Chapter Twelve: Where The Figs Lie

NOTE: This alludes to sex. The author would still like to announce this chapter is for MATURE audiences, even though the writing itself isn't graphic. Thank you for your time! Enjoy the last chapter of Your Fairytale!

Autor and Fakir were working. Well, Autor had helped Fakir plan out a fairy-tale that wouldn't get him killed and was just finishing up when Hanschen got back from his beginning ballet class. Fakir had taken himself out of the ballet program and had placed himself in the drama program, where he mostly took classes in playwriting. He did miss dancing, but he wanted to further his writing techniques and actually benefit the town.

Not much had changed around the town. There were still talking animals and magic lurking around every corner. Fakir wouldn't have it any other way, of course, but he did have to write optimistic stories, mostly. He couldn't write out any of the crime or weird happenings in the town, but that was better left to the police and detectives anyway.

No, Fakir was just writing normal stories, mostly about newcomers to Kinkan town, and animals in the forest. After what had happened to him and his friends, he was just fine with mellow children stories and plays.

Autor was just opening the door as Hanschen returned, looking quite put off by the bespectacled boy's presence. He had been acting strangely for a good week after the incidents in the grotto, especially when he was around Fakir. They had kissed each other (twice, even!) and there was something still unspoken between them.

"I was just leaving, Hanschen," Autor said, a little twinkle in his eyes, "Fakir's all yours."

Hanschen blushed only a little as he watched the dark-haired musician walk away. He closed the door and looked over at Fakir, who smirked at the exchange and went to go back to his writing. Even though they lived in the same dorm, Hanschen and Fakir hadn't spoken much since the Grotto Incident. Fakir had been writing, and Hanschen had been hanging out with Rue and Duck or practicing alone. Duck and Rue had had enough of Fakir and Hanschen's dance around each other, as all couples often did, and had sent him home.

"If you don't tell Fakir, he's gonna think you don't love him anymore and settle for someone else!" Duck had said before shoving him down the hall to the boys' dorms. Hanschen had thought about going to Ernst and Mytho's room, but upon knocking (Ernst had been discharged a few days prior), they hadn't been in. Hanschen had shrugged it off, sighed, and gone down the hall to his own room, finally.

"Uhm…" Hanschen mused.

Fakir turned back to him, "What is it, Hanschen?"

Hanschen looked off to the side, trying to regain his composure. He stepped closer to Fakir's chair and took both his hands, pulling the other on to his feet. Fakir's face flushed, but his face stayed boyishly stoic as he trained his eyes on Hanschen's features. "I… uhh…" Hanschen started.

"Yes?" Fakir asked, his heart beginning to beat abnormally fast.

"I… you… I…" Hanschen swallowed hard and squeezed his eyes shut, "I love you!"

Slowly, painfully, almost, Hanschen opened his pretty blue eyes and looked at Fakir face. Fakir's lips and twisted up into a slight smile, and he sighed, "Took you long enough, Hanschen," he replied, kissing the other hastily. "I love you too. You above everyone else…"

Hanschen blinked and smirked, "Really?" he asked.

"Really," Fakir replied, matching Hanschen's look almost to a tee.

Hanschen threw his arms around Fakir's neck, pulling their lips together once more. A few moments later, Fakir felt Hanschen's tongue caress his lips. He shook his head, pulling away, "Oh no. I know you're use to dominating, but I think it's my turn," and he pushed their lips together before Hanschen could protest. The force of the kiss pushed Hanschen back onto Fakir's bed, making the blond gasp out of the kiss.

"So we're really going to this?"

"It's a cloudy day, no rain, but no one will want to go outside for a while… besides. Autor has a rehearsal to get to that will go late, Ernst and Mytho are out, and the girls have wanted this to happen since we met," Fakir replied, still smirking. He put his knee in between the other's legs and pushed up against Hanschen's groin.

"Oh! Fakir!" Hanschen hissed, eyes rolling back in to his head a little.

"Mmmm…" Fakir replied, before going in for another kiss. He then snaked his fingers through the other boy's uniform buttons, unhooking the button and zipper almost expertly.

Hanschen broke the kiss, "You've been writing a novel about this in your head, haven't you?" Fakir's hand found its way to his member, and Hanschen was at once silenced by Fakir's lips on his own. He never actually got his answer, either.

