV at least 50 inches by Olivia's estimation. In front of the couch was a polished oak would table with a large, opened box of pizza atop it. After popping in the movie, Alex quickly took a seat on the couch and a plate for her pizza.

"Wow. This room is beautiful." Olivia quietly mumbled.

"Would you hit the lights Liv?"

Doing as asked, Olivia took a seat on the opposite end of the couch. They both ate in silence, quietly watching the movie, laughing at the appropriate time. Sometime during the movie, the two ended up much closer together, their arms and legs gently brushing. Most of the movie was spent looking at the other when they thought the other wasn't looking. After the credits began to roll, Alex quietly stood and turned off the television before turning to Olivia.

"Liv would you like to go for a swim now?"

"Yeah, that'd be great." Olivia answered with a smile.

As they made their way to the edge of the pool, Olivia quickly stripped before jumping in the pool. Alex only had a quick view of her body before watching Liv quickly disappear in the water. As she came up for air, she looked around, not spotting Alex.

"Alex? Alex?" She called out in a loud whisper."

Feeling hands wrap around her waist, she cried out before being dragged under. As they both surfaced, Olivia spluttered water as Alex laughed.

"You think that's funny?" Olivia growled. "Ooooh I am so going to get you back." Olivia declared, before splashing a large amount of water in Alex's direction.

Hearing her shriek, she knew she made her mark. Letting out a laugh of her own, Olivia quickly ducked under water, swimming away from Alex. She soon felt Alex's sleek body wrapping around her, before they both came up for air.

Laughing they both indulged in a splash fight, splashing while trying to dodge splashes aimed at them.

"Truce! Truce!" Alex called out to end their splash war.

"You're only saying that because you were losing." Olivia said mockingly.

Alex's eyes sparked as she moved closer to Olivia in the water.

"I wasn't losing I'm conceding. There's a difference between losing and conceding."

"Oh really. And what's that?" Olivia continued to taunt with a lifted eyebrow and smirk, watching as Alex drew closer.

"By conceding, I didn't have to wipe the floor with you." Alex gave a smirk of her own, now standing close enough to touch.

"You didn't stand a chance Blondie." Olivia's eyes held an equal fire, matching Alex flame for flame.

Wrapping her hands around Olivia's waist, Alex gave a quick tug, bringing the brunette flush against her.

"Oh really? I'd say we're pretty evenly matched," she said before lowering her mouth to kiss Olivia.

With a small sigh, Liv opened her mouth and accepted the kiss. Her tongue slowly danced across Alex's, making them both moan in pleasure. Sliding her hands up Alex's back, Olivia's hands made their way into Alex's hair, pulling her closer to deepen their kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance, as Alex let her hands wander and gently stroke the ample flesh exposed by Olivia's bathing suit. Breaking apart for much needed air, Olivia watched as Alex slowly reached behind her to release her top strings. She took a deep breath and watched, mesmerized by the sight slowly being revealed to her. Alex kept her eyes locked on Olivia's face, as she slowly pulled the bottoms down her legs. Olivia groaned as the body she'd dreamed of presented itself to her.

"Do you like what you see?" Alex asked slowly walking them to the steps.

"Yes." Olivia said in a voice that was dry and hoarse with her desire. As she felt the stairs brush the back of her legs, Liv felt her legs give. Alex slowly and easily straddled her lap. Without needing to be asked, Olivia slowly ran her hands up Alex's body, gently stroking her breasts as her lips made their way to a neck that called to her. Gently biting and sucking on Alex's neck, Olivia groaned as she heard the guttural sounds emanating from Alex. Her hands continued to stroke and fondle the blonde's body as both of their needs made themselves known.

Alex quickly brought Olivia's mouth back to hers for another searing, demanding kiss. She thoroughly explored Olivia's mouth, her tongue possessively exploring its mate. When the need for air once again became pressing, Alex attacked Olivia's throat. The blond shuddered as she heard Liv moan her name in a breathy whisper, Olivia's hands moving to caress her bare bottom. Pulling away only enough to look into her eyes, the brunette locked eyes with the blonde, each reading the intensity radiating off of the other.

