I feel trapped.

If I had a breath he would have taken that away from me as well. I hate him. I hate being around him, hate living with him, hate following him. And I hate her for leaving me. But there's no use asking if the water is clean if there's nothing else to drink. Huh, water. One drop of it feels like dying. I sit and wonder which fate is worse: death or captivity? Then I look up and realize there's only one way to survive this. I'm going to destroy him, and no one will ever know. He took everything away, he left me without options. He brought this on himself.

I am left without options.

I feel trapped.

Swirls of darkness surround her, embrace her and obey her. But it was a long journey for it. She remembered how it happened the first time: she was about 8 years-old. The offspring of a woman and a demon.

She had run into the kitchen where her mother was cooking and hugged her. Of course, she couldn't reach her mother's arms so she hugged her legs instead.

"Mommy I made some friends."

"Really, darling?" The woman looked down and then lifted her up in her arms. "Where are these friends?" She asked giving her daughter a small kiss on the cheek.

"There!" The little girl with black hair pointed at the most shadowy corner of the room.

Her mother hesitated.

"But, darling, there's no one there."

"No, they're really there! Look." She fidgeted in her mother's arms, meaning she wanted to be put down. As soon as her toes touched the floor she ran to the corner and stood there for a second with her back turned.

"Darling? What are you doing there?"

"Look!" She turned around and held her hands clamped together as if the had something in them. Her mother approached and crouched near her. The little girl opened her hands but there was nothing there. Not even shadows.

"No! They're really here. Oh, please show yourselves!" Tears were starting to swell up in her eyes.

"Oh, darling, come here." Her mother said and comforted her in her arms.