Chapter One: Ready, Set, GO!

They weren't quite sure what had happened, but somehow Hanschen Rilow and Ersnt Röbel had ended up in a part of Germany (at least, they thought it was Germany, judging from all of the German names on the businesses) that had talking, anthropomorphic animals. They had already gotten accosted by a cat-man, and then flirted with by a female hippopotamus and her two bird companions, as well as a sloth and a goat. Then they had been almost eaten by something hidden under a cloak that looked suspiciously like a mountain lion (they couldn't really tell because it was under a cloak). So they just picked up their stuff and ran to the first place they spotted that didn't have any animals in the immediate vicinity, which happened to be the water mill building near the school.

"Ack, Hanschen, how did this happen?" Ernst asked when they got to the door. "The train was supposed to take us to Berlin, not wherever the heck we are now?"

"Maybe this is some punishment from God," Hanschen mused. He looked up at the sky, shook his fist and yelled, "I DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO DESDEMONA! HONEST! I WAS JUST LOOKING!"

Ernst looked quite embarrassed. "Shut up, or someone will hear you!" Ernst definitely did not want to get almost-eaten again, thank you very much, and his father told him that if you did not want to be hunted, it was best to be quiet (Ernst only knew that because his father went hunting on occasion with the other fathers from their hometown, and hoped to take Ernst out with him someday; sadly, Ernst was not fond of the thought of going up into the mountains).

Suddenly, the door to the mill opened, and a green-haired boy emerged from within. "Do you two mind?" he interrogated grouchily. "We're trying to sleep."

"Sorry," Hanschen apologized. "We were just wondering if there was any room here. We ended up in your cute little town quite accidentally, and we need a place to stay until we can get our bearings straight."

The boy sighed. "Fine. There's two extra beds over there. I'll show you the way."

Hanschen and Ernst followed the boy inside. The mill looked simple, almost barren, but comfortable at the same time.

There was a sound of someone stirring from within a bed, and another voice asked, "Fakir, what's going on? Who are those people?" The voice sounded timid, almost frightened.

"It's nothing, Mytho, I'll be back in a second," the green-haired boy, now known as Fakir, replied.

Ernst looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, and then his eyes landed on the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. Possibly even more beautiful than Hanschen. The boy had silvery-white hair, and amber-honey-colored eyes that Ernst wanted to drown in.

"Hello there," the boy said. "Who are you?"

"I-I-I'm…Ernst," the brunette stuttered. "Are you…M-M-M-Mytho?"

The other boy nodded and smiled at him softly. "Nice to meet you," he replied. Ernst felt like he was melting and blushing like a fool all at once. If Hanschen hadn't pulled him back over to their section of the house, he might have turned into a puddle right there.

This trip might not have been a totally horrible accident.

This chapter was written by a good friend. The rest is written by yours truly as a gift for said friend who, really, started it all.