"Alex…I've never…done this before. I…" Olivia stammered in embarrassment.

"You mean you've never been with a woman?"

"No, I mean I've never been with anyone. At least not beyond second base." Olivia clarified.

"Oh." The blonde look taken aback. "We don't have to do anything you're not ready for. I won't pressure you into anything you don't want to do, you know that right?" Alex asked concerned.

"Yes." Olivia looked at her shyly as Alex began to move off of her and quickly donned her bathing suit. "Can we shower and maybe watch another movie together?"

"Yeah. That would be great. There's a shower in the bathroom beside the kitchen, or you can use mine after me or…with me." Alex said as her cheeks grew red.

Olivia gently took her hand. "Lead the way."

As the pair entered the master bath room, Alex quickly turned on the hot water, to heat the bathroom. She slowly began to undress as she felt the water heat up. She watched as Olivia's eyes raked her body. Restraining the primal needs that arose as she watched the evident desire cross Olivia's face, Alex quickly turned away from Olivia and hopped into the shower. From behind the curtain Alex quickly informed "You can leave on your bathing suit if you're uncomfortable."

As she felt Olivia enter the shower behind her, she turned around to hand her a bath poof and bottle of coconut verbena soap. Alex nearly swallowed her tongue, surprised to find the brunette equally naked. Her body was a dusty bronze, from her work in the sun Alex presumed. Her breast were full and high, her stomach flat and her legs were shapely and trim. She wanted to run her mouth over the body in front of her but instead quickly handed her the items in her hands, before beginning to bathe. Realizing the ball was in her court, Olivia moved closer to Alex, enjoy the shiver of her body as skin made contact with skin and the heat of the water.

"Will you wash my back Alex?" Olivia asked in an unintentionally sensual voice.

Alex quickly took the offered lathered bath poof and began gently stroking Olivia's back, making sure to take her time. She slowly worked her way down, her breast gently brushing against Liv's back as she moved. She heard Olivia suck in a breath at the contact. As she reached her lower back, Alex circled around to the front of Olivia's body. She drew small circles on her stomach not moving upward. Moving closer in behind her while continuing her ministrations, Alex pressed herself against the brunette and lightly nipped the back of her neck. The blonde closed her eyes as a moan escaped Olivia's lips.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Alex whispered, as her hands worked their way up Olivia's body, gently stroking her breast. Turning in her arms, Olivia found Alex's mouth with hers. They shared a tender, sweet kiss that enveloped them both in its heat.

"Would you be able to stop now if I asked you to?" Olivia asked tentatively.

"It would definitely be hard, but if you asked, there's no way I would ever force you. I want your first time to be special, and with someone you care about and who cares about you."

"Do you have feelings for me Alex?"

"Olivia, you know I do" Alex responded with passion, gently cupping the brunette's cheek.

"What do you feel?"

"Liv I…I…I think I'm falling in love with you." Their eyes locked in an intense gaze and Olivia could read the truth in Alex's eyes.

Unable to suppress the emotion burning inside her, Liv placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Tilting her head, Alex changed their kiss, taking them both deeper. Their mouths slowly mated as they lost themselves in the engulfing passion of their kiss. Feeling Olivia's hands moving up her body, Alex gently broke their kiss, knowing they needed to leave before things went further.

Alex quickly turned off the water before wrapping them both in towels. Smiling into each other's eyes, they began to move into the bedroom.

As they reached the bed, Alex once again locking gazes with Olivia.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Alex asked hesitantly. "This will completely change everything. I don't know where we'd go from here…"

Olivia took the blonde's hand in hers as she took a seat on the king sized bed. "Everything already has changed. I can't deny that I'm attracted to you nor….my…feelings for you." Olivia looked down at their joined hands. "I'm falling in love with you too."

"Olivia…I don't want this to just be a quick fling between us. The fact of the matter is…"

"Alex." Olivia cut her off. "I know what you're going to say. I don't want this just to be a quick fling either. You have a family and a life, and if anyone were to find out about us it would ruin both of our lives. Maybe it would be better if we quit while we're ahead."

