A/N: This piece was written as a continuation to May I Please Have This Dance. I was originally going to post it as a separate story but decided to add it on as a sort of second chapter.

This was finished quite a long time ago but never beta'd. I figured it did me no good just sitting in my computer. Someone may enjoy it, so here it is. Warning...it is quite sad at some points and there is no real lemon, only some lime action.

Dedicated to my mother. You were my rock, you were my angel, you were my joy and hope, and smile. I miss you mom, very much. You are my Nanna Ann. xoxo

The stale hospital air was getting to me; but I had been here all day, and I wasn't about to leave her now just to get some fresh air. The room was quiet except for the low steady beep of the machine monitoring her pulse ox and heart rate. My own heart nearly leapt into my throat every time the alarm went off alerting us her oxygen level was dangerously low.

She had been on 100% oxygen for a day and a half, which meant she wasn't breathing for herself. Her lungs ravaged by Cancer were finally failing her after a long hard battle. Her body too weak from chemo and radiation, just couldn't fight the pneumonia. She was dying.

I sat in the cramped chair beside her bed, and held her frail hand. I gently ran my fingers along the back of her hand and up her arm, tracing the prominent veins. My eyes watched her flit in and out of sleep, she was so uncomfortable; the oxygen mask digging in to her cheeks. When she would wake for small periods of time I would try to make her laugh and smile, but occasionally I would catch the look of pain in her eyes.

The nurses would come in to administer more pain medication, I hated the way they looked at her. Like she was already gone. What I hated even more was the stupid sympathetic looks they gave me. I didn't want their sympathy, and neither would she.

I had sent Rosie and Paul home a long time ago. I know they were just trying to be here for me but I nearly snapped when they teamed up against me suggesting I go home for the night like the rest of the family. I wouldn't leave her, not tonight, not ever. She never left me so I would show her the same love and respect.

One of the orderlies brought me a much more comfortable chair, followed by a nurse with a pillow and blanket, since I was staying the night. It took a while to get situated, but eventually I settled once again next to her still form. It was a little after eight o'clock in the evening when I started to doze off.

"Oh, what's wrong my Baby bear?" Her soft hands raised to my cheeks wiping my tears away with her thumbs. She pulled a hanky out of her apron and wiped below my nose before she kissed it gently,

"Nannaaa beaaarr," I cried smothering my face into her shoulder as she leaned down to pick me up.

"You, have to tell Nanna what's bothering you sweet boy, or she can't figure out how to help."

I shook my head 'no' before nuzzling further into her neck. She kissed my cheek and patted my hair. She started humming, and rocking gently back and forth in a beautiful swaying motion that calmed me instantly. I raised my head and pulled back to look at her.

"Nanna," I sniffled. "What are you humming?"

"Just one of my favorite songs," she spun us quickly making me giggle when the air whipped through my hair. "Would you like to hear it?"

I nodded enthusiastically. She put me down and held onto my hand leading me into her sitting room. She walked over to a cabinet and grabbed one of her records before she spun around with a big smile on her face.

"You're going to like this one, Baby bear."

She removed the record from its sleeve placing it on her turntable, and lightly set the needle down. The hiss and crackle had my eyes wide and my grin firmly in place. I loved when Nanna played her records for me. She sat in her favorite arm chair with the faded flowers, and motioned for me to sit on her lap. She lay her head back and closed her eyes as a man's voice floated through the air.

Heaven. I'm in Heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak;

And then Nanna started singing. I loved when she sang; her voice clear as a bell, and so beautiful it never failed to stop me in my tracks and soothe me.

And I seem to find the happiness I seek.
When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.

Nanna lifted me off her lap and began dancing around her sitting room swinging me in her arms as she sang. Everything that had been bothering me was gone in that instant. It was just me, and Nanna, dancing. She always made it better.

By songs end I was trying to sing along, my dimples showing themselves to Nanna as I smiled. She always told me my smile brightened up her world, and that my dimples were proof that I had been touched by an angel. So I always smiled real big for her, whenever she had made me feel good.

"I love this song, Nanna bear."

"I knew you would, Baby bear," she winked. "Now are you ready to tell me what was bothering you?"

" Ernest was making fun of me again," I mumbled.

"Oh really. What did your knuckle head brother say now?"

I didn't want to tell her, I was afraid she would get really mad, and then Ernest would just take it out on me again. Or worse...she might stop dancing with me.

