A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 27 - I'm soulless without you.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Missing, Not Missed

They were incomplete – the three of them. They didn't know this, but some sixth sense at the back of their minds whispered this. They were close, extremely close, and they stuck together through everything. Brothers: they weren't. Not quite, and they never referred to each other as such. The concept of being siblings or even related was foreign to them. For the longest time, however, they had thought that it was impossible for the three of them to exist separately.

When one of them left for a while, for whatever reason, the other two felt an overwhelming need to be together. When Loz was gone on an errand or had wandered off to quench his blood-thirst, Kadaj needed to be with Yazoo. He needed to feel his touch, his presence. Similarly, when Yazoo was gone, Loz was so restless that the only way to make him settle down was to spar with him, which Kadaj did gladly to ease his own mind as well. After the missing link returned, however, everything was fine again.

Then, slowly, it all changed. They learned to be apart, and yet their habits didn't change. Loz still wanted to spar and Kadaj still needed Yazoo's presence. He wanted him close; he wanted his touch, his warmth, his everything. What Yazoo wanted himself, he didn't say. He didn't show his need, being the self-proclaimed master of pretence. He took the desire of the other two and made it his own. Because unlike the other two he had some sort of an idea, a revelation or maybe an understanding about their existence. They were incomplete, and of the three he was the only one who didn't deny the part that was missing in him.