With a sad smile Alex gently cupped Olivia's cheek before softly brushing their lips together.

"I want you." Alex kissed her again, putting all the love she felt into the kiss. Olivia moaned into the kiss, her needs intensifying as their passion deepened. Breaking their kiss, Alex touched her forehead to the brunette's.

"This is torture; touching you and knowing I can't have you."

"Alex…what if I said I didn't care about what happens? What if I asked you to make love to me?"

"Then I'd be obliged to tell you that I could never refuse you."

Olivia stood before slowly removing her towel. She watched the blonde's eyes darken as she removed her own towel before reaching for her. As their lips met once again, the brunette was surprised to find herself on her back with Alex stretched out on top of her.

Moaning into the kiss, Olivia stroked her hand up and down the blonde's back, her need to taste and touch and please, growing. Alex gently nipped her collar bone before moving down and circling an areola with her tongue. Soft lips slowly closed around her nipple and teeth gently scrapped against her, making Olivia moan in pure ecstasy. The blonde slowly stroked her hands down the brunette's body as she continued her assault on the other breast. Her fingers found their goal.

"Mmmmm you are so wet."

The brunette gasped at the sensuality in the blonde's voice. Alex slowly moved down Olivia's body until she was positioned between her parted legs. Their eyes met for a heated moment before Alex devoured. Her tongue swirled over the sensitive bud before sucking it greedily into her mouth.

Olivia threw her head back in pleasure and griped the sheets with one hand and slid the other through blonde hair. As the brunette's hips began to move against her mouth, Alex slowly slipped two fingers inside of the wet heat emanating from Olivia.

Olivia felt a quick flash of pain at the movement before Alex touched a spot that made her come alive. Her hips rocked against the blonde, working toward a goal she couldn't describe. And then white hot pleasure engulfed her and she screamed out in pure ecstasy.

Alex moved up to gather the shuddering brunette in her arms, kissing her head as the settled into each other's arms.

"I love you Liv."

"I love you too Alex."

Quickly falling asleep, the two unconsciously wrapped themselves around each other.

Waking slowly, Olivia took in her surroundings. Trying to sit up, she realized she was pinned beneath a blanket of warmth and could see a blond head tucked into the crook of her neck. Deciding to kiss Alex awake, Liv inched down until their faces were level and kissed the blonde's lips. Smirking at the sleepy murmur, the brunette tried again, this time slowly stroking Alex's face before moving downward with her gentle kisses.

When their mouths met, there was instant electricity between them. Before fully waking, Alex was responding to the kiss. As she opened her eyes, Alex saw Olivia smiling down at her. She slowly deepened their kiss, enjoying Olivia's surprised response. Their tongues gently explored one another as their hands began an exploration of their own. Alex moaned into Olivia's mouth as she felt the brunette's hands moving up her stomach, stopping at her breasts. When she felt one hand close around her nipple, she bit Olivia's tongue before sucking it into her mouth to take the sting away.

Alex ran one over Olivia's curves before stroking the smooth flesh of her backside. Kneading it firmly, Alex smiled as she watched Olivia's eyes shoot open before she sucked in a large breath.

Olivia smiled, "It's my turn." Olivia quickly flipped Alex onto her back.

Surprised at her aggression, Alex relented. She taught Olivia how to make love to her, showing her where to touch, how to touch and loved every sweet, inexperienced stroke. When the brunette had worked her way down between the blonde's legs, Alex gripped her shoulder.

"You don't have to…touch me that way there if you are not ready."

Olivia smiled. "I want to give you what you gave me. I love you…"

Alex couldn't suppress the silent tear that slid down her cheek. "Oh Olivia," Alex pulled the brunette to her and gently took her mouth with a sweet, gentle kiss. The brunette easily deepened their kiss before slowly lowering the blonde down.