"Emmett Dale McCarty you tell me right this instant."

Full name, she's mad. Nothing I could do but tell her or I would be in trouble too.

"He called me sissy boy, because I wanted to come over here again to dance with you, Nanna. Um and then he...well...he," I turned my eyes to the ground and felt the tears again.

"Please, don't cry my Baby bear," she wiped my eyes again. "When you cry Nanna bear wants to cry because your sweet face was made for smiles, not tears. Okay?"

I sniffled and nodded. She fixed me with her look. The look that spoke straight to me, telling me how much she loved me, all with her eyes, and I broke, the words tumbling from my mouth.

"Ernest pushed me down, and then he punched me in the arm, and I started crying, and then he started calling me crybaby, and sissy boy, and his friends were laughing, and..."

Nanna quieted me with a kiss to the forehead. She huffed loudly, nostrils flaring. She was mad, she was very mad. I heard her mumbling about 'someone needs to take a switch to that boy', and 'can't believe that ungrateful son of mine allows this', and even some cuss words. Then her eyes shot to my wide ones, and she calmed herself.

"Baby bear, come sit with Nanna bear." She pulled me onto her lap again, brushing my hair gently off of my face. "Emmett, you are special to Nanna, you know that right?" I smiled and she smiled back. "Sweet boy, there are people in this world that don't seem to understand others well. There are people who don't want to try to understand, they're happy just making others miserable for being different.

"These people are afraid of anything unique, maybe even jealous. I suspect Ernest is one of those people, he is jealous of the light that shines in you, my boy. They will try to keep you down in any way they can to make themselves feel important. There will be times like today when you feel broken from their actions, but you must never let them get to you. Just enjoy being you, show the world what you have to offer, and be proud of who you are. You are perfect just the way God made you, do you understand me, Baby bear?"

Her long slender fingers pulled my chin up to meet her gaze, and I saw so much love in them, but there was something else there that I could not figure out at the time. It looked a bit like fear, like she knew something I didn't, and was afraid for me. I could not understand why. Her eyes searched mine in question, waiting for me to answer.

"Yes, Nanna," I whispered.

She kissed the top of my head and snuggled me closer before asking if I wanted to dance some more. I answered her, dimpled grin in place, and she chuckled. Returning to her turntable, Nanna lifted the needle to place at the edge of the record and I was lost to our world once again. She lifted me up in her arms, and spun me again.

"I love you, Nanna bear."

"I love you too, Baby bear."

I awoke with a start, my hands flew to my chest over my heart. My shirt felt damp, and my sleep addled brain could not find a reason. Sitting up I brought my hands to my face and felt that I had been crying in my sleep. My mind had taken me to one of my many memories of my dear Nanna as I slept.

She had helped me through so much in life, showing me unconditional love without fail. If I had fallen she would pick me up, dust me off, care for me, and send me on my way with cookies in hand. Whenever I got into it with my older brother she would smooth it over, make me feel better and kiss my tears away.

When I was older she was the voice of reason when I was fighting with my father, or thinking about doing something foolish to fit in at school. She was the one that taught me to dance, and love it. She was the one that taught me to love myself. Nanna was the driving force in my life that made me reach for my dream of owning my own dance studio. Even when my father called me stupid for following the path to becoming a professional dancer and instructor, she helped me persevere.

It was her voice I heard in my head when I decided to break off my engagement with Rosie and officially come out. When I came out to her, she only smiled and patted my hand, before she told me how proud she was. She hugged me tight, and gave me the strength I needed to make it through one of the darkest parts of my life. When I thought I had lost Paul forever; her voice over the phone, weak from a fresh round of radiation treatment told me to have hope.

I leaned forward my head hung low, hands digging into my hair. A low sob made it's way through my constricted throat and I let the tears take me. My shoulders shook with the force of my outburst. Not wanting to wake her I tried to remain as quiet as possible, but I know I failed when I heard her speak.

"Baby bear," her voice scratchy from lack of use.

My head snapped up to look at her, just as the pulse ox monitor started beeping. She had moved her oxygen mask so I would hear her.

"Nanna, please don't move your mask again. You scare me when you do that."

I tried to wipe my tears away quickly so she wouldn't see, as I rose to help her with her mask. The look on her face told me that again I had failed in trying to hide my tears from her. I moved closer so that I could hear her speak through the mask.

