A/N: Written for a writing community 30 nights over at LiveJournal for a prompt 40 - Bonus: It's just a nightmare.

Warnings: worksafe.

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Recycled Feelings

It wasn't often, but sometimes it did happen: Kadaj's nights were tortured by a rare nightmare – one he could never wake up from. And when, after all the struggle and despair, he finally did break free from it, he found that the nightmare still continued on into the living world. For as long as he lived, the nightmare would go on.

Both of his brothers were there; they always were there when he woke up – by his side. And both of them were always awake, roused by Kadaj's nightmare, sharing his distress and unrest: the awkward Loz who always looked to be on the verge of tears at such moments, and the calm Yazoo who always looked at him in that unreadable way of his. Yazoo would then always tell Loz that everything was fine and that he didn't need to cry, and that he should just go back to sleep instead. Loz would always snap back with a borderline-teary denial before turning his back on them to hide the truth. Then Kadaj would be left face to face with Yazoo, his brother's eyes still searching his face before he leaned over him, pressing him against Loz's back, his hands firm and warm, and real on his shoulders. Yazoo would then rest his forehead against Kadaj's to whisper that it was all just a bad dream – that all of it would go away. And those words usually worked magic on both of his brothers – the oldest as well as the youngest.

And after that Yazoo would make it happen. He'd turn his words into truth for one night. He always made Kadaj forget his nightmares. Until the next time when they came and he had to repeat it all over again. But Kadaj could always find solace in the thought that someone would be there to hold him grounded to the real world, and that someone would lead him through the shackles of his mind with a skilled hand. Until the next time.