Olivia gently stroked Alex's thighs as she moved between her legs. She experimentally moved her tongue over Alex, learning what pleased her from the quite sighs and gasps of pleasure. Finding their rhythm, Olivia slowly increased the pace until Alex was moaning her name in pleasure. Needing more, the brunette slowly slipped a finger inside of Alex and felt her immediately clinch around her. Stroking inside her gently, Olivia quickly added another finger before increasing the pace. She listened in pleasure as Alex gasped for air and her hips began to thrust against her. Slowly lowering her head back to the tender bud of pleasure, the brunette set a pace that slowly drove Alex over the edge.

Olivia moved up to gather the quaking blonde in her arms and smiled as arms quickly wrapped around her.

Mumbling into her neck Alex began to speak. "I don't think I can let you go Olivia. I need you too much," she said in a whisper.

"I'm right here baby."

The two lay in silent comfort for what felt like hours, basking in their afterglow.

"How about we grab a quick shower and I make us some breakfast?" Alex asked softly.

"Sounds great." Smiling Olivia gave the blonde a quick kiss. Pushing back the covers, Alex got out of bed.

"Come keep me company while the shower heats up?"


Alex had coffee brewing and had bacon sizziling in a hot skillet. She had just begun to crack eggs into a mixing bowl when she heard someone coming in through the garage door. Her eyes widened in surprise as her husband and Trevor walked through the door.

"Honey, what are you doing back so soon? I thought you were going to be fishing through the week."

"Yeah that was the plan. The fishing lodge lost my reservation and was booked the entire weekend, so we decided to come home. What are you doing up and cooking breakfast? If I didn't know any better I'd say you were expecting us."

Before Alex could find and appropriate answer Olivia walked in. Having heard them on her way downstairs, she decided to help Alex out. "Thanks for inviting me to breakfast Mrs. Langan. You really didn't have to do that." Olivia said in a bright cheerful voice.

Trevor looked at Olivia suspiciously. "What's she doing here?"

"David. This is the young lady I was telling you about." Alex said, annoyed with Trevor's question. "She takes great care of our lawn and pool. She came to work this morning and since I was up and alone I asked her to have breakfast with me."

"Mr. Langan." Olivia said, offering her hand. "A pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine." David said with a smile, accepting her hand and holding it a little longer than necessary.

"You go to school with my boy don't you? With your looks you must be a cheerleader."

Trevor snorted.

"No, that was never my sort of sport."

"It's a shame. I'm sure you would have been a star."

After he released her hand, Olivia turned to Alex. "I think I'll skip breakfast so I can get to work. I don't want to intrude."

"Nonsense." David answered before Alex could. "We'd love to have you."

"No I'm really short on time. I have a full schedule today. But thanks for the offer." Olivia nodded to Alex before walking out the side door that led to the backyard.

Alex stared after her retreating frame. "Alex you might want to flip that bacon before you burn it." Trevor said smartly.

Alex finished making breakfast before excusing herself to get dressed and take up her husband's things. She quickly picked up the room grateful that Olivia had made the bed they'd shared. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a top, Alex hurried back down the stairs with her wallet in hand…

Outside Olivia just touched up the yard since technically she'd already tended to their house the day before. She pretended to occupy her time, glad that Trevor hadn't asked anymore questions about her presence. Olivia had just started pretending to clean the pool when Alex came walking out the side door with a covered plate and her wallet. She gestured Olivia toward the lawn table where they'd sat and talked a few times before. As the brunette reached the table, she could read the apology in Alex's eyes before she heard it.

"I am so sorry Liv." Alex was frustrated knowing her husband was probably watching them because all she wanted to do was pull Olivia to her and show her how sorry she was with her mouth.

"I know. I guess we should both be glad that I'd decided to get dressed first. Otherwise there'd be a lot more to explain." Liv said looking downward.

"I wish I didn't have to explain anything at all. All I wanted was to eat with you and just be with you."

"Well, we can't always get what we want. You should go before they start wondering what we're discussing."

Alex smiled sadly before nodding. "I made you a bacon and egg sandwich." Alex gestured toward the plate before pulling bills out of her wallet.

"Alex, what are you doing?"

"I'm paying you. Or else it would definitely look weird." Alex briefly touched her hand before turning to go.


Blue eyes found hers again.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry too."