"Oh, my dear sweet boy," she swallowed thickly. "No tears. No tears for little old me...please, Baby bear?"

I wiped the last of the wetness from my cheeks, and smiled at her.

"Of course, Nanna. I'm so sorry. Would you like some water?"

Her whispered 'yes' was almost inaudible. I grabbed the cup off of her table and filled it with ice water from the pitcher before inserting a bendy straw. I would have to move the mask for a few seconds so that she could sip, but this was routine by now. She knew she would have to drink as quickly as possible so that every nurse on the floor wouldn't come rushing in.

After she had her water, I grabbed the lotion off of the table and began massaging her feet and legs. She loved this and smiled every time I did it. It was something that kept her happy during the precious moments she was awake, so I didn't mind at all. Gently I rubbed the almond lotion into her pale, dry skin. Nanna giggled when I hit her toes...she was always so ticklish there, I chuckled and replaced her socks before tucking her back in.

Although I hated it, I had to leave her momentarily to use the bathroom and thoroughly wash my hands, before using more hand sanitizer. The hospital had a strict policy about hand sanitizer, especially in cases where a patient's, immune system was shot (like my Nanna).

"What time is it, sweet boy?"

"Why Nanna, got a hot date?" I teased.

She chuckled . "Just wondering."

"It's late, almost eleven. Maybe you should get back to sleep, you have a lot of people coming to see you tomorrow. You want to look your best don't you?"

She gave me an odd look before she smiled, and nodded. I settled in next to her, taking her hand in mine, tracing her veins softly. Moments passed that felt like hours, and I was grateful, because it made it seem like I had more time with her.

"Baby bear"

Her plea sounded desperate.

"Yes, Nanna...what is it? What do you need?"

"Sing for me?"

She sounded scared, my strong amazing Nanna was afraid. In that moment I knew exactly what she needed.

Heaven. I'm in Heaven.
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak;
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.

Her eyes closed, her smile more radiant then I had seen in months.

Heaven. I'm in Heaven.
And the cares that hang around me thro' the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak.
When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.

Oh! I'd love to climb a mountain,
And to reach the highest peak
But it doesn't thrill me half as much
As dancing cheek to cheek.

Her eyes cut to mine, swimming in tears. They were not tears of pain, or fear, they were tears of joy.

Dance with me
I want my arm about you;
The charm about you
Will carry me thro' to Heaven

She mouthed 'love you', and gripped my hand tighter momentarily before letting go. My voice cracked, but I pushed out the last verse. I had to finish her song.

I'm in Heaven.
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak;
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.

She slipped away quietly, a smile of peace on her face. I placed her hand gently beside her on the bed. There was so much noise, the machines beeping, nurses and a doctor rushing in, but I heard none of it. All I heard was her voice in my head telling me everything was going to be okay. I leaned in to kiss her goodbye. She was pronounced dead just as I whispered into her ear.

"Love you, Nanna bear. I'll miss you so much."

Then the dam broke, now that she wasn't here to scold me, I could hold the tears no longer. I fell into my chair and let go. The staff filed out in silence, leaving me to my grief. As soon as the door clicked shut I felt it over take me, pulling me under, drowning me in pain and sorrow. My heart ached, and I longed to scream in agony, but when my mouth opened no sound came out.

Every time I thought I had my emotions under control, I would look up at her and fall into the abyss of anguish yet again. Sometime later, but I have no idea how long, a nurse timidly entered to inform me that they had contacted my family. I just nodded, I couldn't even bring myself to thank her.

A few moments later I heard the door open once again. I felt a warmth flowing through the air, it embraced me and calmed me. He was near me in an instant, kneeling in front of me, his arms enveloping me, his hands soothing, his mere presence a comfort. He said no words, because he knew there was nothing he could say to take my pain away. He rocked me softly in place, and kissed my head letting me fall apart in his arms.

"How did you know?" I mumbled into his shoulder, my voice breaking.

"Edward's on in Emergency tonight. When he called he was frantic, knowing you would need someone. He pulled some strings for them to let me in after visiting hours."

I tried to manage a smile, but was unsuccessful. Paul brought his palm to cup my face, his thumb gently caressing my cheekbone. He stared into my soul giving me the love I needed to make it through this pain.

