A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 17 - Black Wings; Wings.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Sometimes Yazoo could swear that he could see them. Wings. Or, at least, one wing stuck to his youngest brother's back. Black and prominent, but only noticeable when he didn't look directly at Kadaj. (Which was most of the time, so that he couldn't help but notice it.) It was like a double shadow, hiding in the shadow of his shadow's shadow – something abstract and inexplicable that made sense only to Yazoo.

Loz didn't seem to notice that wing, and – which was even more puzzling – neither did Kadaj. He moved and fought in a way that was a clear proof of that wing's illusory qualities. Kadaj wouldn't have been able, Yazoo assessed, to do half of the things he did if he would really have an appendage like that. Therefore, Yazoo didn't say a word about it; he never brought that wing up in a conversation, never mentioned anything even remotely close to this subject. He just kept looking at Kadaj the same way – indirectly, sideways, out of the corner of his eyes. Never straight at him, and sometimes he thought to have noticed changes in that wing, as if it had a mind of its own. As if it could grow and thin out of its own volition. He saw it all, took notice of all the tiny details, and said nothing.

He saw a catastrophe in the making and said nothing. And why should he? Why should he if he walked side by side with the catastrophe, if he was the messenger bringing the storm? Under its shadow was the right place for him to be.