After what nearly happened that weekend at the Langan's, Olivia and Alex didn't have any outside interaction besides Alex paying the brunette when she came to the house. They both feared being caught. So Olivia was very surprised to receive a call from the blonde, a month later.




"Yeah it's me."

"What's up? We haven't really talked since…"

"I know. David decided to throw a back to school bash next Friday for Trevor and his entire class. He asked me to call and personally invite you."

"I'm glad he did. I miss you…"

"Oh Liv…" Olivia heard the blonde's breath catch.

"Don't cry baby. It'll be ok. At least we'll get to spend some time together. Plus I'll be there this weekend to do my job."

."Ok. I'll look for you."

"See you soon."


The week before the party came and went and before she knew it, Olivia was trying to decide what to wear to the party. Olivia decided to wear her short dark jean mini skirt with her white, fitted halter top. Olivia decided to wear black strappy, three inch ice pick sandals. After flat ironing her brown hair, it fell just past her shoulders. The brunette approved of her appearance after carefully applying her makeup.

Her best friend Elliot had come back in town a couple of days ago and had agreed to go to the party with her. Thankfully his mom was letting him drive her car, with the promise that they wouldn't be out too late. She hadn't told him about what happened during summer with Alex, unsure how he would react. He actually asked why she wanted to go to the party, knowing how much she and Trevor disliked each other. Olivia claimed she wanted to be more social since it would be their senior year although she knew her sole purpose was to spend time with Alex.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Olivia ran down the stairs, glad that Elliot was there. As she opened the door she saw Elliot's eyes nearly pop out of his head.

"WOW. Liv you look…amazing!" Elliot said. "If I didn't think of you as a sister and wasn't dating Kathy…"

Olivia smirked. "Yeah El, that's too many ifs." The brunette laughed richly. "But thanks."

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah, let me just grab my purse."

"So where's Kathy tonight?" Olivia asked as they pulled up to the house.

"She's having a girls night with her mother and sister. They haven't gotten to spend much time together this summer so it's their version of a back to school party."

"And she doesn't mind you escorting me to this party? I know she sometimes thinks we spend too much time together and…"

"No it's completely fine. I told her, you're like a sister to me and our friendship is way too important to risk on a relationship."

Olivia smiled as Elliot offered his arm and they walked to the front door. After ringing the bell, they stepped back as it was opened. Alex first saw Olivia with a guy and then noticed what she was wearing. She was rendered speechless before clearing her throat and coolly inviting them into her home.

Alex wore an ice blue, fitted cocktail dress that matched her eyes. It was sleeveless with straps that crisscrossed across her back. Four inch silver sandals complemented the dress and showcased her long shapely legs. Alex left her hair loose to frame her face.

The happy smile left the brunette's face. Olivia was surprised at Alex's response. She expected more warmth and excitement from her.

"The other guests are out back. Olivia you know the way." Alex said by way of dismissal.

Frowning slightly, she took Elliot by the hand and led him toward the backyard.

"You've been here before?" asked a surprised Elliot.

"Yeah I've been cutting their grass and cleaning their pool all summer. Remember that business I told you I would do this summer?"

"Oh yeah, I do remember you talking about it. Is it really worth it though? Langan's mom seems like a real bitch. If they're all like that, I don't think I could do it."

"She's not like that." Olivia defended. "She's probably just stressed with all of the people in her house tonight."

"If you say so," Elliot shrugged.

They walked outside to the stationed bar where Mr. Langan was currently ordering a drink.

As he turned and saw Olivia he gave an appreciative smile.

"Olivia you look beautiful. Absolutely radiant," he said touching her arm slightly.

"Thank you Mr. Langan. This is my friend Elliot."

Shaking hands the two exchanged pleasantries before Mr. Langan continued along his way.

"Liv, you made some interesting friends while I've been away. That man looks at you like he'd like to mop you up with a biscuit."

"Oh El, don't be so dramatic. Although it does creep me out a little."

"Yeah, we'll just have to keep an eye out for Mr. Creepy." They both laughed before they went to mingle with their classmates.