"Em, baby we need to get you home. You need some sleep, you know your Nanna would hate to see you this way. She'd let me have it if I didn't take care of you," he chuckled. "I'm going to wait outside a few minutes, okay?"

He kissed me softly, then stood and turned to her.

"Nanna Ann, I didn't get much time to know you as I would have liked, but I am so grateful for the time I did get to spend with you. You are such an amazing woman, an inspiration to us all. I wanted to thank you for accepting me as your family. Even after you knew I had hurt Emmett in the past, you showed me love. But most of all I want to thank you for raising the most beautiful, kind, sweet, generous, loving man I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I know I am lucky to have him, and I promise you I will take care of him."

He kissed her cheek, wiped his tears and turned to leave.

"I'll be right outside if you need me, baby," he squeezed my shoulder before walking out.

My heart hurt to turn and leave her, but I had to be strong for her. Paul was right, she would not want me sitting here suffering, crying over her body. I stood on shaky legs, to kiss her one last time. Her cheek was still warm, the smile on her lips my only solace.

"Goodbye, Nanna bear," I whispered and I left.

There he stood across her grave from me. The man I hadn't spoken to since the day I told him I was gay, my father. We were bound by blood, and our grief, yet we were still worlds apart. He couldn't even bring himself to look me in the eye. Sure it was like adding insult to injury, but I knew I would be okay. With Rosie holding my left hand, Paul holding my right, I felt like I could make it through this day, or any day.

After the preacher led us in prayer, I bent to lay fresh lilac, cut from my garden this morning on top her coffin. The small bouquet of purple flowers paled in comparison to the large arrangement of roses from my parents. It even looked silly next to the flowers from Ernest, but I knew they would mean more to her than any other flowers present. They were her favorite; she loved their scent, and she was the one that taught me how to garden. In fact she had helped me plant the very lilac shrub that I cut for her bouquet.

Her coffin was lowered and my knees buckled under the weight of my pain. Paul slid his arm around my waist anchoring me to his side, he wouldn't let me fall. He kissed my temple , and I hid my face in his neck, not wishing to see her in the ground. I couldn't stop the tears, as they came pouring down my face with such force. I couldn't breath, if felt like there was a ton of weight on my chest.

Gasping for air I panicked; the look on my face as I lifted it to Paul must have scared the shit out of him. He sprang into action handing Rosalie the keys to the car so she could open the doors. Paul lifted me slightly to make sure I was on my feet before he tightened his grip around my waist, and made his way to the waiting car.

We were almost to the car when I heard my brother's voice muttering under his breath.

"Still a fucking sissy boy."

I didn't have the strength to fight him, yes it hurt really bad, but I remembered what Nanna told me, about those wishing to keep me down, I shook my head and kept walking. I may not have the strength but Paul certainly did. He yelled for Rosalie to come hold me up before spinning quickly to face my brother.

"Listen to me, mother fucker...I tried to be polite, and not say anything when I saw you making faces and rolling your eyes at Em all week at the hospital."

My brother's face was full of shock.

"Oh yeah, didn't think I saw that did ya? I also heard your snide remarks when you thought no one was around."

Ernest's jaw dropped and he stepped back. I could only guess the look of pure death Paul was giving him.

"I tried to be understanding, knowing that she was your grandmother too, but the time for understanding is over. I am not going to disrespect the memory of that amazing woman, by hitting her grandson at her funeral...but know this...I will eventually give you the ass kicking you deserve for treating your brother like shit during this whole ordeal."

My brother's eyes turned to slits.

"I'd like to see you try...you fucking pussy."

Oh shit!

I could tell the effort it was taking for Paul to hold his anger in because he physically started to shake, and his hands clenched over and over.

"Real classy," he spit through clenched teeth. "What a way to honor your grandmother. You are not even worth my time, and that man over there," he gestured to me "...your brother...he is an amazing man, and you will never know it. You will never see it because you're living life as close-minded, ignorant, fucking jerk-off."

My beautiful man turned to make his way back towards me and Rosie, when he caught her eye. He quickly spun back around and shouted at my brother's retreating form.

"Oh yeah, and you're an asshole."

I smiled my first smile in days, knowing this used to be Rosie's term for Paul. I guess they found a new asshole to take the title. Rosalie nodded in approval.

