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A peaceful feeling

Whenever Kadaj woke up at night, he found Yazoo already awake, usually leaning against a tree nearby or sitting on a boulder if the terrain was rocky. Yazoo had a fragile sleep, as he'd explained before when Kadaj had first asked him about it. Now Kadaj smiled to himself – a barely noticeable curve of his lips, or just a small twitch of their corners, all depending on how he felt at that moment. Loz, on the other hand, slept like a log and it always took a lot of effort to rouse him before time.

"Nights are wonderful," Yazoo had said once. "They make me feel… welcome in this world."

Kadaj hadn't questioned him about the small pause because he very well knew what his brother meant. The darkness was reassuring, calming, and it sharpened their senses. Nights appeared to be endless and they brought them closer to Mother. Or so it seemed to them because they could listen in to the silence and hear it resonate within themselves.

Yazoo's sleepless nights made Kadaj feel at ease. He knew that, while he'd be awake, nothing and no one could sneak up to them. And whenever he found himself unable to sleep, woken up by a nightmarish vision, he got up and took a walk, followed by Yazoo's watchful gaze for a moment, until the older Remnant to gazing at whatever had captivated his attention that night. Yazoo knew that Kadaj didn't need to be looked after; neither of them needed it. Such a thought alone was insulting.

And some other times Kadaj stopped next to Yazoo, and together they shared the quiet night, the darkness, and each other.