Servers walked around with trays of food and beverages and taking requests. Many of the guests splashed in the pool and played water volleyball while those outside of the water swayed to the music coming from the hidden speakers. As a particular favorite of Olivia's came on, she started to dance with Elliot, completely missing the look that crossed Alex's face as they began to sway together.

After the song ended, Olivia told Elliot she wanted to go to the restroom to clean up.

As Olivia entered the house to use the bathroom, she felt someone come behind her, and was surprised to see an angry Alex.

"Can we talk?"Alex asked in a tone Olivia was unsure how to classify.


They walked into the guest bathroom and the blond closed and locked the door behind them.

"So I see you've moved on." Alex said in a heated tone.

"What are you talking about?" the brunette asked in confusion.

"Oh come on Liv, don't! I saw how you held his hand, how you danced with him. I saw…"

Alex stopped speaking as Olivia began to laugh. The hurt look that crossed Alex's face stopped her.

"Oh were you jealous baby?" Olivia said softly. "I told you before about my best friend. That was Elliot you saw me with. I wanted to introduce you earlier, but you seemed distant."

Alex looked down at her shoes. "I may have jumped to conclusions…"

Olivia gently cupped the blonde's face before moving them down her arms as she came closer.

"Alex, you're the first and only person I've ever been in love with. You're all I think about."

Their mouths slowly met after what felt like months. Greedily their mouths opened and their tongues began to slide against each other in a dance all their own. They both moaned as they pulled each other closer. Olivia tilted her head, changing the angle of their kiss as she took them deeper.

"You are so beautiful. God I've missed you Liv." Alex whispered against Olivia's lips before once again deepening their kiss. She slowly began to run her hands over the brunette. As she reached the hem of the skirt, she slowly slipped her hands beneath it, desperately needing to touch her mate. Liv hugged her closer and moaned into the blonde's neck as she felt Alex's fingers stroke against the soft flesh between her legs. Pushing her up against the counter, the brunette sat on top of it before wrapping her legs around Alex.

Alex slowly began pulling down the halter top, revealing Olivia's breasts inch by inch. When she felt a hot, wet tongue flick over her breast, Olivia had to bite her lip to muffle her moan of pleasure. She felt Alex's mouth moving lower, flickering down her chest and over her navel exploring her body, until the blonde was kneeling between her legs.

"Liv I need you." Alex said in a voice hoarse with desire. "I know we decided to…" Olivia pressed her fingers against the blonde's lips to quite her. "I've missed you too much to deny you. You don't know how hard it's been to stay away," the brunette smiled sadly.

Alex quickly pulled off her panties and lowered her hot mouth to the soft flesh she dreamed of tasting again. As she slowly flicked her tongue along the inside of Olivia's thigh, Alex had to keep from devouring the brunette. Her tongue traced a pattern closer to the wet heat that called to her. The blond continue to tease her until she felt an insistent hand on the back of her head. Then she devoured. Her tongue slowly flicked up the coated sex before gently nipping the soft bud of pleasure that made Olivia buck beneath her and moan in pleasure. Alex gently sucked the bud into her mouth, driving Olivia wild. Olivia rocked her hips against the hot mouth pressed against her instinctively, her hand gripping Alex's hair in a vise. She felt herself building toward a goal just out of her reach. As she felt herself shattering she held Alex to her as she gasped through her release. Alex rose to gather her in her arms as Olivia began to shake.

Alex gently stroked Olivia's brow soothingly before slowly taking her mouth. Olivia could taste herself on Alex's lips which aroused her. All she wanted was to stay and be with Alex. After a moment Alex broke their kiss before beginning to straighten Olivia's clothes. Alex slowly slid the brunette's underwear back up her legs. As she rose she locked eyes with Olivia. Olivia once again locked her legs around Alex. The blond slowly stroked her thighs as she smiled.

"We have to leave Liv. We've already been in here too long."

Olivia wrapped her arms around Alex's neck. "I want to touch you. I want to watch as I take you over."

Alex eyes darkened before she brought their mouths together once again. They kissed slowly and deeply but with an undeniable hunger. Though she wanted nothing more than to keep kissing, the blonde broke away.