The weeks following her funeral were a blur. There were the good days which weren't exactly good since I couldn't bring myself to leave the house. Jasper rearranged his work schedule, since he worked from home, to cover my classes and help Rose with our private clients. Paul would drop in to help Rose with the cleaning and maintenance of the studio. My poor sweet Rosalie was stuck doing the books on her own. I felt like shit ignoring my obligations, but I had the greatest friends and boyfriend in the world; they knew I needed some time to heal.

Then there were the bad days, where I just stayed in bed. I slept the days away, trying to avoid the melancholy that had settled over my life. On those days Paul would usually get home from work, and get straight in the bed cuddling up behind me, running his fingers through my hair.

He was my saving grace many days, and I worried if I was driving him away with my behavior. I was constantly afraid he would leave me, afraid that he would be angry that we hadn't made love. As always he calmed my fears, and showed me he was here for me no matter what.

Then there were the really bad days, where I just cried. I didn't want any comfort. I didn't want any words of wisdom. I just wanted my Nanna, and I wanted to cry it out. I was given a wide berth by everyone on those days. Paul would go stay with Jared or Seth to avoid my outbursts, he knew if he wasn't around I couldn't say things I would regret later on. I knew that if I needed him I could call, and he would be back in an instant.

Weeks turned into months. I had started to live this pseudo life, I didn't know why I let myself get this way. I was back where I started, living the life of someone that wasn't me. I knew if my Nanna could see me, she would be so disappointed in me. I just didn't know how to turn off the pain and live again.

I knew one thing for sure I hadn't danced since the day her doctor called telling me to get up to the hospital as soon as possible. I hadn't danced. It felt weird to think the words, dancing was such a part of me, a part that she had instilled in me.

How could I dance without her?

I couldn't stay like this forever. So I resolved to make some small steps toward taking my life back. If Paul wanted to go out to dinner, I went. If Rose wanted us to come over for a game night with the guys, I went. Everyone was happy to see me coming back to myself, but they all knew I wouldn't be whole again until I danced.

The cold wind whipped around my face as Edward, Rose and I walked through the city. The frosty air felt amazing, after hours of hot stuffy department stores and shops. We had made a day of it. Getting our Christmas shopping done, while spending time wandering Manhattan's winter wonderland together.

Making our way down 5th Avenue, we had hit all the major stores. Saks, Armani, A&F, Tiffany's, and Bergdoff of course. Both Jasper and Paul had some new techie stuff on their wish lists, so Edward and I had fun in the Apple Store. We stopped along the way to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, and to light a candle for my Nanna in St. Patrick's. Finally we stopped for a breather at the Pulitzer Fountain, in front of The Plaza.

The three of us just relaxed for a bit; eating roasted chestnuts from the vendor on the corner as we talked about our purchases, and how much fun we were having. A small comfortable lull had just settled over us when I saw Rose shoot a wicked smirk towards Ed.

What the fuck was that?

Deciding I didn't care, I just sat in silence enjoying the beautiful Winter's day. Loving the time spent with good friends, happy to see myself emerging back into who I know I am. The two of them held their heads close together in discussion, suddenly Edward's voice rang loud enough for me to hear.

"I need to get home before Jasper does, so I can hide his gifts. You know how childlike he is when it comes to Christmas."

We both nodded and stood before Rose added, "Yeah, I'm beat too, we should get going."

I just shrugged, It was getting dark anyway so I didn't mind. Making a path back the way we had come, we headed for the subway. It hadn't escaped my notice that we were walking towards W.57th, too near to the studio for my liking. Just as my mind was focusing on this Rosie piped up again.

"I just need to check something at the studio real quick."

I eyed her suspiciously. She knew why I hadn't been able to go to the studio. It hurt to much to see my dream without the passion inside me to dance. Rose brushed it off when I bristled, and went straight to the pouty face.

I hate the pouty face.

"Please, Em," her voice low, and her eyes soft. "It'll only be a moment, and then we can go. I left important paperwork in the office, that I need to work on tonight."

Almost instantaneously the guilt swirled up into my gut. It was my fault that she was taking work home. I was bringing her this added stress that she didn't deserve. If I was truly present in my life, we would have gotten the paperwork done together, at work in our offices, and left it there.

I was so ashamed of myself. I was scared to even look at the studio, but I had to follow her without complaint, it was the least I could do.

"Emmett," Edward whispered. " It's okay buddy. Everything is going to be fine. If you need to lean on me...I'm here."