Mytho wasn't sure where Ernst was. After being discharged, Ernst was sleepier, and he still walked with a slight limp. So Mytho was worried when he couldn't find Ernst in his usual places. Ernst himself had lost all ability to dance, and after getting heartbroken about it, had decided to switch out of the ballet program to be tutored by Autor in the piano. "It's all right. We all took lessons in piano when we were in music class in primary school back in our old town… Georg's parents forced him to continue lessons, but my father would have nothing of that," he had told the bespectacled male, smiling.

Autor had simply ruffled his hair, "I'll tutor you until the next semester starts, but by then we'll have enrolled you in the program… the music, dance and drama programs come together during the summer to put on a new play… So we'll see the others quite soon."

So it happened the Ernst had transferred out already, as the spring semester started. They had found out that Fakir was to write the play, and that many dancers and musicians were needed. Ernst was working hard so that he could perform with his dear Mytho.

Despite all this, Mytho wanted to spend time with his self-proclaimed boyfriend, but the black-haired boy was nowhere to be found.

"Well… do you have any idea where he might have gone off to?" Duck had asked.

Mytho thought about it, "It's spring. Would the vineyards be open?" he asked.

"They opened last week," Rue replied, "They've been flowering the past two days, so I told Ernst about it, thinking he would be interested."

So that's where the silver-haired boy was headed on such a beautiful spring day. The fact that he was correct to look in the vineyards didn't surprise him at all, now that he thought about it. He knew for a fact that Ernst loved grapes, but he liked being outside even more, especially since he couldn't be active in ballet or even drama anymore.

"Can I join you?" Mytho asked, spotting the black-haired boy among the flowering vines.

Ernst glanced behind him at the silver-haired boy and smiled, "I would deny the world to you, Mytho," he replied.

Mytho sat down, "I don't want the world. I just want to sit next to you on a beautiful spring day."

They were quiet for a moment, but it wasn't awkward. Instead, it was quite comfortable. Ernst leaned back into Mytho, who put his arms around the smaller boy's chest and put his head on top of Ernst's. Ernst closed his eyes and sighed, "I don't get to spend much time with you anymore. You're in class, and then when you come home, I always have to get to my class…"

"How do you handle that?" Mytho asked.

"It's been difficult," the black-haired boy replied.

Another lapse into silence happened then. The wind whispered through the leaves, and Mytho closed his eyes to listen. Ernst's eyes opened after a few moments and he moved his head slightly to look up at Mytho. Mytho felt the movement and opened his honey-amber eyes to glance at Ernst. Ernst blinked, but there was a magnetic attraction in the two boys' faces or something, because Mytho came down to kiss Ernst. But this time he didn't break off after a few moments.

Ernst pressed upward, actually, forcing Mytho's head in place for a couple of minutes. They had to break away for air, but Mytho turned his body so that he was in front of Ernst on his hands and knees. He kissed Ernst again, forcing the black-haired boy onto his back among the grass. Ernst's arms went around Mytho's neck, unaware of Mytho's hands until—

"Ah!" Ernst said, breaking off.

Mytho didn't get the hint and tried to kiss Ernst again. Ernst shied away, instead looking down at the placement of Mytho's hand, which rested with his thumb dangerously close to Ernst's groin area, his other fingers splayed, clutching at his hip and thigh. Mytho looked where Ernst looked and took his hand away, "Oh, sorry," he said.

Ernst glanced up and shook his head, catching Mytho's hand before it could move any further away. He placed it back where it had been resting and pulled Mytho down into another kiss before he said, "It was bound to happen, anyway…"

Mytho's eyebrows rose, and he smirked a little into his next kiss, moving his hand from clutching at Ernst's hip and thigh to boldly cupping his boyfriend's groin area. Ernst's gasped as little, a blush forming across his nose and cheeks.

Mytho grinned boyishly, "That's only an invitation for me to take you…"

Ernst gulped and nodded, "Then… then take me, Mytho…"

A finger snaked over the slight bulge in Ernst's pants, and soon the button and zipper of both Ernst's and Mytho's pants had been undone. "As you wish, my love," Mytho replied, straddling the smaller boy as he pulled down Ernst's pants so slowly it was almost antagonizing to the other teen…