Alex pressed her forehead against Olivia's. "We have to stop. If you keep making me want to kiss you, we'll never get out of here."

"Is that a promise?" Olivia smiled seductively.

Alex pinched the thighs still in her grasp. "Let's go."

They quickly exited the bathroom. Elliot who'd been looking for Olivia for quite some time watched in surprise as the two came out of the bathroom together. His eyes widened as he saw Mrs. Langan stroke Olivia's arm before walking out. Olivia watched her retreating form, thinking of when they would be together again. Elliot's words broke her out of her reverie.

"I see why you were so quick to defend her. I guess I really did miss a lot this summer."

"Elliot I can explain."

"Oh and you will. But first let's go finish enjoying the party."

"You're not mad?"

"That you kept a secret this big? That you didn't trust me enough to keep it? Well I guess I can't be completely angry with you. I wasn't here for you. Although there is this new invention called a phone."

Liv smiled. Glad that Elliot wasn't angry with her.

"Don't think you're off the hook. You have a lot of questions to answer."

For the remainder of the party, Olivia and Alex often found themselves looking at one another, both remembering the intimacy they'd just shared. Olivia saw the blond heading toward the drink station and decided to meet her there. Seeing Liv come over as well as several of Trevor's classmates, Alex decided to play it cool.

"Hey Olivia, how's it going? Are you enjoying the party?"

"Absolutely. Your home is very beautiful, just full of memories in the making." Olivia smiled coyly. "I'm sure you've had plenty of firsts here."

Alex choked on her drink. "You could say that. Hopefully not the last with some of my firsts."

Olivia smiled, enjoying their dual conversation ridden with innuendos.

"Here, let me." Alex reached around Olivia, bringing the brunette against her, stroking her hand up her back before tucking in the label of her top.

Olivia's eyes darkened as they met the darkened irises of Alex. "Your label was sticking out," Alex said, breaking the contact.

"Alex I…" Liv started.

"Alex there you are." Mr. Langan walked over. "I see your entertaining our most beautiful guest. It's time to start handing out the parting favors…I'll entertain our guest." His eyes raked over Olivia leering over her beauty.

"Maybe Olivia would like to help me set up party favors?" Alex looked to the brunette in question.

"She's a guest. Get Trevor to do it." He said cutting his eyes back to Olivia.

"Honey, Trevor passed out hours ago."

"I'd love to help you Mrs. Langan. It's no problem at all. I'll say goodbye before I leave." Olivia said to Mr. Langan before she walked toward Alex.

As soon as they entered the house, Alex pushed Olivia against the wall and took her mouth hotly. They kissed with all of the pent up desire they felt for one another. Olivia greedily opened her mouth, tangling her tongue with Alex's. They continued to kiss deeply before breaking apart, shuddering with desire. "I'm sorry for the way he looks at you," Alex whispered with her head pressed against Olivia's.

"I'm sorry too that he does it in front of you. But then I think of the things he doesn't know." Olivia smiled. "We should get those party favors.

"I've already gotten mine." Alex murmured against Olivia's ear. Olivia smirked before taking Alex's hand. Lead the way.

The pair quickly retrieved the party favors and sat them out on the in-table by the front door. They worked in comfortable silence, displaying ribbon-wrapped boxes of what Olivia was surprised to find were 100 dollar prepaid credit cards.

"Wow," the brunette murmured under her breath.

"You say something?" Alex looked at the Olivia inquisitively.

"I was just thinking, why would you want me when you can afford to give away 5,000 dollars in one night, not to mention what you spent on the actual party."

"Olivia, what you've given me means more than money ever could. I wish I could show you just how much." Alex gently stroked her cheek before lifting Olivia's face to meet hers. "I would trade all the money I have to be with you. But the fact is neither of us is in a position to throw everything away, however much we may want to."

"Will I even see you after tonight? This is the end of summer, so I won't continue cutting grass in the fall."

"We'll find a way," Alex reassured, though knowing she hadn't a clue of how they would make things work.