"Thanks, Ed...I think I can do this."

I think

The smile I sent his way was small, but I needed him to know I greatly appreciated his gesture. I stood a little taller as we reached the corner steeling myself. When we approached the doors, my whole body began to tremble. It must have been very visible to both Edward and Rosalie, because they both reached down to hold my hands.

I love them. They truly are my family.

The first thing to strike me as off, was the fact that our roll down gate wasn't down. Rosalie didn't let go of me to fish her keys out of her purse, which I found odd. Even more strange, she gently pushed the door open with her elbow.

It was unlocked? Why was our studio open when there were no classes being held? Were we robbed? Oh God no! This is our life.

As the door swung open the questions left my mind, a soft glow from the main room drawing my attention. Votive candle were laid out across the floor forming the shape of a heart. A beautifully set table for two sat in the center of the heart; a delicious meal displayed on top.

The candle light bounced off the mirrors bathing the entire room in a breathtaking ambiance. My eyes quickly scanned the room trying to make sense of this all. My mind, for the life of me, could not figure out the scene before me.

I stepped further into the studio and that's when I saw it; the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever beheld. There he was my gorgeous boyfriend standing in the doorway that separated the two dance rooms; he was dressed to kill and wearing my favorite accessory, his killer smile.

My heart lurched as well as my cock, God he was exquisite. My gaze locked on his and it was like there was nothing else in the room. It vaguely registered when I felt the bags being taken from my hands, and when I heard the soft click of the lock telling me that Edward and Rosalie had just left.

Paul remained still, just smiling as I took it all in. He wore a metallic gray suit with a royal blue button down, and black silk tie. The man looked pretty much edible to me, and it was complete torture. We hadn't made love in months, I was just never up for it. Yes we were men and had needs, so the occasional hand job or blow job was customary in our home, but I knew he had to be feeling just as lost as I was.

We needed each other. That was a fact proven over a year ago when we were apart for six weeks. Afterwards we had both said the six weeks felt like an eternity, and it was at that moment that I realized what my sweet boy was doing. He was trying to help me find a way back to a complete me, so we could find us together. Taking a few steps closer to him, I noticed the single red rose he held in his hands.

He loves me. How did I get so lucky?

"Paul," I rasped.

He brought his hands up to his lips indicating that I should remain silent. So I did.

"Emmett, my love. Two years ago tonight, I stood on this very spot a broken man. A man searching for the answers, a man that needed someone to understand. You were that someone. You took me in and treated me with a kindness I had never known, despite the horrible words, I spat at you. My words were hurtful and full of hatred, yet still you heard me out. You showed me how great a man you are when you offered your friendship and understanding."

The tears began to fall from my eyes, I saw his fingers twitch and I knew he wanted to wipe them away, but he stood still in the doorway, his eyes calling me to him. He wanted me to come to him like I did that night. So I did.

Paul's right hand reached up to stem the flow of my cascading tears with his thumb. His eyes piercing my soul for a moment, before his arms embraced me tightly.

"Shh, baby it's okay. I got you."

His arms and words soothed me. He brought his lips to my ear and continued his speech without letting me go.

"You showed me what an amazing man you are when you stood by me as I came out. And you proved yourself to be sheer perfection when you let me love you, and showed me everyday how much you love me back. You took me back, when I was stupid, when I made the mistake of running from you...you beautiful man. Now it's my turn to prove myself worthy of your greatness; deserving of your love."

I was about to argue with him on this statement, but he knew me too well, and he squeezed me tighter.

"Shush you...just listen...please baby."

I nodded. I couldn't deny the desperation in his plea.

"These past five months, I've watched you suffer so much anguish. You need to know that you are no less of a man for succumbing to the grief. In fact baby, you have done quite well under the circumstances. You even realized you were not living your life, and decided to do something about it without any nudging from anyone.

However, we all knew you would need help with this hurdle, It is too great for you to manage alone. Emmett..."

Lifting my head from his shoulder I looked into his gaze.

"You're. Never. Alone."

He punctuated each word with our kiss, one to each corner and then full on the lips. Paul slowly helped me peel off my black down parka, and gray knit cap. Suddenly I felt way under-dressed in my black thermal henley and dark wash jeans. I mean the man was standing next to me dressed to the nines. He must have felt my discomfort, because his next words comforted me.

"You look gorgeous, baby. You always do, Em...just the way you are."

