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Chapter 1

Kalona was thrust back into his body with such force that he felt bruised. He knew why, too. He was not welcome in the realm of Nyx anymore, not even as a spirit. But he felt…good, surprisingly. Considering that he had just been scolded by Nyx like a wayward child—no, something worse than that. The disappointment in her eyes, her harsh words, something so severe that no child or ever had to look that in the face.

"I will earn your forgiveness, Nyx," he whispered in a voice so soft that he barely heard it himself. He had no idea how he would earn it, or when, but after seeing the Goddess that he had loved once more had awakened something within him. He wanted her approval and, even if he was never allowed in her glorious realm again, her acceptance of the wrongness of his past deeds.

Kalona looked around him, his body sore but he found himself able to move. The tendrils of Darkness no longer wrapped around him, imprisoning him. Was it Nyx's doing that the tendrils were gone? Maybe being forced back into his body by Nyx—the supreme vision of Light—had also forced the tendrils away and freed him, for now, anyways. But where was Neferet? It didn't take long to place her. She was stretched out on a bed, on her back but with her face turned away from him. As if the Tsi Sgili could feel his face, Neferet turned and looked at him. Immediately rage flashed over her flawless face.

"What is the meaning of this?" she hissed at him, sliding out of the bed and moving towards him with a predatory grace. She took him in; him blinking at her, flexing his stiff wings slightly, and every other miniscule movement. "I did not release you from your binding…Did you do it? Did you sever Zoey Redbird from her body?"

"I was nearly there, Neferet," Kalona responded honestly. It hurt to speak. "I was there but Nyx stopped me. I have been banished from her realm, in both body and spirit now." Neferet froze and then lifted a hand as if to strike him. Instead, she caressed his cheek with her hand and bent over to kiss him. She stopped, though, not even an inch from his lips.

"You failed me, my love," she whispered, her cool breathe on his skin.

"I tried, Neferet, I did."

Neferet studied him from the close range for a long moment. "Yes, you did, didn't you? Yes…I will hold by my promise, my Erebus. I will take you so you can be close to the sky and you will heal and we will plan. I will report back to the High Council and tell them that you must complete the healing process for now. If they request our presence, we will return to them." Now, Neferet lightly brushed her lips against his before pulling back again. "Zoey got away this time, my love, by next time she will not."

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