Written for the Cinema Bizarre Challenge

The lyrics used in the fic are from the song Escape to the stars by the band Cinema Bizarre :)

Song: Escape to the stars by Cinema Bizarre

Prompt: Desire

I'm sick and tired of this so-called life

Without room to breathe

I toss and turn in my bed all night

Am I the only one who finds no peace?

It had been her decision to choose Harry over Draco. Her decision to choose the dependable option over the forbidden one. Yet, why did it feel that she had made the wrong choice? Draco had said, rather sneered, that she would always regret it, she would always wonder what would have happened if she had chosen him, and she would have no answers. She had ignored him, because it was easier that way, she had thought.

Yet, why did it feel that she had done it all wrong? Why did her heart ache for the one she could never have, for his touch, his kisses, for him? She knew it was wrong, but there was little she could do to stop herself from desiring the forbidden fruit. And was it truly physical need only? She yearned to hear his voice, to see the playful smirk on his face, to see his rare but breathtaking smile, to find solace with him.

But it was too late now, because Draco was happy, happy with Perfect little Astoria Greengrass, who had chosen him over her other suitors, who had accepted him for who he was, and what more could a guy ask for, really?

So she put her best fake smile on face, and continued trying to be the perfect wife for the-boy-who-lived, because after all, this what she had chosen, and it no longer mattered what she felt.

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