A small blush broke across my cheeks as he handed me my rose, and took my hand to lead me to our table.

Dinner was delicious, one of my favorite meals, shrimp and spinach alfredo. And dessert was heavenly, a light fluffy pastry with fresh berries on top. I loved every bite, but I loved the man that made it possible even more. Conversation during our meal was light, fun, and very sweet because he knew the hard part would come immediately after.

His eyes searched mine again, needing that signal that it was okay to proceed with his plan. It came in the form of a tight nervous smile. Paul breathed in deeply closing his eyes for a bit of strength before he locked them with mine again.

"You, ready baby?"

"As ready as I will ever be...right?" I nervously answered.

He extended his hand to me. "Dance with me, baby."

It was a request, not a demand, but he knew I would never deny him. A swift nod, as I placed my hand in his, and we gently walked over the candles. We took our places, he reached into his pocket for the small remote to turn the music on before returning it to his pocket. Our frames locked, our eyes met. It was now or never, and then I heard it.

The familiar strains of music; the man's voice floating through the air, and I looked at him in complete panic. My body went rigid, my heart was in too much distress to even look at him.

No babe, not this song...please. Any other song but this.

Paul pulled my face up to his. He gently brushed his lips against mine.

"If you're not ready, baby. It's okay we can do this another time."

The hurt was so evident in his voice. He thought he failed me, I could feel it in the way he held his body.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he reached into his pocket for the remote.

I couldn't let him think he did something wrong. In truth this was the perfect song for this moment. Her memory with me, reminding me why I loved dance. His body pressed against mine as I danced with the love of my life, after a romantic dinner on a very important date.

"NO," I grabbed his wrist. "No, babe I'll...I'll dance with you."

He gave me the are you sure look, so I just nodded and put my body back in position. He reached into his pocket; I was afraid he didn't believe I could do it, but he just started the song over and quickly pocketed the remote.

I fretted momentarily but ignored it, choosing to focus on my sweet man in my arms. We began to move through the steps slowly. I could not bring myself to look at him just yet, but I could feel his eyes on me. They filled me with so much love, even if I could not see them.

His thumb began to gently rub circles where he held me at my upper back. My boyfriend brought his arm towards the center of my back effectively bringing me closer to his body. His lips at my ear whispered words of love and encouragement, always reminding me he was here for me.

Heaven. I'm in Heaven.
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak;
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we're out together dancing, cheek to cheek.

I'm dancing

There was no way I could continue to not look at him. He called me amazing, but he was the amazing one. He had me dancing again, to her song no less. My face turned to his, and I found him with a look of pure bliss and pride on his face.

"You're dancing, baby. Just like you were always meant to. My sweet angel on the floor."

His lips brushed mine as he spoke sending a shiver down my spine. I felt that pulse that was always present whenever we were in each other's arms.

I missed this. I missed us.

Dance with me
I want my arm about you;
The charm about you
Will carry me thro' to Heaven

Yes he was quite charming...lucky me.

When the song came to an end we had danced a complete foxtrot, and my heart felt lighter than it had in months. I knew he was proud of me, I knew my Nanna was proud of me, but most important, I was proud of myself.

His arms were instantly holding me tighter, hugging me to his body with so much emotion. I felt everything he was trying to convey in his embrace. His pride, his love, his devotion, his sorrow, his relief.

"You did it baby. I am so proud of you," he stated breathlessly against the side of my face. His kisses rained down on my cheeks, nose, forehead and ears before he stopped and looked at me.

"God, Em I love you so much."

Once again he brushed his lips against mine, but this time I deepened the kiss. Weaving my fingers into the back of his hair I pressed my mouth hard against his. My tongue peeked out to lick along the part of his lips, desperately needing for him to open them and let me taste him. Paul didn't keep me waiting for long, opening up and inviting my tongue into his mouth.

Our simultaneous moans only spurred us on further as we let the passion take over again. It had been to long since we just kissed and held on to one another; showing each other just how much we loved the man in our arms. His embrace grew more tight before he slid his hands down to my ass squeezing gently, causing me to groan into his kiss and grip his hair a little harder. We broke apart, both gasping for air.

"Babe," I began trying to catch my breath.

His eyes sparkled as he took in my swollen lips, and tented jeans. Paul's famous smirk then made an it's appearance on his face again, making my erection twinge at the sight of it. I needed to get my words out before I tackled the man.

