Hey guys, I will have another chapter for Over the Mountain up soon, but I've been in California and haven't had any internet.

But here is my new story!


I am Bella Swan, and I have been a slave since I was captured by vampires 5 years ago. I am turning 17 in three days, but I am being sold tomorrow. My Master, Aro, caught me dressing in Miss Jane's clothes while she was hunting, and told me he didn't want any fooling around.

I don't want to be sold, because I was welcomed into the Volturi's mansion, and treated fairly well for a slave. Being clothed was the best part of it though, because my old Master, James, had me inside unclothed, so that it would be easier when he had his way with me. I was glad that I escaped, even though I was caught, because he sold me to the Volturi, who took interest in me straight away. I was only aloud to speak when spoken to, if I wanted to eat that night. So really nothing changed in the slave rule book, which I just kept in my head because it wasn't real, unless I wrote it down.

I couldn't sleep that night, because traveling in a dirty, smelly wagon isn't the best place to get beauty sleep. But at least I wasn't being sold alone, because there were at least 10 other slaves women, and girl in the wagon with me, and I knew that there would be more at the slave auction.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day, especially when they made us all squeeze into fancy lacy corsets and under things. Tomorrow everyone at the slave auction would see more skin than I wanted them too, but it was a rule that all the slaves had to follow. But what was even worse was that the lacy things wouldn't be ours, they would be complete strangers!

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