~Alternate Ending~

Mafuyu looked at Kei, who looked back. So many memories shot through his head from starting when he first had that dream...

Mafuyu's feet pounded against the hard wood of Himuro Mansion. Groaning and mutters of pain followed him.
As he ran faster, his heart pounded against his ribs. His eyes filled with fear as he sped up his pace.
No matter how fast Mafuyu ran, the male was always on his heels. Finally, after 30 minutes of sprinting, Mafuyu felt something grabbed the fistful of his hair and pull him back.
Mafuyu screamed and fought against whatever caught him, but he couldn't get away. Nails dug into his shoulder like daggers, growling could be heard as blood seeped through Mafuyu's jacket.
"Nothing will stop me!" A harsh voice growled. Mafuyu felt faint, before finally, he saw only black, and heard nothing...

When Mafuyu saw Kei at first:

Kei groaned and tried to pick his head up. A blurred outline of a man was over him, a concerned, though fuzzy, look was on the man's face. After a couple of minutes of trying to focus his vision, he saw who it was. Kei sat up and looked at the other male in the room. "M..Mafuyu..." Kei whispered, reaching his hand out to see if it was a dream. Mafuyu grabbed Kei's wrist. Kei shivered. Mafuyu's touch was cold as ice, his hands cold and hard, as if it was a corpse holding onto Kei's wrist. "Why did you come here?" Mafuyu said, his voice raspy. Kei blinked at pulled his hand away. It certainly wasnt a dream. "I...I was looking for you..." Kei whispered, to earn a smack across the face. "Okay...
I deserved that." Kei said, rubbing his cheek, where he was hit. "You idiot!" Mafuyu yelled, standing up. "Dont leave...I tried to find you..." Kei said, standing up with Mafuyu. "You put you and that woman in danger the moment you stepped into this mansion!" Mafuyu yelled, gripping Kei by the collar and lifted him three inches off the ground. "Why are you so stupid!" Mafuyu yelled. Kei flinched.

No, Kei wasnt the stupid one...Mafuyu was...

Kei and Mafuyu were sitting on the doll room floor, facing each other. They both leaned in, Kei began to blush. "Really...Really sweet of you."
Mafuyu said, almost crawling on Kei's lap. Kei blushed more. They looked at each other for a minute before the two talked. Mafuyu closed the distance between them.


The only sound was of the creaking that sounded around the room from weight being shifted. Kei was laying on the floor with Mafuyu on him. Kei was shocked, but felt his heart pound ten times faster.

"Lets go. We have to stop the curse and end this for good." Mafuyu said, gripping onto Kei's wrist and pulled him out of the doll room.

That was Mafuyu's way of saying 'I'm Sorry.'

This is Kei's way of saying, 'Your Forgiven.':

Mafuyu gasped as Kei pushed him out of the way, Aoichi seemed faster, he tried to get up to help Kei, but it was to late.

Once Aoichi's fingertips touched Kei's cheek, Kei seemed...unfocused. He stumbled backwards. Mafuyu stood up and cried out his name.

"KEI, DON'T DIE!" Mafuyu screamed, once Aoichi backed up, chuckling his evil little chuckle. It made Mafuyu sick.

Mafuyu watched Kei stumble back, and fall. Mafuyu screamed, watching Kei smile.

Kei pushed Mafuyu out of the way to take Aoichi's abuse for him. Mafuyu was such a jerk, trying to get rid of Kei so he could be safe.

Mafuyu didn't know what to think when he saw the ropes form around his and Kei's wrist.

Mafuyu woke up, he looked around. Once his eyes focused on his wrist, he felt faint.

A rope was on his wrist, and it trailed off. Mafuyu's eyes followed the rope until the other side was connected to a familiar wristband.

Mafuyu looked to see...

Him and Kei were connected.

A slight black and white vision flashed before his eyes.

Kei had his arms tied together, his arms behind his back. Kei was blindfolded.

"The blindfold...it cuts the connection to anyone else." A harsh voice barked out, causing Kei to flinch.

"The bonds...It holds the hell gate together...with the strong connection of The rope shrine Maiden..." There was a lever by Kei's legs.

A pale hand grabbed the lever and yanked it. Causing the trap door to come down, quickly beginning to make Kei squirm for freedom.

More bright lights, and it switched to a view of Mafuyu being strangled, the same way Kirie got pulled apart.

Kei had been dragged in, causing Mafuyu to start to scream.


Was all Mafuyu heard before the priests stopped for a minute.

The priests pushed against the pillars, causing Mafuyu to yell out in pain.


Kei was dragged to the stone pillar, Kei didn't fight.

Mafuyu jumped back, gasping slightly. He looked around to see he was by the Abyss.

The waterwheel spun faster, signaling that a spirit was trying to warn them of their presence.

"Kei..." Mafuyu said, then looked down. He pulled out the necklace and looked at it, then at Kei.

Mafuyu walked over, sat Kei up and put the necklace on him. The necklace glowed for a moment, and then the light dimmed.

"There...Your safe now..." Mafuyu said, getting up and walked away.

He remembered the rope that connected their wrists together.

That was when Mafuyu found out that he and Kei were destined to die here, together.

He only wanted one word...just one word that would put them together for eternity.

"Do you wish to be sacrificed..in order to serve us a great pleasure of a eternal sleep?"

Mafuyu took a deep breath, and held it in as he stared at Kei.

Kei looked back at the Priests.


Mafuyu let his breath out, and almost tackled Kei, (If it wasn't for the extreme amount of blood loss in his arm and leg.), Kei hugged him.

Their Final Embrace.

Mafuyu knew that his spirit would be peaceful, once this was all over.

All because of Kei.

Mafuyu watched Rei and Yuu, and Kirie, leave the Himuro Mansion. Rei looked at a rock, and Mafuyu got an idea.

"Look Yuu, Their thanking us."

He wrote what he and Kei wanted to say for so long since all this started.

'Thank you for everything.'

He signed it, and left quickly, going to the Hell Gates.

He knew Kirie smiled.

"You know...This might not be so bad..." Mafuyu smiled, and Kirie nodded.

"We could take care of Kei's niece, and help Mafuyu's sister." Kirie continued, and Rei and Yuu nodded.

"That was what they would have wanted...after all."

Mafuyu smiled, and he decided to tell Kei one thing, that made him smile, because it caused them to be eternally bound.



"I'm glad that you came back for me."

Mafuyu looked up to see Kei smile, his eyes closed. He felt a hand run through his hair.

He put his head back down on Kei's chest, smiling.

"I'm glad I did, too."

That made Mafuyu smile, before finally resting.

In the corner of the room, on one of the boulders, Aoichi was carving names into it.

'Kei + Mafuyu


With that, Aoichi went back into the shadows, his connection to the world was lifted, and he didn't have anything to do with this world anymore.

-The end-