"Thank you, so much. You have no idea. No idea what you just did for me."

"First off I should be thanking you, that kiss was incredible, and I think I know exactly what I just did for you."

He smirked again gesturing towards my hard-on. It twitched again like it knew he was talking about it causing the both of us to laugh.

"You know what I mean. Thank you for everything; being here for me when I needed you most, this entire time. When she died, you showed up when I kept falling into a pit of despair. At her graveside, when my brother was being particularly hurtful; you stood up for me when I could not even physically stand. You've put up with my shit during this entire grieving process. You've done it without complaint, only love, and now this."

My hand waved around the room.

"Thank you for helping me find my way back to one of the most important parts of myself. Dance is so important to me; so much of who I am. She gave this passion to me, and you knew that. You knew I would never be complete until I danced, and you knew how to help me."

I paused to look him dead in the eyes, he needed to know I was not placating him, or lying to him.

"Babe, you have to know that you were the only one that could make me dance. True it is a passion of mine and not dancing felt like I was denying a part of myself, but that isn't even the worst I have done. During my self-imposed displacement from my life I also neglected the one true passion that defines me...you."

Paul's eyes lit up in astonishment.

"Yes, you. You, Paul Uley, are my one true passion. I may love dance, but I love you more. I may be able to live without dance, but I would never EVER be able to live without you. Love is the most important emotion of all, my Nanna taught me that. She also taught me that true love is most definitely a gem. 'Hold onto that Pauly boy' she said. 'He is a good boy, he loves you and will always be there for you. Treat him well my Baby bear, be the gentleman I raised.' She was right, she was always right. I'm so sorry I let my grief drive a wedge between us."

The tears welled in his eyes unshed, he didn't want to cry. I knew he was trying to put on the brave face for me. His fingers made their way to my mouth as he traced my lips, it was as if he couldn't believe the words I said.

"Baby," his voice hoarse from the emotion he was holding back. "No sorrys. None needed ... you ...just ... you were... just please know that."

His thoughts were jumbled and he could not get the words out in the order he wanted but I heard everything he could not say in those few disjointed words. Finally it was too much for him and one tear coursed down his cheek before I caught it with my fingers. He smiled and changed tack quickly putting on a jive.

"Dance with me."

How could I say no?

We danced a few more; I knew my Nanna would be so proud. When Paul put a tango on, I raised my brow in question and he bit his lip. For most dances I let him lead since he was taught to lead and found it more comfortable, it suited his personality well. I, being an instructor was able to both lead and follow, so it was never a problem. But whenever we tangoed, he always wanted me to lead. It turned him on something fierce.

I led him around the floor and by the time we hit the closed promenade we were both panting for each other. We stopped mid dance, his eyes on fire as they scorched a path up my body landing on my lips. His leaned in and his tongue thrust into my mouth insistently. There was no gentle licks or kisses, and no denying how worked up he was.

My arms slid further across his back enveloping him, and bringing his body tight against mine. Soon enough we were groaning and grinding our hard cocks against each other. He broke the kiss, I felt his warm breath fan my cheek, and his lips set to seek out my ear. Gently my lobe was sucked between his lips, and he bit down slightly causing me to moan so loud it echoed throughout the empty studio.

"Baby," he breathed. "Take me home and make love to me. Take me home now, please"

My mouth razed a path down the column of his neck sucking and biting along the way. There was no way we were going to get by with a hand job, or blow job tonight. Tonight my man was getting my full undivided attention.

"Mmmmm," he moaned out.

Yes, babe it's all for you. I wanted to get him home as fast as possible, knowing that his erection was probably just as painful as mine at them moment, but I had to wonder about the cleanup. He knew me to well.

"Don't worry, Em I've got it covered." I bit a little harder along his jaw causing him to gasp out his next words. "Jared...Seth," he practically mewled.

Still got it.

I kissed his lips one more time before he made the call to the guys, and we were out of there. Headed home, together. I was almost whole again. I knew the moment Paul held me tight as I sunk deep within his warmth, our eyes locked in a heated gaze that he will have fixed me. His love made me whole. Our love was our passion in life.

Thank you Nanna for teaching me to dance, but most of all for teaching me to love.

I missed her, but I knew she was watching over me. With amazing friends, and the most sexy man in my arms, I knew I would be just fine.